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Chi-Town Showdown 01


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: A slow pan of the Chicago skyline at dusk. CUE-UP: "Are YOU Ready" by AC/DC. The camera moves from north to south along the skyline, from the Hancock center on the north end to the Sears Tower on the south end of the Loop. The setting sun creates a magnificent portrait of the city as the golden GLCW logo superimposes on the screen. CUT-TO: Outside the UIC Pavillion, about a mile and a half west of the Loop. Fans are shown filing into the building as the traffic at the intersection of Harrison and Racine goes by. The camera pans up to the Pavillion marquee, which scrolls...
TONIGHT......7PM......GREAT LAKES CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING.....CHI-TOWN SHOWDOWN.....MAIN EVENT.....MICHAEL MANSON VS. GOLEM.....then the main part of "Are You Ready" kicks in, CUT-TO: the inside of the UIC Pavillion. The camera swoops across the arena showing the fans who have already made it inside, as they go wild knowing that they are on the air. Several signs are shown, including, "MANSON IS THE ANTI-CHRIST", "THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE FEARS MAELSTROM", "I WANT STEVEN JAMES' LOVE CHILD", "CASTILLO IS A COMMUNIST", and "GOD I NEED A BEER". CUT-TO: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman standing at ringside)

TONY ROSS: "Hello wrestling fans, and welcome to Great Lakes Championship Wrestling's Chi-Town Showdown I, from the UIC Pavillion in Chicago, Illinois! I'm Tony Ross along with Rick Wiseman, and what a spectacular lineup we have tonight folks! In the main event, to decide the first Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion, Michael Manson will take on Golem in what should be a hellacious brawl!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Both men have great natural ability but too many times they both resort to cheating tactics and do whatever they can to win. Both men used illegal objects to get to the finals, but the fans seem to be taking to Golem these days so we'll see how this plays out."

T.R.: "The Great Lakes Tag Team Titles will be decided as well, as a four-way elimination match has been set up to decide the belts! Kraven and Flatliner, Gridlock, the Movement, and The High Plains Drifters will all vie for the prize tonight!"

R.W.: "Three of these teams are relatively new to GLCW, but Kraven and Flatliner are the cagey veterans in this match, to me, they are the team to beat right now, although the Movement has impressed me, and Gridlock and the High Plains Drifters have shown signs of greatness. I'm looking forward to this match."

T.R.: "Also, the first ever GLCW Television Champion will be decided, as a 6-man gauntlet match is being used to determine the champion! Two wrestlers will start off and after each submission, pinfall, or DQ, a new wrestler will enter the match until there is just one man standing! One very interesting rule about this match is that if anyone is involuntarily thrown out of the ring, regardless if it is top rope or not, they will go to the back of the line and catch a breather!"

R.W.: "This rule was designed to add a wild-card type flavor to this match as well as to keep the action inside the ring. We have The Jobber, Troy Martinez, Steven James, Jarod Poe, Nick Kurtel, and Angel Castillo all involved in this match and it should be a wild one. very hard to call a winner."

T.R.: "We will also see the newly-arrived Jean Rabesque take on 'Lost Cause' Chris O'Neill which stems from last week's fight that erupted in the parking lot after O'Neill sent Rabesque a bag of money that he called a retirement fund! Rabesque found him in back and they engaged in some fisticuffs! There will be bad blood in that match tonight! Also, The Masked Blazer, who made a huge impact last week and attacked Jarod Poe after he was supposedly helping him after the match with Manson, will battle "The Wolf" Chris McMillan! The Blazer may have asked for serious trouble when he went after Poe!"

R.W.: "The Blazer claims that he helped to train Poe and that remains to be seen. What is for sure is that Blazer is jealous of the attention Poe is getting and apparently Poe never thanked him or acknowledged him since then."

T.R.: "We also have some bad news, folks. After last week's attack by Gridlock on 'The Future' Brett Irvine, it has been determined by doctors that Irvine has suffered a shattered orbital bone on the eye socket after the brass knuckles shot he took. Unfortunately Brett has been forced into retirement as the doctors have ordered him to never wrestle again. I just want to thank Irvine for showing us a quick glimpse of brilliance and I wish him luck in the future in whatever he does, because it is indeed a sad day when a youngster like that is forced to retire. As for Gridlock, I hope they rot in hell. But fans, on a brighter note, Commissioner King Krusher has something to say, let's hear from him now!"

