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Chain Reaction 11 - "Dastardly Dou's"


Jan 1, 2000
IWF Chain Reaction 11
Live from The Moss Bay Event Center!

Leyenda de Ocho & Spooky Doom vs Dusty Rodgers & Stephen Waltz
Johnny Niles & Cecilworth J. Farthington vs Jake Evans & Stephen Waltz
"The Pacific Blitzkrieg" Kerry Kuroyama & Perfection vs Mary-Lynn Mayweather & The Minstrel
Winning teams will compete in the main event

Main Event
Triple-Threat Tag Team Match
Winning team will earn the chance to compete for the Emerald City Title at the next IWF event



Jan 1, 2000
I Am Iron Man

“We have a few problems.” Courtney Paz laments to Nathan Fear as she flips through some papers while the pair walks alongside the muscle; Ivan Dalkichev. The three walk in stride heading toward the rear entrance of the Moss Bay Event Center. Fear thumbs away at his touchscreen and Ivan stalks along brooding and generally appearing imposing.

“This tag team thing is falling apart faster than Mori’s cheap suits.” Courtney jokes as the three reach the rear door.

Fear seems uninterested in the lineup and questions Paz on an entirely different subject. “Did the screen test out?” Ivan’s hand dwarfs the handle as he clasps and swings the attached door open for Nathan and Courtney’s entry.

“Yes, the screen is completely operational. We need to discuss this lineup though.” Paz insists.

Just inside the door Nathan stops and briefly looks up from his phone to ask; “What seems to be the issue?”

Courtney nearly slams her face into Ivan’s monstrous chest as her attention was preoccupied with her papers rather than the movement of the mini-mob she had been traveling with. Slightly rattled she replies, “Allen never called to confirm, and as of an hour ago … The French team were being detained at the Canadian border. I put a call in to get it all sorted out but it’s tied up in so much red tape there isn’t a chance they can make it here by the time we go live.”

Nathan thinks for a second, “What about …” He pauses and turns to notice a camera aimed at their once mobile pow-wow. “Who is on the call sheet?”

Courtney flips through her papers to unearth a response. “Waltz, Rodgers… the regulars.”

“Simple. Waltz and Rodgers take on the Doom kid and de Ocho,” he states before motioning to Ivan for the two to continue onward.

Courtney snatches the pen from her ear and furiously jots down the change to the bill and realizes there is still a hole in the preceding. “What about Allen and Evans?” she shouts to Fear.

“Use, Waltz again.” He responds back. “And send Perfection to my office.”

“Waltz … ?” She asks herself as she hesitantly makes the proper notations on her paper. “Well, Stevie … tonight you’re an Iron Man or punching bag. My money is on the latter.”


Jan 1, 2000
Border Troubles

Previously Recorded:

[Standing in line awaiting check in at customs we see pain GRILLE and Rendre Singe. Two of the newest members of the IWF roster. The man before them proceeds and they step up to the customs officer.]

PAIN GRILLE: "Bonjour, monsieur. I am pai-"


[Clearly offended by being RUDELY interrupted, GRILLE snarls and rummages in his pocket before providing the requested document.]

PAIN GRILLE: "I believe you will find everysink in order."

[Shooting him an unimpressed glance.]

CUSTOMER OFFICER: "What is the purpose of your visit to Canada?"

PAIN GRILLE: "Is it not obvious? I am professional wrestler with zee IWF, monsieur. Awaiting my entry into your country so we may continue to zee Seattle, America. VIVA LA FRANCE!"

[Clearly pained now by GRILLE's presence, the Officer pulls his luggage onto the table.]

CUSTOMS OFFICER: "We found some cheese in your bag."

PAIN GRILLE: "Oui. Camembert. Paris' finest, if you were educated enough to know."

CUSTOMS OFFICER: "If YOU were educated enough to know there are restrictions on pasteurized products from Europe at the moment."

PAIN GRILLE: "Says who?"



CUSTOMS OFFICER: (speaking into her microphone) "We've got a difficult one."


CUSTOMS OFFICER: "French? Your passport clearly states you were born in Baton Rou-"

[And with that the Toasted Terror swings a big right hand, collecting the Customs Officer on the chin. Reeling back into the wall, GRILLE leaps onto the table and leaps off with a bodypress as security verge on the scene. Rendre Singe steps back, hands up as if to say leave me out of this craziness as security leap over the table and pile on.]


SFX: (tazer) *BZZZZT!*


[With a shrug, Singe moves to the camera and puts a hand over the lens blocking its view as a security guard rains down their baton onto what can only be assumed to be pain GRILLE.]


Jan 1, 2000

(Cut to: Anderson, Creed and McGinnis at the commentators stage just off the ramp way.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Chain Reaction 11!

Anderson: I can't believe this place still exists.

Creed: I am Aaron Creed, joined alongside Terry "The Idol" Anderson and IWF's match analysts Brian McGinnis. We have a whirlwind of a show for you all here tonight and as we've just seen things are off to a surprising start.

Anderson: Surprising? Some Frenchies got held over by some Canucks and Derrick Allen got shit faced. Suprise, suprise.

Creed: Well, Terry ... I'd think even you would find it surprising that your protege Stephen Waltz will be featured in not one, but two matches here this evening.

Anderson: Once again incorrect, Creedy-boy! Waltz is clearly the most diverse and driven athlete in the IWF today!

McGinnis: Well ...

(Anderson interrupts.)

Anderson: No, scratch that ... Professional Wrestling today!

(McGinnis shakes his head in disapproval.)

Creed: Be that as it may ... or may not. I'm leaning toward the latter, by the way. I don't think we will be short of ANY action here tonight on Chain Reaction 11!

Anderson: This show will be about as action packed as a night on the town with square peg here.

(Anderson motions toward McGinnis.)

Creed: Well, the past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride to say the least. Between the Washington State Title introduction, and Perfection and his antics.

Anderson: That is our Emerald City Champion you speak of, Creed. Show some respect.

Creed: The Spooky Doom and Ocho feud certainly has reached a boiling point to say the least and tonight rather than square off ... these two will fight along side one another! Strange turn of events.

Anderson: What is strange about it? Classic 90's booking, Creed.

Creed: And let us not forget Johnny Niles and his mounting losing streak team up tonight with relative newcomer Cecilworth Farthington to face off against Jake Evans and apparently ... Stephen Waltz!

Anderson: But what if my boy Waltz pulls the first match out and then ... of course, rolls that momentum into yet another win with Evans.... and then ...

Creed: Let me stop you right there...

Anderson: Oh no, no, no ... this is just getting good. So then he enters the main event as a member of TWO different teams.

(Anderson nudges McGinnis)

Anderson: Diver, sucka! And then after one of these chumps pulls off a slick pin of some sort and eliminates one of Waltz teams ... he hops to his feet and pummels the rest of the ring to claim victory for team number two. Yeah ... what you think about that little sit-u-achion... Creed?

Creed: So, in your wildest fantasy ... Waltz still manages to lose, albeit win ... in you little fantasy-anything-can-happen world; he still takes the bottom of a one, two, three?

Anderson: It's all about the strategy, Creed. He takes the first pin to eliminate his own teammate! It's genius really. Wise up, Creed.

Creed: Anyway ... Brian, why don't you give us a run down of our first match up!?


Jan 1, 2000
Spooky Doom & Leyenda de Ocho vs. Stephen Waltz & Dusty Rodgers

(Cut to: A crudely produced graphic featuring Leyenda de Ocho and Spooky Doom on the left hand side, Stephen Waltz and Dusty Rodgers on the right.)

McGinnis: To call these teams a contrast in styles would be an understatement. The team of Leyenda de Ocho and Spooky Doom feature two luchadors at 188 and 195 pounds respectively. On the other side, Waltz and Rodgers have the significant size advantage; both are 6’3”, both are well over 260 pounds. This will be a textbook example of speed versus power; on top of that, there’s a big age gap between the teams, with Ocho and Doom obviously the younger pairing.

Anderson: You say age gap, I call it an experience gap. No one in the world has the resume of my man, the great Stephen Waltz!

Creed: All personal biases aside, Leyenda de Ocho and Spooky Doom have both huge potential in their time here in the IWF. They’ve had some heated words for each other in the time leading up to this tag team bout, and it sounds like they’ve agreed to set their personal feelings aside for now.

Anderson: Yeah, right. This is a powderkeg. All it needs is something small and these two will explode on each other, leaving the window wide open for Waltz to pick up the dubya for his team.

(“I Get The Job Done” by Big Daddy Kane blares on the speaker system as DUSTY RODGERS walks towards the ring to a moderate reaction. Shortly after, “Pass Out” by I-Exist plays as “The Fallen Angel” STEPHEN WALTZ makes his way to the ring to a smattering of boos. Terry Anderson stands, applauding WALTZ as he poses in the ring.)

Anderson: This is the team that’s going to surprise a few people, and you’re looking at the next Emerald City Champion right there – none other than Stephen Waltz!

Creed: You know, for him to win that title, he’d have to beat Perfection…

Anderson: …good point. By then, I’m sure he’ll have his eyes on the Washington State title!

Creed: These two men certainly have the size advantage over their opponents for tonight, but you have to wonder if they have an answer for the much younger, much more athletic duo of Doom and Ocho.

(“What’s Up People” by Maximum the Hormone plays as the lights in the Moss Bay Events Center go out. SPOOKY DOOM bursts out from behind the curtain to a cheer from the crowd. He high fives the fans as he makes his way to the ring.)

