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Change Of Pace


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Jan 3, 2004
New York
Seeing how everyone (i.e. Joe) are masters of the Poser program, I figure I may present something for criticism that is not made in Poser, but in Photoshop.


It's an image that took me a several hours and it's for the wrestling league I run currently on FW Central. It's not completely finished, but for the most part it is complete as far as main features are concerned. Anyone who have any constructive criticisms are welcome to critique. Thank you.

Andrew Ulysis Medina

P.S.: You may need to expand the image to see it in its full glory. Also, anyone with 56k or under may experience some loading time.


NIIIICE work Andrew..... I wish I could become as proficient in Adobe as you are. I really like the look of the belt save for ONE thing that is lacking on it....... A certain Pandorian wrestler's name on the name plate. (hint, hint) ;)

J/K of course....

Really nice work with that title belt Andrew.

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