(CUE-UP: "N.W.O." by Ministry. The fans give a monster hometown pop as King Krusher emerges from the curtain wearing his black leather CPD jacket, a Blackhawks jersey underneath, and black jeans. He walks to the ring slapping every hand he possibly can before climbing into the ring, raising his arms in acknowledgement of the cheers. He takes a mic and waits for the crowd to calm down and speaks)

KING KRUSHER: "Man I'll tell you what, it's good to be home! <huge pop> Chi-Town Showdown here at the UIC Pavillion and there is nowhere on this planet right now that I'd rather be! Tonight, all GLCW titles will be decided and we will see who the best of the best is here. There's just a couple of things I need to address before we get started here. Gridlock, last week you viciously attacked Brett Irvine during his match and drilled him with brass knuckles. Irvine has been now forced to retire due to this attack. <crowd boos> Well, Gridlock, I can't let this go unpunished so I do have something in store for you, but what exactly it is, you will find out later tonight! <pop> And then we have Michael Manson. <big boos> It seems that Manson has requested that I referee his match tonight with Golem. Apparently he wants to prove to the world that he can beat a man fair and square in the middle of the ring. That's fine by me, I will be referee for the main event! <pop> BUT, Manson....one little slip up.....one little thing to piss me off....and I'm gonna knock you out. I can do that when I got my referee shoes on. So try me, Manson, it's been a few months since I punked somebody out! <pop> Anyways, enjoy the show everyone here in Chicago and watching at home on Fox Sports Net, I guarantee it will blow you away!"

(K.K. hands the mic off and leaves the ring to the cheers of the crowd. CUT-TO: The concession stand area. Jon Savage is shown grudgingly sweeping the floor when UIC Pavillion Concessions Manager Abib walks up to him)

ABIB: (yelling) "Why are you to be too long taking to be sweeping of the floor. Be speeding it up now. You are to be having customers to be waiting on......"

SAVAGE: (beligerint) "Hey Achnod, get off my back. I'm actually supposed to be wrestling on this show and not schlepping your crappy hot dogs and popcorn for 50 cents....."

ABIB: (slapping his forehead with his hand) "You are not to be understanding me....It is to my way of thinking that all of the times you have to be spending staring up at the lighting of the middle of the ring after the demise of your defeating has been the affecting of your brain powering....."

SAVAGE: (angry, almost confrontational) "WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY.....????"

(A fan buying a beer in the next line over yells out)

FAN: "What he is trying to say is YOU'RE A LOSER!!"

(Camera shows Savage becoming violent by throwing his broom down and kicking a box across the concession stand)

ABIB: "It is not any faulting of mine that you haven't been to be winning any of your matches here. Now you are to be working for me for this entire profitable Americanized sporting event. That is what President Scott be tolding to me earlier....so now BE GETTING TO WORK!"

(As Abib turns around and walks away, Savage is seen throwing things across the stand as some customers laugh hysterically. As Savage is getting ready to cuss...Abib is heard off camera)

ABIB: "And you will be to cleaning any of the messing that you are to be doing while you are having one of those tempering tantrums!"

(Savage stomps off, leaving a mess behind him. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our first match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd) "From Cadillac, Michigan, weighing in at 180lbs., 'THE WOLF' CHRIS MCMILLAN!!"

(The crowd cheers as McMillan jogs to ringside, slapping a few hands along the way. He wears black jeans and a sleeveless "Dogs of War" T-shirt. He flips over the ropes as he enters the ring to a good pop)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Firestarter" by Prodigy) "From Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 260lbs., THE MASKED BLAZER!!"

(The crowd erupts in boos as the Masked Blazer emerges from the curtain. The Blazer wears a black and red mask that has red hair coming out of the back in a ponytail. The Blazer seems to be egging the boos on as he walks to the ring, jawing with several fans)

T.R.: "Well, the crowd in Chicago is showing their disapproval for what the Masked Blazer did to Jarod Poe last week in Racine on Riptide, and I don't blame them one bit. The Blazer had a jealous fit and cowardly attacked Jarod Poe after a brutal match with Michael Manson!"