Creed: Spooky Doom looks completely fresh after taking that nasty-looking tweak to his knee at Chain Reaction 9, and that’s bad news for Rodgers and Waltz.

McGinnis: Knee injuries are extremely common in professional sports. If he had torn his ACL, Spooky Doom was likely looking at a year-long absence from active competition.

Creed: Thankfully, that was avoided, though his reaction certainly seemed to rub his teammate the wrong way.

(“Final Battle” by Dr. Octoroc plays as LEYENDA DE OCHO bursts through the curtain at a full sprint towards the ring. The crowd cheers him as well, its volume equal to that of SPOOKY DOOM. Upon entering the ring, he hops up and down, staring at his teammate. With a nod, he motions to the ropes, and SPOOKY DOOM moves to the outside. DUSTY RODGERS steps outside his own corner as well.)

Creed: It looks like Ocho wants to take the first action in this match, and he will face off against-

Anderson: -WALTZ! Take out this chump, buddy!

(Right off the bell, OCHO comes charging across the ring and hits WALTZ in the chest with a drop kick. WALTZ stumbles backwards into the ropes and bounces forward, right into a spinning heel kick from OCHO. WALTZ doubles over to his knees as OCHO bounces off the ropes and crashes down upon WALTZ’s shoulders with a frontflip senton.)

Creed: HUGE combination of moves right there from Leyenda de Ocho, and Waltz is already in trouble!

Anderson: Trouble?! Waltz is NEVER in trouble. He’s just letting the kid get way too excited in the early going. Watch – he’s going to burn through all his energy with this flippy-dippy nonsense.

Creed: Ocho heads over to his corner and tags in his partner for the match, Spooky Doom. Waltz to his feet – BIG TIME running headscissors takedown by the Spookster! Spooky is pumping up the crowd as Waltz tries to shake out the cobwebs!

Anderson: He’s fine! I promise!

Creed: Waltz to his corner now, and he slaps Dusty Rodgers on the shoulder, though I’m not entirely sure Rodgers wants to enter this match!

Anderson: It’s time for him to carry his weight. Just as long as he doesn’t ruin this for Waltz!

(RODGERS reluctantly enters the ring as SPOOKY bounces in the center of the ring. Rodgers attempts to throw a right hand, but SPOOKY catches it into an armdrag, followed by another. RODGERS is slow to get up after the second one, and SPOOKY catches him with a snapmare. Running off the ropes. SPOOKY catches RODGERS hard with a seated dropkick to the face.)

Creed: More big moves from the team of luchadors! Spooky for the cover, looking to end it HERE! No, a kickout at two.

McGinnis: Look at what Spooky is doing now – isolating Rodgers away from Stephen Waltz. Isolation is the name of the game in tag team matches, and Spooky Doom is showing off his veteran instincts with this strategy.

(SPOOKY throws RODGERS into the opposite corner with an Irish Whip. Charging immediately behind, SPOOKY climbs up RODGERS and tosses him with a big monkey flip to the center of the ring. SPOOKY moves to his corner and tags in OCHO, who immediately climbs up the top rope and hits a Moonsault on RODGERS.)

Creed: Ocho might pick up the win here! One! TWO! No, a kickout at two and a half! Rodgers is not looking good out there, Terry!

Anderson: You’re damn right he’s not. Look at my man Waltz – fresh as a daisy again, and that nitwit Dusty Rodgers can’t make the tag! It’s just horrible. HEY DUSTY! DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME!

Creed: Terry, need I remind you, you are not a part of this match. Ocho has Rodgers in the double underhooks now, and he’s throwing those striking knees right into Rodgers’ ribcage! That can’t possibly feel good. Rodgers still doubled over – Ocho with the Sunset Flip! Here’s the cover! One! TWO! THR-no! No! Rodgers gets the shoulder up!

McGinnis: Leyenda de Ocho is quite adept at that Sunset Flip, picture perfect technique.

Creed: Ocho looking to tag in his partner, and he gets there! Spooky to the top rope as Rodgers gets to his feet, looking worse for wear. Spooky flies – TILT-A-WHIRL DDT! What a big time move that was! And this crowd is loving the show these two luchadors are putting on here in the Moss Bay Event Center!

Anderson: Fools. All of them. If Waltz could get in the ring, he would clear house!

Creed: Spooky looking for the cover now! One! TWO! And he’s- no! Waltz comes in and breaks up the pin!

Anderson: ‘Atta boy, Waltz!

Creed: The referee is trying to get Waltz out of the ring – wait a minute! Ocho comes flying across the ring and hits Waltz with a hurricanrana! Waltz crashes to the outside!

Anderson: A blatant cheap shot! DQ them, ref!

Creed: Would you stop? Waltz wasn’t legal when he broke up that pin!

(SPOOKY lifts RODGERS to the feet and strikes him with a lightning-quick jumping calf kick. Seeing WALTZ away from his corner, SPOOKY runs off the top ropes, spins around RODGERS with a satellite head scissors and sends him crashing to the mat with a Diamond Cutter.)

Creed: That’s the DOOM REAPER! DOOM REAPER! Spooky is pumping up the crowd big time as he climbs the turnbuckles for the top rope!

Anderson: Look at that hot dog. Unbelievable.

Creed: He’s motioning for the Wheel of Doom! And he’s – wait a minute! Leyenda de Ocho just tagged himself in! He’s tagged himself in! Spooky Doom looks confused as all else as Ocho enters the ring.

(RODGERS looks like he’s not all there as he slowly starts to stir. Rising to one knee, OCHO flies across the ring and hits RODGERS with a stiff Shining Wizard. Without stopping his running motion, he bounces off the second rope with a corkscrew Lionsault.)


McGinnis: That’s the first time we’ve seen that move in IWF. For those of you at home, “Actualizar” is Spanish for “Upgrade”.

Creed: Ocho with the cover! One! Two! THREE! He’s done it! Leyenda de Ocho has pinned Dusty Rodgers!

Anderson: Those two are BOTH showboats, and I can’t believe this. This is ludicrous.

Creed: Leyenda de Ocho with the pin, and uh oh – Spooky to the center of the ring! What’s going to happen now?

(OCHO raises his hand in victory as SPOOKY approaches. A stare down in the center of the ring for a few moments as the crowd cheers wildly for someone to throw a punch. SPOOKY shakes his head at OCHO, saying something the microphones don’t quite pick up, as he slowly exits the ring and up the ramp. OCHO yells back “One more!” as he resumes basking in the victory celebration.)

Creed: The team of Leyenda de Ocho and Spooky Doom still has an air of tension about them. Regardless, they have defeated the team of Waltz and Rodgers, advancing to the finals later on tonight. We’ll be back with more after this!


Jan 1, 2000
I'm Going Through Changes

[We are in the backstage area in the start of Chain Reaction, the camera moving backwards and facing Perfection in his typical arrival attire, suit and tie. The Emerald City Championship draped over his shoulder and glistening. He makes his way down the halls as a Courtney Paz comes from one of the side corridors right behind Perfection her head visible, only popping out the side.]

Paz: “James! Fear wants you in his office right now.”

[Ignoring her he continues to walk in the direction of his locker room, she taps him on the shoulder lightly.]

Paz: “Hello did you hear me? James…Fear wants you in his office he wants to talk with you about tonight…..Would you please STOP WALKING AND ADDRESS ME!”

Perfection: “I’m sorry last time I checked you weren’t my boss and last time I checked I was the champion and last time I checked that means I don’t have to answer to you or Fear, or anyone. So if Fear wants to talk the can talk to a wall. Him and I are not on talking terms”

Paz: “Last time I checked I have Cho on speed dial and can have him terminate your contract.”

[He stops and points a finger in her face getting close to her]

Perfection: “Do it. Do it right now I dare you. You really think he will terminate a block buster like me? I make the revenue here, what do you generate other than a good piece of ass to look at?!”

[A small light stare down before he slaps her on the ass and turns around to continue his slow walk to the locker room]

Paz: "You want to go to Human Resources again, this time for sexual harassment?! And you better watch your tone with me!"

[Perfection mimics her talking with his hand]

Perfection: "No, No Courtney you watch yours. I do what I want, when I want how I want, especially after you and Fear decided to work against me last week."

Paz: "Work against you?! I helped you get what you wanted! You are the champion now, what else is it that you want a statue build in front of the arena?"

Perfection: “That’s actually a Perfect idea! That and explaining why in the name of God he announced another belt and this tag team mumble jumble to have me dethroned! “

Paz: “He is doing it to spark business, get more watchers you know that. I had no clue about the belt, James!”

Perfection: “Let me explain something to you, I am going in my locker room and I will come out when I feel like it, if that means not tonight, that means not tonight.”

Paz: “You have a match tonight!”

[He enters his locker room and slams the door in her face. She tries to open the door handle but it’s already locked]

Perfection: “Card subject to change means card subject to change!”

Paz: “You have to be kidding me!!!”


Jan 1, 2000
Jake Evans & Stephen Waltz vs. Johnny Niles & Cecilworth J. Farthington

(Cut to: Jake Evans, obviously unpleased about his chosen tag partner of the night. Inside the ring, Stephen Waltz attempts to shake off the loss he suffered no more than ten minutes ago. At the opposite corner, Cecilworth Farthington and Johnny Niles appear to be on the same page as they discuss strategy. Niles elects to go first. Meanwhile, Jake Evans seems like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world, which is a darn shame considering here is the only place where one can (legally) hurt someone, and Jake Evans so much likes to hurt people. Finally, the referee decides to get into it and calls both Johnny Niles and Stephen Waltz to the fore.)

