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Chaos Picks: Week 1 2010


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
OORP: I'll post an in character set of picks next week, but I lost my password and had a late night Sat
Also join ESPN Pigskin Pick'em and play along

(0-0) Minnesota Vikings at
(0-0) New Orleans Saints

Chaos pick - Saints

(0-0) Miami Dolphins at
(0-0) Buffalo Bills

Chaos pick - Dolphins

(0-0) Detroit Lions at
(0-0) Chicago Bears

Chaos pick - Bears

(0-0) Oakland Raiders at
(0-0) Tennessee Titans

Chaos pick - Titans

(0-0) Cincinnati Bengals at
(0-0) New England Patriots

Chaos pick - Upset Bengels

(0-0) Carolina Panthers at
(0-0) New York Giants

Chaos pick - Giants

(0-0) Atlanta Falcons at
(0-0) Pittsburgh Steelers

Chaos pick - Steelers

(0-0) Cleveland Browns at
(0-0) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chaos pick - Bucks

(0-0) Denver Broncos at
(0-0) Jacksonville Jaguars

Chaos pick - toss up - Jags

(0-0) Indianapolis Colts at
(0-0) Houston Texans

Chaos pick - Colts

(0-0) San Francisco 49ers at
(0-0) Seattle Seahawks

Chaos pick 9ers

(0-0) Green Bay Packers at
(0-0) Philadelphia Eagles

Chaos pick Packers

(0-0) Arizona Cardinals at
(0-0) St. Louis Rams

Chaos pick - toss up - Cards

(0-0) Dallas Cowboys at
(0-0) Washington Redskins

Chaos pick - Cowboys

(0-0) Baltimore Ravens at
(0-0) New York Jets

Chaos pick - Jets

(0-0) San Diego Chargers at
(0-0) Kansas City Chiefs

Chaos pick - Chargers

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