R.W.: "The Blazer seems to have gone over the edge again, just like he has several times in his career. Apparently he didn't get enough credit for training Poe and now he wants to take it out on him. And that he did last week."

T.R.: "And now here is Blazer yelling at the youngster McMillan, probably telling him how great he is and what a great veteran influence he is! McMillan doesn't want to hear it and he shoves Blazer back and here we go! Rights and lefts are exchanged and the Blazer gets the upperhand on the much smaller McMillan! Blazer pummels his back with axehandle blows! Blazer whips him in and hits a thunderous clothesline! McMillan practically did a flip in mid air! And now Blazer is stepping on his throat! This is completely unnecessary!"

R.W.: "As I was saying before, the Blazer has gone completely off the deep end. You and I both knew him in the NFWA and this is not the Blazer we knew."

T.R.: "Blazer pulls McMillan up and ohhh!! McMillan just kneed him in the groin! Ohh my!! Mcmillan with a few big chops and he dumps Blazer to the outside! McMillan goes out on the apron and hits a moonsault on Blazer to the floor!! Wow!! The crowd soaks that up!!"

R.W.: "Here comes Jarod Poe!!"

T.R.: "And he looks mad as hell! McMillan rolls back into the ring and he's arguing with Powell who wanted this match to stay in the ring! Powell never saw Poe coming! Poe comes up and grabs the Blazer and DDTs him on the floor!! Holy cow!! Poe quickly rolls him back into the ring and ducks down so Powell doesn't see him! The crowd is loving this! Blazer just got his! McMillan must have known Poe did some damage so he pulls Blazer up and hits a vicious floatover DDT!! 1.....2.....3!! McMillan gets the win here with the help of Jarod Poe!!"

R.W.: "As much as I hate interference and cheating, I have to say that this was justified! Blazer did indeed get his and McMillan gets a big win out of it!"

T.R.: "Poe has entered the ring as McMillan was declared the victor, and he grabs Blazer in the corner! He calls for a mic, and he wraps a figure four headlock on Blazer!! Poe has the mic as he squeezes the pressure on Blazer's head!"

JAROD POE: "Are you still awake Blazer? Can you still hear me or is the ringing in that empty head of yours still too loud? So where is it? Where is your Demon Storm? All I see is a man who once tried to teach me. Offer me guidance in the sport I have chosen. You call me ungrateful...you ask why I haven't mentioned your name...why I haven't given you credit..."

(Blazer starts to struggle and Jarod tightens his grip to cut off the blood

Poe: "Don't struggle Blazer or I'll be more then happy to make this more
painful. Now you asked why I wasn't greateful...well to tell you the truth I
am. For months now I've asked them all for a victim...I've asked them to
feed the beast. <Laughs> Not even Michael Manson was willing to do
that...ah, but you are. You've stepped forward...I thank you Blazer...I
thank you for being my next victim. Now slip into the darkness and when you
wake up...hope and pray to don't see what I see when I close my eyes."

(With that Poe tightens his grip and Blazer goes limp in the ring)

T.R.: "Well, here's some security to break this up as Poe did a number on The Masked Blazer in there! He had that figure-four headlock locked in! The Blazer is out! Poe has taken some revenge on The Masked Blazer here in Chicago! Ok fans, let's take it back to Lady Veronica standing by with Chris O'Neill!"

(CUT-TO: Lady V, wearing a black strapless number, stands in front of a GLCW banner with "Lost Cause" Chris O'Neill)

LADY VERONICA: "Chris, as you ready for this match with Jean Rabesque what is going through you mind?"

CHRIS O'NEILL: "My mind? What's going through my mind? Hatred runs deep, very, very deep!"

LADY V: "Well, that's been documented, your hate for the 'OLD GUARD,' but why do you keep bringing up the FWF, that's wrestling history. And the GLCW is wrestling future."

C.O: "Is it really wrestling history? I don't think so, it appears to me that history is repeating itself yet again. Young guns, being phased out, bumped aside. And why, so some washed up GOOD OLE' BOY can have his TV time, can have his title matches, can have his HUGE pay check!"

LADY V: "Well....."

C.O: "My point exactly.....I WANT MY SHOT!!!"

(O'Neill storms off. Fade to commercial)

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