Anderson: Evans has nothing to complain about. If anything Stephen should be heated right now. He just took that cheap shot a few minutes ago and now all of a sudden he has to stand in for IWF’s resident wino. What a trooper? Ada boy, Stevie!

Creed: Reluctantly, I have agree with Terry. Waltz, certainly has drawn the short end of the stick here tonight.

(A solid lock-up starts us off, Waltz and Niles jockeying for position. Waltz with an arm ringer, Anderson screams for joy and Niles punches Waltz across the mouth. Johnny Niles with the headlock takeover, grinding those ears as he does so. Waltz rolls to his knees, tries to push Johnny into the ropes but Johnny Niles keeps the side headlock applied, preventing Stephen from going anywhere.)

McGinnis: Johnny Niles showing some fine mat wrestling. He's certainly been applying himself in his work...

(Side headlock leads to a tag, Niles & Cecil working like a well-oiled machine. Niles exposes the ribs, C-Worth takes the punch, followed by a floatover suplex netting two while Jake Evans facepalms from outside. Cecilworth doesn't let up, tossing Stephen into the ropes, catching him with a sleeper hold. However, although Stephen Waltz might have some...weaknesses inside the ring, he's still a colossal six foot three 273 pound dude and easily lifts up C-Worth on his back and drives him into the corner. A neutral corner, but you can't have everything. C-Worth tries to cover up, tries to defend himself... Finally, he tangles with Waltz, quickly face rakes him before guiding himself along the ropes for a tag. Niles runs in with a clothesline, Waltz ducks and goes behind, go behind reversed and Niles German suplexes. Can't get a cover so he dives into a kneedrop. From the kneedrop into a figure four attempt but Waltz kicks him during the spinning toe hold, recovering to his feet with an arm drag and a BIG dropkick.)

McGinnis: Great combination of moves from the Fallen Angel. This would be a prime opportunity for a tag.

Anderson: Stephen has all the tools to make it in this business on his own! Did you see that huge dropkick he did? The future of this wrestling right here-

McGinnis: Tags in Jake Evans!

Anderson: Awwwwww...

(Finally Jake Evans gets the chance to go to town on someone, and he doesn't disappoint! Running elbow smash to the face... answered by a roundhouse kick from Johnny Niles! Indiscriminate brawling occurs, with Johnny blocking one of the punches and whipping Evans into the ropes only to be struck down by a Southern clothesline on the return!)

McGinnis: This match is degenerating pretty quickly, referee Tony Daniels is going have to get in there and bring some order to these two gentlemen.

Creed: Oh who are you kidding? As if ANYONE would be foolish enough to get into Jake Evans' way!

(Niles gets up but is then snapmared down by Evans who immediately locks in a rear chinlock... only to have it reversed into a grounded arm wringer! Niles in control, delivering knee strikes on the exposed arm, trying to move over to a fujiwara armbar.)

McGinnis: And again, good fundamentals from Niles; putting the damage on Jake Evans' main striking weapon.

(Evans slips a knee across the mat, regaining a kneeling position. Johnny takes the opportunity to set-up a Russian legsweep, falling forwards for the crossface.)


McGinnis: And again, the shoulder of Jake Evans suffering the brunt of the punishment. Although, not enough to keep him from reaching towards the ropes.

(Evans does reach the ropes and forces a clean break from Johnny Niles. Johnny tries to push past the referee but eats a kick to the knee, doubling him over and allowing Evans to grab the tights and pull Niles over into a dirty piledriver. Jake then rolls outside to nurse his arm. Waltz wants in but Evans tells him to piss off in a decidedly uncouth manner.)

Creed: And again we come across the dysfunction inherent in team Evans-Waltz, Jake Evans showing general distrust towards his tag partner.

Anderson: An athlete of the caliber of Stephen Waltz just shouldn't be snubbed like that! He's a thoroughbred champion in the making, the future of this sport!

(This all gives Johnny Niles the opportunity to tag in Cecilworth who skips down to throw Jake Evans back inside the ring. Jake gets up quick enough to stomp down on C-Worth when he enter the ring but the Sinister Englishmen eventually grabs unto a stomping foot and turns it into a single leg takedown, dropping an elbow across the knee and moving into a toehold.)

McGinnis: Nice toehold from Cecilworth... And continuing along the theme of the night, Stephen Waltz is right there begging for that tag but Jake won't acknowledge him!

Anderson: Such a trooper is Stephen Waltz; he's been in one grueling battle already but he doesn't hesitate to throw himself into another!

Creed: You’ve mentioned that and judging by how his last tag match went, I'd submit that NOBODY wants to tag in Stephen Waltz. I mean, it's most certainly a continuing trend.

(C-Worth turns Jake Evans over from the toehold, climbing into a camel clutch submission. Jake Evans fights the hold, but a jumping sitdown across the lower back brings PAIN! Meanwhile, Waltz extends his hand out in a most futile manner as C-Worth locks his hands underneath Evans' chin.)

McGinnis: Cecilworth is proving to be a fine technical wrestler and a master of numerous submission techniques. Folks, I seriously believe Cecilworth J. Farthington will be a name to remember when we think of great catch-as-catch-can wrestlers.

(Jake Evans trying to crush the grip from the camel clutch through sheer hand strength! C-Worth with another jumping sitdown, but inherent Aristocrat greediness leads him to be countered on the third attempt as Evans pulls the leg right from under him. C-Worth falling on his distinguished face, Jake hooks an STF and wrenches back with all of his strength.)

McGinnis: I was expecting a brawl from Jake Evans but I'm seeing great technical masterpieces from all elements in the ring. Holds, counterholds and seamless transitioning: if you came to see wrestling at its finest, you came to the right place tonight!

Creed: Indeed, Brian. The IWF continues on its path to show the rest of the wrestling world that we mean business.

Anderson: How cliché, Creed.

(Showing some mobility as well as a fine knowledge of technical holds, Jake Evans releases the leghold from the STF and swiftly transitions into a front headlock, pulling his opponent up and into a vertical suplex. Bounces off the ropes and measures a forearm drop hitting across the brow! C-Worth writhes in pain as Jake Evans rests across the ring ropes, brushing off an eager Stephen Waltz. Cecilworth uses this as his opportunity to reach for Johnny Niles but Jake is ready, quickly grabbing a hold of C-Worth's leg and preventing any tags. An enziguri attempt is ducked, and Jake Evans punishes with a backbreaker. He slumps into a cover.)

Creed: Big move from Jake Evans, seems like it took a lot from him too, though.

McGinnis: Referee says two... And it's a long two count. Frequent pins attempts and subsequent failures can often times benefit inside the ring. Every kick-out allows the aggressor to gauge how much his opponent still has in the tank, a tactile signal revealing whether one can safely move on to more powerful offense without risking himself.

Anderson: You just made all that up.

(Both men get up but it's Jake who gets the first hit with an elbow shot. Farthington withstands the blow, answering with one of his own! And another! A veritable flurry of punches from the young Aristocrat drops Evans to his knee as he bounces off the rope... and gets caught in a side slam with authority. Jake is slow to get up, eying his foe and deciding on the proper course of action when suddenly... Stephen Waltz reaches desperately for the tag. He's practically pleading for a tag. Jake tags him in. Stephen Waltz rushes in with an ax handle smash, lifting his opponent up into a massive powerbomb! C-Worth panics, punches Waltz in the face while on his shoulders and drops down stumbling... But with enough presence of mind to deliver a quick boot into a DDT.)

Anderson: OH COME ON!!!

(C-Worth tags in Niles and they double suplex Waltz, Niles going up top to deliver an effortless elbow.)

McGinnis: The level of the maneuvers being executed in this match are impressive.

Anderson: The resiliency of Stephen Waltz is what is impressive, Guinness!

(Frequent tags, Niles & Cecil unwilling to lose control of the match at its most crucial phase. Waltz barely in this thing anymore, working on fumes as Cecilworth is back in, delivering more punches on the exposed skull. Stomps to the legs and the arm as Waltz falls! Ref wants a clean break but C-Worth brushes him off.)

McGinnis: I may have spoke too soon as this match has quickly devolved into an all-out brawl.

Creed: Brawling works. It's the oldest martial art in human history. When all else fails, you can still punch someone in the face and stomp him down. It's the surest way to finish someone off. Although, not very sportsman like.

(With Waltz lying across the mat, C-Worth takes the time to antagonize Jake Evans and proclaim his overall superiority. Jake Evans, after all, has been entirely unable to stop the team of Niles & Cecil. Jake takes the bait and the referee has to stop him from entering the ring, allowing the beatdown to continue. C-Worth stands satisfied and casually hits his cradle fisherman suplex finisher on Stephen Waltz.)

McGinnis: WORTHLESS... is the name of the maneuver, and also appropriatly describes the worth of said maneuver when the referee is not in position to count the pinfall! Cecilworth J. Farthington just outsmarted himself!

("Well this simply won't do", remarks the British-born Aristocrat as he approaches the ref, asking him if he would kindly count the pinfall. Our referee, you'll recall, was kept busy holding back the furious Jake Evans from tearing out C-Worth's skull and using it as a novelty punch bowl. There's yelling, a ref clearly in over his head and throughout all this, a pragmatic young Stephen Waltz musters the last of his strength and delivers a last-ditch superkick upside C-Worth's head... who knocks into the ref... who's head knocks into Jake Evans'. On the rebound, Waltz catches C-Worth with the fluke roll-up.)

Anderson: VICTORY!

McGinnis: Not without a referre.

Anderson: Son of a …

Creed: Well that certainly was an implausible chain of events!

(The first man to recover... is Cecilworth. Seriously, it was one kick compared to all that offense delivered throughout the match, it's even close. Heck, I don't even think the roll-up counted as anything more than a two count. It's all moot considering how the second man to recover is Jake Evans and that he is very angry. Jake Evans rushes into the ring and expresses his displeasure with a Lou Thez press on C-Worth, pummeling him, picking him up, pummeling him some more and clotheslines him outside. Stephen Waltz is the next to recover, but eats a Lights Out stunner from his own tag partner and drops back down again. Johnny Niles has rank 0 on the recovery race considering he wasn't even involved in the triple superkick and is considerate enough to rouse the ref and execute the pinfall. Which he breaks up as he realizes this is his chance to deliver his finisher proper, which is a fireman's carry stunner and which he does. THEN he pins Stephen Waltz.


Creed: I think Jake Evans had just simply … had enough. Johnny Niles avoided the rampage somehow and capitalizes with his first IWF win!

McGinnis: A powder keg erupted... Jake Evans turning on his own tag partner and costing himself not just the match but also his chance of fighting for the Emerald City championship title! And congratulations are in order for Johnny Niles, who does pick up his first victory in the IWF and just might pick up a second one as well as he advances to tonight's main event match-up!

(Cecilworth stumbles outside the ring, wondering what happened as Johnny Niles finds him and explains how they won the match. C-Worth expresses no surprise, he knew that victory was his all along. He raises both hands in victory, realizes he's facing the corner post and turns around to taunt the fans with his brilliance.)


Jan 1, 2000
My Name is Lucifer; Please Take My Hand

Cut to: Backstage again as Perfection opens the locker room door, camera is behind him over his right shoulder. As it begins to open we can already see a figure standing in the door way. It is none other than Nathan Fear standing tall, full business suit and Perfection in his wrestling attire.)

Fear: “I can see we have decided to go along with the program.”

[Perfection stands silent belt on his shoulder inching closer to Fear as the camera pans as much as it can to get a side shot.]

Fear: “Listen, Perfection, this is nothing personal, it’s just business.”

[Perfection smirks making his move to go past Fear who is not moving]

Perfection: “You want me to go out there or you want to sit here and kiss my ass like every other IWF employee? “

Fear: “Excuse me?”

[Perfection puts his hand on Fear gently pushing him out of his way and walking past him but keeping eye contact the entire exit out of the locker room.]

Perfection: “You are excused.”

[Perfection walks out of camera shot and we are just left with Nathan Fear staring down the hallway with a furious look on his face.]


Jan 1, 2000
Mary-Lynn Mayweather & The Minstrel vs. Kerry Kuroyama & Perfection (C)

Donald Bell: Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is the last tag team qualification round! The winners of this match will participate in tonight’s main event! Introducing first... hailing from parts unknown! He weighs in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds! Please welcome... THE MINSTREL!

(The fans immediately let out a heated reaction as “A Man Alone” by Finch comes in over the speakers. THE MINSTREL strides through the curtain and performs his signature bowing motion before the entry-way before making his way down the aisle, taunting the jeering crowd with over-dramatic acts of mockery.)

Creed: Clearly, there’s no love in these mans for the Minstrel! No doubt, they haven’t forgotten how he stole away a win back in the main event of Chain Reaction 10!

Anderson: C’mon, A-C... first rule of professional wrestling: It’s not “stealing” until you get caught doing it!

McGinnis: Hm... funny how I’ve never heard of that rule during the time I was a wrestler.

Anderson: That’s because you were never a REAL wrestler, Bri! But the Minstrel? He gets it... he LIVES it!

Creed: I can’t fathom how you can show any appreciation to that sick-minded individual...

Donald Bell: And his partner... from McCandless, Pennsylvania... weighing in at one-hundred and eighteen pounds... here is, MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER!

(The crowd reaction shifts 180 degrees as “Dance/Sing” by Ice Cream Fire hits the PA. MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER steps out onto the stage riser to a good pop from the capacity crowd. She wears a confident smile as she waves to the fans and acknowledges their support. The smile wanes into an angry frown, however, as she advances toward the ring and sees her tag partner waiting in the ring.)

Creed: Mary-Lynn is looking energized and ready for action, even in spite of falling to her own tag partner in this match at the last show in such an illegal manner!

Anderson: Oh hell, what is she going to do... sue him?

McGinnis: Who knows? I don’t doubt her ability to tangle any other competitor in that locker room into a lawsuit, just as easily as she can tangle with any of her opponents in the ring!

Anderson: Heh... that brawler babe can tangle with me ANY time!

Donald Bell: And now, introducing the first opponent! Weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-two pounds! Please give a warm Seattle welcome to our own KERRY KUROYAMA!

(In the ring, Mayweather and Minstrel are about to rip into each other, but the face-off is interrupted as “Revolve” by the Melvins pumps in through the arena. The fans pop loud as “THE PACIFIC BLITZKRIEG” KERRY KUROYAMA boldly comes out onto the stage, pumps a fist, and starts down the rampway with a look of determination and conviction on his young face.)

Creed: Kerry Kuroyama is the next one to come out to the ring, and he’s certainly getting a warm welcome from his hometown fans!

McGinnis: Impeccable timing, too, as it looked like Mary-Lynn was about to get into it with her own tag partner! These two have to remember that they have to work together if they want to move on to tonight’s main event and compete for a shot at the Emerald City Title, especially considering the Pacific Blitzkrieg is fiercely determined to take the belt for himself!

Anderson: Of course he’s determined to take that belt! How else is junior going to hold up his big boy pants?

(Kuroyama slides into the ring, looking warily between his two opponents. They first three out stand in a triangle formation in the ring as “Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween pumps in through the speakers. The house lights come down and a spotlight set-up on the other side of the arena hits the entry-way.)

Donald Bell: And now, making his way to the ring... hailing to us from of Hollywood, California, and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-two pounds... he is the I-W-F EMERALD CITY CHAMPION... HERE IS... PERFECTION!!!

(Two budgetary torch pyros light up on the sides of the curtain, sending plumes of smoke into the arena’s low ceiling. PERFECTION emerges through the entry-way, hoisting the Emerald City Title high into the air with one arm and pointing at his chest with the other. The fans filling the Moss Bay Event Center promptly jeer the arrival of the federation’s champion, but the defiance and contempt in James Witherhold’s eyes burns even hotter.)

Anderson: Hail to the CHAMP!!

Creed: A grand entrance for the Emerald City Champion, James Witherhold, better known to the IWF as Perfection! He’s certainly been living up his status as the undisputed apex of the federation ever since the big reveal of the un-aired main event of Surge!

McGinnis: Speaking of that match, let’s get a quick update in on the health and progress of the defeated champion, Vizier ta Seti --

Anderson: Forget that! We are moving on from that bum of a former champion, who should have never been given that belt to begin with! Perfection is the present and the future of this company, and the sooner you apes get that through your dense, neanderthal heads, the sooner we all can start enjoying the great things he gives us!

Creed: You’re calling ME the neanderthal? That’s a laugh...

(Perfection takes to the ring, hoisting up his belt and getting daringly close to the faces of both Kuroyama and Mayweather as he crosses the ring from one turnbuckle to the next to give every angle of the event center a glimpse of the Emerald City Title. The fans give him nothing but hate. A few start up a “SE-TI!” chant, but they’re quickly cut off as Perfection quite loudly demands that they shut the hell up. The other competitors patiently wait for the bell, with the Minstrel voluntarily stepping to the outside, garnering a glare from Mayweather. Perfection shoves the Emerald City Title into Donald Bell’s stomach, sternly ordering him out of the ring and telling the ref to do his job. He smirks at Kuroyama as he steps by his tag partner and goes to the apron.)

Creed: Looks like Kuroyama and Mayweather will start this one off... though there didn’t look like there was much discussion involved!

Anderson: These morons should know their place by now anyways...

McGinnis: Nevertheless, they shake hands in a sign of respect... and referee Tony Daniels gives the cue to the timekeeper to ring the bell!

(Both competitors circle each other a few times before going right into the collar and elbow tie-up. Kerry quickly takes an arm and slips behind to put Mary-Lynn into a hammerlock, but only gets a moment of time to wring down it before Mayweather reverses it to go behind Kuroyama. A second later, Kerry kisses the mat with a legsweep, and Mayweather sets herself up with the leg locked in place.)

Creed: Mayweather, with the sweep to the mat right after the reversal... and is she going for LOCKED IN LEGALESE already?!

McGinnis: NO! Kuroyama with a sweep from his own while lying prone on the mat, prevents Mayweather from going for the quick victory! My heart skipped a beat there...

Anderson: Really? I’m already getting bored of this match...

(Mayweather and Kuroyama scramble back to their feet, with Mary-Lynn quickly running off the ropes and stunning Kerry with a quick back elbow strike on the rebound. Kerry stumbles back and bounces off the ropes while he’s stunned, but dips his head just in time to miss a spinning heel kick attempt by Mayweather. Mary-Lynn spins around off balance, giving Kuroyama the perfect opportunity to connect with a knee lift into her ribs.)

McGinnis: OUCH! That was a BIG knee right to the mid-section, and Mary-Lynn Mayweather just got the wind knocked right out of her!

Creed: Kuroyama follows through on the waist lock... lifts Mayweather UP -- and DRILLS HER with a Gutwrench Powerbomb! He’s going for the pin!

Daniels: One...


Creed: And Mary-Lynn gets the shoulder up!

Anderson: Ah, but just barely...

(Kuroyama leaves Mary-Lynn on the mat as he rises and goes to his corner, where holds out his hand to make a tag. Perfection looks at the tag with a defiant smirk on his face, and stalls long enough to get a negative reaction for the crowd. A moment later, however, he makes the tag and steps into the ring, catching Mayweather with a low running dropkick as she’s trying to get to her feet.)

Creed: The Emerald City Champion makes the tentative tag to get involved in this match, and Perfection immediately hits a defenseless Mary-Lynn Mayweather with a dropkick as soon as he steps through the ropes!

McGinnis: Mayweather is starting to get banged up... it would be a good time for her to tag out, but out on the apron, you can easily see by his body language that the Minstrel is enjoying what he’s seeing happening to his own tag partner! Perhaps a bit TOO much, if you ask me!

Creed: Perfection has Mayweather back to her feet now... he’s looking to Kuroyama in his corner and giving him some lip!

Anderson: He’s telling that stupid kid to open his eyes and see for himself how PROFESSIONALS work!

(After taking a moment to taunt Kerry, Perfection drops Mayweather with a DDT. He quickly pops back to his feet and pumps his arms into the air in a show of triumph, getting nothing but jeers out of the audience. Again, he smirks to his partner in the corner, before running off the ropes and dropping the elbow across Mary-Lynn’s shoulder.)

Anderson: Beautiful elbow! Picture perfect wrestling from the champ thus far!

McGinnis: Give me a break, Terry... he’s been in the ring for less than a minute, and he’s already done more showboating than actual wrestling!

Anderson: Showboating IS wrestling, you lousey ham-and-egger!

Creed: Mary-Lynn is wincing after that elbow, and here goes Perfection for a pin attempt!

Daniels: One...


Creed: Mayweather kicks out! She’s still alive in this match, but one has to wonder why the Minstrel didn’t even bother to break that up!

Anderson: He’s got better things to do!

(Perfection glares at Daniels over the count, but Tony steadfastly tells the Emerald City Champion he’s not taking any attitude. Undaunted, Perfection pulls Mayweather back to her feet and tells Kerry to watch how a champion does it once more as he takes her by the arm and whips her to the ropes. He bends over in perfect time for a back body drop, but Mary-Lynn anticipates it, and tumbles over while clasping the champ into a waistlock, rolling him to the mat and onto his shoulders. The crowd pops with sudden excitement.)

Creed: Perfection with the back body -- OH WAIT, Mayweather with a SUNSET FLIP, reverses it! Perfection’s shoulders are down!

Daniels: One...


Thr --

McGinnis: ALMOST! He got the shoulder up, but he was a half a count away from being upset!

Anderson: Stupid ref was counting WAY too fast!

Creed: Perfection looking angry as he gets to his feet... can Mary-Lynn find a way to turn things around here?

(The embarrassment of being pinned throws the Emerald City Champion’s emotions into a frenzy as he charges at Mayweather with a wild lariat, which Mary-Lynn easily ducks. As Perfection rebounds off the ropes, Mayweather catches him with a mule kick to the gut to double him over, and before the champ can react, Mary-Lynn hooks his arms, jumps off the mat, and sweeps Perfection off of his feet and back-first into both of her knees. The fans cheer wildly!)

Creed: WOW! Unbelievable modified backbreaker!

McGinnis: That was the C-K-3! The left Perfection rolling on the mat in agony, and the champion quickly finds the ropes in an act of desperation!

Anderson: Desperation? Come on, that’s a textbook safety move! When the opponent starts turning the tables, you grab the rope to prevent the pin! Where did you say you learned to wrestle again?

McGinnis: We needn’t get into that now... let’s focus on the match, as Mary-Lynn Mayweather has the opportunity she needs to make a tag now!

(Mayweather looks across the ring to see Perfection still recovering from the last move. Sensing the moment to make a move, she forces herself back to her feet and goes to her corner to make the tag. The Minstrel stares at the hand for a moment, and almost playfully slaps it to make the tag, but only after Mary-Lynn insists that he stop screwing around.)

McGinnis: The tag is made to the Minstrel... and I have to admit, I’m somewhat surprised the Minstrel didn’t try anything right there!

Creed: He’s playing along for now... but I still don’t trust him. Nor do I trust the Emerald City Champion! Speaking of, Perfection is back on his feet, and quickly hurries to his own corner to make the tag back to Kerry before he can embarrass himself any further!

Anderson: You mean before the REF can embarrass him!

(As the Minstrel meets Kuroyama in the middle of the ring, he immediately goes into his signature bow gesture... though it’s unclear if he’s showing his respect or taunting his opponent. Kuroyama assumes the latter, and returns the gesture with a traditional Japanese sparring bow of his own.)

Creed: Both men apparently showing some respect before -- but wait, the Minstrel goes for a CHEAP SHOT -- NO!! Kuroyama saw it come, and caught him by the leg!

Anderson: Damnit! I thought the idiot FELL FOR IT!

(The crowd pops as Kuroyama holds the Minstrel by the toe and watches the masked man bounce on his free leg in a sudden panic! The Minstrel gets spun around... and before he can react, Kerry hooks the legs, lifts him up, and drops him right back to the mat with a heavy spinebuster, getting another big pop from the fans. He immediately transitions over to the arm and locks it between his legs while twisting the wrist.)

Creed: BIG spinebuster from Kerry Kuroyama to the Minstrel, who probably wasn’t even expecting to get involved in this match if he could help it! And before he can even react, Kerry has him locked into a Fujiwara Armbar!

McGinnis: A bad place for the Minstrel to be in, in this submission hold! The fans certainly enjoy what they’re seeing, though! The Minstrel is finally getting his just desserts!

Anderson: Come on, Minstrel! Fight it! Don’t let this brat steal the spotlight from the champ!

(Minstrel fights through the first few moments of pain and tries to work back up to his feet. The first time he gets up, Kuroyama quickly powers him to the mat... but he gets the leverage of a knee on his second effort. Shots made with his free arm don’t seem to do anything to phase Kerry as he keeps the hold locked in, so in an act of desperation, he quickly rakes the eyes, and Kuroyama lets go to tend to his vision. Tony Daniels scolds the Minstrel for the illegal use of the hands, but the referee can only guess to the man’s true expression beneath the mask as he mockingly acts apologetically.)

Anderson: Give the man a break, ref! His hand just got a little tangled up, is all!

Creed: That’s not what I saw... but nevertheless, the Minstrel escapes the submission hold and has a free shot on the recovering Kuroyama!

(The Minstrel catches Kerry as he gets to his feet with a quick boot to the gut, and comes off the ropes with a scissor-kick to the back of the Pacific Blitzkrieg’s head as he’s doubled over. He celebrates the success of his strike in an overly dramatic fashion, which his audience of loyal IWF fans react to in audible disgust. The Minstrel dances his way behind Kuroyama as the young wrestler works himself back to his feet... and catches him with an unseen Russian Legsweep when he least expects it.)

Creed: After a bit of dramatics on the part of the Minstrel, he puts Kuroyama to the mat with a side Russian Legsweep!

McGinnis: Kuroyama got dropped pretty hard on his head with that move! The Minstrel definitely put all of his weight into it! Here’s the cover! Will that be it?

Daniels: One!


Creed: And Kuroyama kicks out! No attempt made by the Emerald City Champion to break up that attempt...

Anderson: Does it really matter if he wins this match? Whoever ends up facing him for the title is doomed to fail anyway! So if the kid chokes, it’s no skin off his back.

(Kuroyama tries to work back to his feet, but the Minstrel keeps him reigned into a headlock. Ready to go for the killing strike, he runs toward the corner and springboards off of the turnbuckle... but before he can connect on the bulldog, the Pacific Blitzkrieg tosses him off and throws him to the mat. The Minstrel holds his posterior gingerly as the fans cheer Kuroyama’s comeback.)

Creed: Great reversal by Kerry Kuroyama, avoiding the springboard bulldog! The Minstrel would have been setting up for defeat if he managed to get that off, but the young Pacific Blitzkrieg is still showing some fight!

McGinnis: Kuroyama tags out to Perfection, and the Emerald City Champion is back in this match! I don’t even need to see the face under the Minstrel’s mask to see that he knows he’s in trouble right now!

Creed: The Minstrel scrambling over to his corner, and Perfection doesn’t even try to stop him! Mary-Lynn Mayweather is right there to tag back in, and the Minstrel goes for it!

Anderson: Of course! What better way to escape a certified ass-kicking at the hands of the Emerald City Champion than to throw somebody else into the ring to take the beating?

(The Minstrel goes out as Mayweather comes back in, brave determination on her face as she approaches the Emerald City Champion and goes right into the lock up. Perfection, with excellent form, smoothly begins a transition into a hammerlock... but Mayweather almost immediately reverses it into a front facelock, getting a pop from the fans... but it’s cut off almost as immediately as it came when Perfection pushes off on his feet and shoulder rams her into the turnbuckle. Mayweather groans in pain as Perfection yanks her back out of the corner and locks his arms together around her waist.)

Creed: The Emerald City Champion softens Mayweather up before getting her into position... and a Northern Lights Suplex puts her back down to the mat!

Anderson: Look at that bridge! PERFECT!

Daniels: One!


Thr --

McGinnis: A CLOSE three count, but Mary-Lynn Mayweather got the shoulder up as she rolled out!

Creed: We’re watching a real battle between these two right now!

(Both competitors quickly get to their feet, and Perfection gets his hands up in time to miss a springing Yakuza kick from Mayweather. With her leg in his grasp, he promptly sweeps her to the mat with a swift Dragon Screw, and tries to follow through by locking in the figure four leglock... but his attempts are cut off when Mary-Lynn uses her free leg to give his posterior a hard kick, shoving him off and sending him reeling wildly into the ropes.)

Anderson: There it is, PICTURE PERFECT -- !!

Creed: Not quite! Mayweather digs deep and KICKS Perfection off balance -- OH MY, Perfection just ran wildly through the ropes and straight into his own partner, Kerry Kuroyama! Both men just tumbled off the apron!

McGinnis: I’m not sure what the rules say in this case, but that may be interpreted as a tag to Kuroyama... although I’m completely sure Perfection did not intend to do that!

Anderson: SHUT UP, Brian! Perfection intends to do EVERYTHING he does!

(The referee begins the ten count as Kuroyama and Perfection pick themselves up off the ground. Kerry attempts to slide into the ring, but the champion quickly drags him back out, insisting that he hasn’t been tagged in. The two argue, with Tony Daniels trying to sort things out, while back in the ring, Mayweather waits for an opponent... and the Minstrel steps into the ring behind her.)

Creed: Perfection doesn’t realize that Kuroyama is the legal man!

Anderson: Who cares who the legal man is?! That man is the Emerald City Champion, and by right, HE should be the one that finishes this match!

McGinnis: Hang on a sec... the Minstrel in the ring, sneaking up on Mayweather! Oh no, he’s got her by the HEAD!

Creed: What is he DOING?? The Minstrel, in motion... off the turnbuckle... OH MY, what a bulldog!

(The fans BOO with spite as the Minstrel joyous hops back to his feet following the springboard bulldog and pounces to the top rope. He looks again to see the referee with his back turned to the action and the other two opponents busy arguing, and takes a leaping legdrop off the top rope, which connects over Mayweather with sickening impact.)

Creed: NO LAUGHING MATTER!! The Minstrel just took out his OWN PARTNER!

McGinnis: I knew it was only a matter of time before he’d try something like that! Look at that disgusting bastard, gloating victoriously over his work... and he’s out of the ring before Tony Daniels can see him!

Anderson: You see? This is what happens, when you get in the champion’s way of doing things!

(Daniels ends the argument by telling Kerry to get in the ring before he disqualifies them both. Kuroyama rolls back in under the ropes while Perfection, in an annoyed huff, leaves his post at the apron and walks back up the rampway. The fans, already booing the actions of the Minstrel, boo even louder. Kuroyama sees the prone body of Mary-Lynn Mayweather in the ring and immediately senses something amiss... but as he looks around for the Minstrel, he sees that the masked marauder of the mind has vanished from the ring.)

Creed: Kerry smells something wrong here... but he’s too late, because the Minstrel took off through the crowd like a bat out of hell!

McGinnis: Likewise, Daniels didn’t see what happened... but this match has to go on until the bitter end! We may see that right now, as Kuroyama goes for the pin!

Anderson: FINALLY! These two just make me want to go to SLEEP out of boredom!

Daniels: One!


Three --


Anderson: DAMN!

(The crowd pops supportively and begins a booming “MA-RY-LYNN!” chant that resonates through the Moss Bay Events center. Kuroyama hears the reaction and hesitates only a moment in admiration of her determination, before pulling her up to her feet and into the pump-handle hold.)

Creed: Kuroyama pulls Mayweather into position... over the shoulder... KUROYAMA DRIVER!!

McGinnis: No coming back from that! Kerry with the cover for the win!

Daniels: One!



(The bell rings and “Revolve” begins to play again over the PA. Kuroyama gets to his feet and allows his arm to be raised by the referee in a symbol of victory, but promptly assists Mary-Lynn afterwards.)

Donald Bell: The winners of the match... the team of PERFECTION and KERRY KUROYAMA!

Anderson: Well, what do you know? For once, the kid doesn’t just barely get through by the skin of his teeth! He actually won in a dominant fashion, for once... although I’m certain most of that was because of Perfection’s help!

McGinnis: More like the Minstrel’s help. That’s the second time he’s screwed over Mary-Lynn Mayweather... and at some point, that tragic freak will no doubt have to answer for his crimes here tonight!

Creed: Indeed... but until then, it looks as though Kerry Kuroyama and Perfection will be moving on into tonight’s main event! We’re going to take a break, but don’t go away, ladies and gentlemen, because the battle to determine just who will compete for the Emerald City Title is coming up in just a few short moments!


Jan 1, 2000
Main Event: Doom/Ocho vs. Farthington/Niles vs. Kuroyama/Perfection

(CUT TO: The commentary table set up off the side of the stage, where Aaron, Terry, and Brian sit in anticipation of the main event.)

Creed: Well, gentlemen, Chain Reaction 11 has thus far been quite the event! We started with six tag teams of very volatile chemistry... and now we’re down to three, as we approach our main event!

Anderson: I still think it’s an absolute crime that Stephen Waltz had two very good opportunities to be in this match... but as is always the case, the haters gotta be holding my boy down!

Creed: In any case, I don’t think we can say that any team that performed tonight didn’t exist without some internal tension. As was the case in some of the previous matches, we witnessed a few all-out meltdowns! But right now, these remaining six competitors have to put all of their trust into their respective partners, as victory tonight will determine who moves on to face the Emerald City Champion, Perfection, at our next event!

McGinnis: And considering Perfection is involved in this match, the champion has the power to virtually write his own destiny.

Creed: Looks like the competitors are ready to go to the ring!

(FADE: To the ring, as Donal Bell stands with mic, ready to make the announcements.)

Donald Bell: Ladies and gentlemen... it is time for the MAIN EVENT!! The following contest is a six-man tag team triangle match set for one fall, and the members of the winning team will compete for the Emerald City Championship at the next IWF event!

(CUE UP: “What’s Up People” by Maximum the Hormone. SPOOKY DOOM dashes out of the entry-way to a strong positive reaction from the fans and dashes down to the ring.)

Donald Bell: Introducing first, hailing from Death Valley, California, and weighing in at one-hundred and ninety-five pounds... SPOOKY DOOM!!

Creed: The ever-enthusiastic Spooky Doom is the first man to the ring, looking energetic and confident! You’d barely know he competed earlier tonight by looking at him!

Anderson: Is this kid hooked on coke, or what? He’s like some hyperactive six-year-old brat guzzling down sugar! And here I thought he was supposed to be half zombie, or related to a dead guy, or something...

(CUE UP: “Final Battle” by Dr. Octoroc. LEYENDA DE OCHO steps out onto the rampway, posting his arms into the air like Link hoisting a piece of the Triforce, getting a BIG pop from the crowd, and then he starts down toward the ring at a full sprint.)

Donald Bell: And his partner, coming to us all the way from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing in at one-hundred and eighty-eight pounds... LEYENDA DE OCHO!!

Creed: But not to be outdone, here comes Spooky’s partner, the 8-Bit Legend Leyenda de Ocho! These two luchadores managed to coexist earlier tonight, but can they pull it off again?

McGinnis: Well, considering the combined weight of this team is easily under four hundred pounds, teamwork would have to be an asset at this point!

Anderson: Would you look at that Spooky Dork guy? What is he doing, trying to quiet the crowd down!?

Creed: Apparently, Spooky thinks himself the only one capable of being adored by the fans... but nevertheless, these people are behind Ocho tonight!

(CUE UP: “Lying From You” by Linkin Park. JOHNNY NILES comes out next, performing his straight-edge pose to get a cheer from the fans, and confidently comes down the rampway.)

Donald Bell: Introducing the next competitor... from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two-hundred and forty-six pounds... JOHNNY NILES!!

Creed: And now here comes Johnny Niles, fresh off of his first IWF victory over your own protege, Terry.

Anderson: Bah, don’t act so smug, A-C... this punk only made it this far because of that traitor, Jake Evans, stabbing Stephen in the back! This is to say nothing of the fact that Steph-O was clearly gassed after wrestling in TWO consecutive matches!

Creed: All the same, you can’t fault a man for making the best of his situation...

(CUE UP: “When the Going Gets Tough” by Billy Ocean. The fans jeer loudly as CECILWORTH J. FARTHINGTON steps out onto the rampway and walks to the ring, flanked by his team of sizably superior personal trainers, looking into the crowd with a smug and privileged look of disgust.)

Donald Bell: And his partner... coming to us all the way from Buckingham, United Kingdom, and weighing in at eleven stone... CECILWORTH JAY FARTHINGTON!!

Creed: The IWF loyal are giving no love to noble-born Englishman, Cecilworth Farthington! And they may hate him any more if he found a way to take that Emerald City Championship for himself!

McGinnis: He certainly seems like the sort that would make an athlete like Johnny Niles do the heavy lifting and slipping in at the last moment to claim the glory...

Anderson: Hang on a sec, ain’t that what Niles did earlier tonight? Don’t be so judgmental, McG! Farthington is simply a man who comes from a background where he always got what he wanted, so when it comes to being in the ring, he does whatever it takes to get what he wants!

(CUE UP: “Revolve” by the Melvins. KERRY KUROYAMA confidently steps out onto the rampway, pumping a fist and getting a loud hometown pop.)

Donald Bell: Introducing next... representing the city of Seattle, Washington, and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty two pounds... KERRY KUROYAMA!!

Creed: The hometown hero of the Emerald City comes out representing the third and final team in this main event! LISTEN to the reaction from these fans!

Anderson: Bah, these people would cheer on Quasimodo if they heard he was from this crappy town!

Creed: In any case, Kuroyama, the student of the Dojo, has dedicated himself to the mission of winning the Emerald City Title... but he might have a problem, given he’s tagging with the very man who carries that title!

(CUE UP: “Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween. To a massive heated reaction, PERFECTION walks out onto the rampy, smiling arrogantly and proudly holding the IWF Emerald City Title over his head for all to see. Setting it on his shoulder, he confidently comes down the ramp to the ring, ignoring the insults hurled upon him by the fans.)

Donald Bell: And finally, his partner... hailing from Hollywood, California, and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds... the IWF EMERALD CITY CHAMPION... PERFECTION!!

Creed: The fans are letting the champion hear it in full force, and with good reason, given his behavior earlier tonight!

Anderson: Yeah, but no matter how much they hate him, nobody can deny what James Witherhold has accomplished within IWF! Look at all he’s outlasted! Scott Douglas, Vizier ta Seti, that Rocko Daymon bum... no matter how you slice it, this guy’s been nothing short of PERFECT!

McGinnis: No doubt, the other five men involved in this match all have that on their mind. It will be interesting to see how Perfection participates in this match... will he use this opportunity to choose one of his two opponents at the next event, or will he throw his partner Kuroyama to the wolves?

(Perfection takes command of the ring as he steps inside, walking through the other five men as if they didn’t exist and posting up a couple of turnbuckles to show off his title, getting the fans to BOO loudly. Eventually, the music ends and he hands the belt to Donald on his way out of the ring. At this point, Tony Daniels begins to get things in order by separating the teams to their corners. Ocho, Niles, and Perfection end up on the apron while Spooky Doom, Farthington, and Kuroyama stand in a triangle, ready for the bell. Daniels gives the cue to the timekeeper.)


Creed: There’s the bell to start the match -- and Perfection just dropped off the apron! Wait... now where’s he going!?

Anderson: I dunno, but it looks like anywhere but here!

(The heat in the Moss Bay Events center kicks up a few more degrees as the fans boo Perfection even louder. Ignoring the reaction, Perfection arrogantly recollects his title and begins heading up the rampway. He takes one last look to the men in the ring, taking smug satisfaction by the look on Kuroyaman’s face, as Kerry realizes he’s being left to fend for himself.)

Creed: I don’t believe it, the Emerald City Champion just picked up his belt and LEFT the ring... and left his partner to fight ALONE in this triple threat tag match!

Anderson: Well, clearly, he doesn’t need to get involved in this match! He’s going to beat whoever wins, regardless!

Creed: Hold on... looks like he’s coming THIS WAY!

Anderson: Oh, AWESOME!! Scoot over, Creed!

(We cut briefly over to the commentary table as Perfection pulls up a chair and puts on a headset, looking quite proud of himself.)

Creed: Uh, welcome to the broadcast table, Perfection... but wouldn’t you rather be in the ring?

Perfection: In the ring? Why, what on earth are you talking about, Creed?

Creed: Shouldn’t the Emerald City Champion be in the main event, representing this company?

Perfection: I DID represent this company, earlier tonight! Or did you already forget? I’ve fulfilled my contractual obligation, thank you very much, and I scarcely see a point in meddling with these inferior-minded losers...

Anderson: Sounds rational to me! PERFECTLY rational!

McGinnis: Ugh... I have a feeling this is going to be a miserable experience.

Creed: Back to the ring, all three men are looking this way, seemingly astonished to see the Emerald City Champion taking an spectator’s seat to this match! There is rage filling in the eyes of Kerry Kuroyama, stranded alone in the ring... and OH WAIT, Spooky Doom uses the opportunity to strike Kerry from behind!

McGinnis: Rocked the Seattle native with a running forearm to the back of the head! Kuroyama’s just going to have to get over it at press on at this point, because the odds are seriously stacked against him now!

(Spooky Doom continues hitting Kuroyama with repeated forearms strikes, knocking him back into the turnbuckle where he pummels him a few more times. Farthington stays out of the action for the time being, watching the two brawl from across the ring and waiting for an opportunity of his own to arise. Spooky, meanwhile, takes Kerry by the arm and attempts to go for the Irish Whip... but Kuroyama, with a nearly forty pound advantage, makes an easy reversal. The Doom Kid bounces HARD off the opposite turnbuckle, stumbling out and into the waiting arms of Kuroyama who hoists him up from around the waist and slams him down hard on the mat.)

Creed: GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB by Kuroyama off of the reversal! He hooks the legs for the cover!



Spooky kicks out! But if Kerry can keep that up, he might have a shot in this match!

Anderson: But he has NO shot against Perfection, either way!

Perfection: Couldn’t have said that better myself, Terry.

Creed: Here comes Farthington from behind as Kuroyama gets to his feet... but TOO LATE, as Kerry turns around in time before somebody can hit him from behind again!

(With his attempt at sneakery foiled, a flustered Cecilworth Farthington jumps right into the lock-up, but Kuroyama anticipates it, and slips around behind him for a waistlock. Kerry holds him in place for a moment to decide where to go next, but Farthington counters out of the hold with a snapmare before he can make a move. Cecilworth goes straight into a side headlock, but Kerry forces him back to his feet.)

Creed: Kuroyama and Farthington, struggling for dominance... Kerry is back to his feet, despite the headlock, and he tries to break out with the BACK SUPLEX -- but Cecilworth lands on his feet, and sweeps Kuroyama to the mat with a leg hook!

Anderson: You know that Cecilworth isn’t about to let Kerry beat him again, like he did at the last Chain Reaction!

McGinnis: You can definitely tell, based on Farthington’s form, that all of that training he’s accumulated across the nation is starting to pay off! Here he is now, taking Kuroyama’s arm and wrenching it between his legs in a classic armbar... working the limbs and slowing the tempo of this match!

Perfection: I admire the man’s gumption... but Farthington’s still a man who has to pay for his talents. I’m a man whose talents are a natural GIFT!

Creed: The tempo may not be slow for much longer, as Spooky Doom has made a recovery! Here he goes off the ropes... RUNNING DROPKICK to Cecilworth Farthington, breaking the armbar on Kuroyama! And Ocho is asking for the tag!

(The crowd cheers Spooky’s act, and he takes a moment to celebrate and try to pump them up. Then he sees Leyenda de Ocho reaching out and looking for a tag, and makes it. Ocho enters the ring by popping up to the top rope and diving in, bringing BOTH the recovering Kuroyama and Farthington back down to the mat. The crowd cheers even louder, and Spooky reacts with a frantic surprise.)

Crowd: *POP!!*

Creed: WOW!! DIVING CROSS BODY BLOCK onto both Kuroyama and Farthington as Leyenda de Ocho enters the ring coming off of the tag!

McGinnis: Neither Farthington nor Kuroyama had a chance to act against that! That was brilliant timing by Ocho!

Perfection: Pff... what a show-off...

Creed: Ocho looking for the pin on Farthington... but hang on... Spooky Doom, apparently ANGRY by the way the fans just reacted, is going to the top rope himself... but official Tony Daniels tells him to get back down the apron! Spooky ARGUING with the official now!

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

(Spooky stubbornly shakes his head as Daniels orders him back onto the apron, having tagged out. The fans boo his filibustering, but he continuously points to his chest, insisting that they should be cheering for him above all others. Meanwhile, Ocho, though looking annoyed at having his pin attempt interrupted, slips around behind Farthington as he rises back off the mat and runs up looking for the bulldog -- but Farthington pushes him off at the last moment, sending him stumbling into the ropes adjoining Spooky’s turnbuckle. The shaking of the ropes throws off Spooky’s balance, causing him to fall awkwardly off of the turnbuckle, head hitting the apron as he sprawls to the ringside floor with a splat.)

Crowd: *GASP!!*


Creed: There went SPOOKY!! Farthington threw Ocho into the ropes trying to break out of that bulldog attempt, and in doing so, Spooky Doom went right off the top rope! My God, did you see how his head SMACKED OFF THE APRON?!

Perfection: Well, idiot, when the referee tells you to get down, YOU GET DOWN!!

Anderson: All that needed was a cartoon side-effect and a Bob Saget voice over!

Creed: After a fall like that, Ocho might be alone in this match as well... which doesn’t spell well for his chances at victory as Farthington makes a tag to Johnny Niles! Niles into the ring, meeting Kuroyama with some stiff shots to the Pacific Blitzkrieg’s face! There’s a shot to the face of Ocho as well! Niles is hitting the ring like a house on fire!

(The crowd gets solidly behind Niles as he energetically takes to the ring, landing blows left and right between Kuroyama and Ocho. Ocho staggers back after one shot, giving Niles the opportunity to land a high knee lift that catches Kerry under the jaw and puts him stunned on his back. Niles quickly tries to wrap up the legs into a figure four, but Kuroyama recovers and kicks him off, knocking him back into Ocho.)

Creed: Johnny Niles going for the Figure Four, but perhaps a bit too early as Kerry Kuroyama kicks him off... and there’s Ocho waiting for him! Ocho bouncing up to the shoulders... and he ROLLS NILES TO THE MAT with the VICTORY ROLL!



Niles kicks out!

McGinnis: Johnny’s still fresh in this bout, so that’s not much of a surprise...

Perfection: Although seeing him lose this match in under ten seconds wouldn’t have been much of a surprise either. To me, anyway.

Anderson: HA! Good one, Jimmy! Can I call you Jimmy?

Perfection: Let’s just stick with “Champ” for right now.

Anderson: You got it, Champ!

Creed: Ocho and Niles, scrambling to their feet, and here comes Kuroyama to meet the first one back up head on! Ocho bouncing up -- ONTO KERRY’S SHOULDERS, and KUROYAMA gets thrown into NILES with the HURRICANRANA!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

(The fans pop loud at Ocho’s amazing two-in-one maneuver. As this is going on, Spooky Doom, apparently not dead, is recovering on the outside, coming to in time to see his tag partner yet again stealing the show. Ocho, feeding off the crowd, points again to the top rope and sets himself up on the top turnbuckle. Kerry gets to his feet first, and turns around in time as Ocho comes flying off the top.)

Creed: Here’s Leyenda de Ocho, trying to capitalize by COMING OFF THE TOP ROPE with the FRONT FLIPPING SENTON -- NO!! Kerry Kuroyama CATCHES HIM out of the air... readjusting by hooking the legs... GOOD GOD, and the Pacific Blitzkrieg JUST DRILLS the Cartridge Cruiser with a CRADLE PILEDRIVER!!

Crowd: “OOOOOHH...!”

Anderson: That was bound to happen sooner or later, what with all that senseless hopping around like a flea...

Creed: Kuroyama going for the cover now, and he may have it!



NO! It gets broken up by Johnny Niles! Did I hear you just breath a sigh of relief there, Perfection?

Perfection: Are you kidding me? I could care less if that fool wins this match. Beating these other idiots shouldn’t be THAT much of a challenge...

McGinnis: Ocho took a lot of that impact to the head... right now, he could sure use an opportunity to tag out, but I’m not even sure Spooky Doom has completely recovered at this point!

(Spooky is weakly pulling himself back onto the apron, while in the ring, Niles remains in control of the match. Putting some hard shots into the side of Kuroyama’s head, he keeps the Pacific Blitzkrieg dazed as he leads him over to the corner and makes the tag to Farthington. Cecilworth takes to the ring and shoves Niles aside as he sizes up Kuroyama and pops him under the jaw with a stiff European uppercut.)

Creed: Cecilworth Farthington is back in the ring for Johnny Niles, acting a little annoyed with his partner!

Anderson: Well, it’s not like he did anything worthwhile! C-Worth is probably annoyed having to carry this whole thing by himself!

Perfection: Honestly, at this point, they could have had the same match with half the personnel!

Creed: Hey, let’s not forget that YOU were booked to compete in this match, but you backed out at the last minute to sit here with us! Back to the action now as Farthington hooks Kerry by the arm... and there’s the drop toe hold to put him to the mat! OH... and there’s a soccer kick to the head to prevent him from trying to get up!

Crowd: “BOOOO!!”

(The fans jeer loudly as Farthington leers over Kuroyama, stomping him in various points around the body, and taking a few opportunities to taunt the disrespectful Americans in attendance. With Kuroyama lying hurt, Cecilworth turns his attention to Ocho as he slowly comes to recovering from the earlier piledriver.)

Creed: Farthington turning his attention back to Ocho now... he meets him with a kick to the gut! And THERE’S A DDT to drop him back to the mat! Ocho’s going to have a headache tomorrow! But here goes Farthington for the pin!



NO! Ocho just got the shoulder up!

Crowd: *POP!!*

McGinnis: Farthington and Niles have complete control of this match right now! Ocho keeps getting dropped on his head... and Kerry Kuroyama is not much worse for wear! Let’s not forget, he took a lot of the punishment in his own match earlier tonight... thanks mostly to the man seated with us right now!

Perfection: You’re welcome...

Creed: Farthington leaving Ocho on the mat as he goes back to Kuroyama... no, Kerry fighting back with shots to the mid-section! The Pacific Blitzkrieg, trying to rally... onto his feet and off the ropes... and the RUNNING KNEE STRIKE CONNECTS!! Farthington goes down!

(The fans POP as the hometown talent mounts a comeback. Across the ring, Ocho finds Spooky finally back on the apron, reaching out for the tag, which he makes. Spooky Doom hurries back into the ring, eager to make an impact, but runs right into a palm strike delivered by Kuroyama. Spooky Doom hits the mat instantly, and Kerry bends over to pick him up.)

Creed: Spooky Doom finally back into this match as Ocho tags out, but Kerry Kuroyama almost INSTANTLY puts him right down to the mat! Kuroyama has all the moment right now, picking Spooky Doom up... hooking the arms from behind... WHAT A TIGER SUPLEX!! HERE’S THE PIN!!



BROKEN UP by Johnny Niles, and Tony Daniels quickly orders him back to the apron!

McGinnis: Niles had to break that up in order to keep this match going, with his own partner still stunned on the mat after that knee strike! I don’t think anybody thought Spooky Doom was going to kick out of that one!

Perfection: I sure wasn’t thinking that...

Creed: Niles is back out of the ring, and Kuroyama has his attention back on Farthington, as Spooky Doom hasn’t moved since he was last drilled to the mat! Getting him to his feet now... but Cecilworth bites back with a RAKE of his fingers across the eyes, and scrambles to his corner to make a desperate tag out to Johnny Niles!

(Farthington yells derisively at his partner for an apparently ineptitude on his part, which Niles rebuffs with annoyance, but nevertheless takes to the ring meets Kerry Kuroyama into the lock-up. As they dance around the ring in a struggle for dominance, they happen to trample over the unmoving body of Spooky Doom, seemingly waking up the luchador. From his corner, Ocho is shaking his head. Niles finally comes out on top, slipping behind Kuroyama.)

Creed: Johnny Niles coming out of the collar-and-elbow hold into the rear waistlock... looking for the GERMAN SUPLEX here -- but Kuroyama BLOCKS IT! Kuroyama reverses and goes behind Niles!

McGinnis: A fairly even match-up between these two... but it finally looks as though Spooky Doom is coming to and seeing the action! I think he might need another moment to recuperate, but here comes in any case!

Anderson: Oh man, this is going to be great...

Creed: Kuroyama going for the Full Nelson hold here... and Niles COUNTERS with with the back elbow, knocking Kerry back -- and INTO SPOOKY DOOM as their HEADS COLLIDE!!

Anderson: HAHAHAHAHA!!!

(Spooky flails back awkwardly and lands against the bottom turnbuckle of his own corner, yet again seemingly knocked out. In a position to make a move, Ocho tags himself in and hops the ropes to join the action. Kuroyama, meanwhile, bounces forward off of the impact from Spooky and straight into Niles, who is waiting with a front Russian Legsweep.)

Crowd: *POP!!*

Creed: OSIRIS’ JUDGMENT! Johnny Niles was in prime position to make that move! Now he’s trying to lock in the crossface, looking for the submission hold... but Leyenda de Ocho breaks it up with a DIVING ELBOW across the back before he could lock him into place!

Anderson: WHAT?! Where did that one come from!?

Creed: Tagged himself back in when it was obvious Spooky was rather ineffective on behalf of his team! Ocho with an opportunity to put some work on the two stronger men in this match!

Perfection: There’s something wrong about that, just hearing it said. You got the Pacific Blitzkrieg and the supposed Best in the World getting it handed to them by an insignificant luchadore?!

(Ocho wrangles Niles back to his feet and puts him into a double underhook hold, landing some STIFF knee strikes to the ribs to knock the wind out of him, before taking him down hard to the mat face first. From his place out on the apron, Cecilworth Farthington looks extremely. Meanwhile, in the opposite corner, Spooky Doom is once again coming to, and finds his partner in the ring. Leyenda de Ocho at this point sees Kerry Kuroyama getting back to his feet and dashes for the turnbuckle...)

Creed: Johnny Niles is on the mat, but Kerry Kuroyama is coming back to his feet... and here goes Leyende de Ocho to the corner... RIGHT TO THE TOP ROPE -- OH WOW, WHAT A MOONSAULT!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

Creed: Kuroyama went RIGHT TO THE MAT with OCHO ON TOP!! THE COVER...



THR -- NO!! It’s broken up by Cecilworth Farthington!

Anderson: Good save, C-Worth! Not like Niles was going to get to it any time soon!

Creed: Johnny Niles is just now getting back to his feet, and he immediately finds Cecilworth J. Farthington in his face giving him a mouthful!

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

Anderson: Hopefully letting Johnny know just how WORTHLESS of a partner he is in all of this!

Perfection: Clearly, Terry, ALL of these men are just as equally worthless.

Anderson: Does that include Spooky Doom?

Perfection: ...no, it doesn’t, Terry. Because you have to be a man to be worthless. And Spooky Doom isn’t a man.

Anderson: Did you know he has a famous uncle?

McGinnis: Ugh... can we please just stop talking about this guy already?

(Niles retorts to Farthington’s blatant disrespect, and the team members argue in the ring as Daniels fruitlessly orders Cecilworth back to the apron. The British highblood provokes his partner by blatantly shoving him, and Niles almost strikes back... but reels himself back in when the ref gets between them and physically forces Cecilworth back to the corner. Meanwhile, with the third man preoccupied, Ocho hones in on Kuroyama as he looks dazed and exhausted getting back up off of the mat and sees he has a golden opportunity.)

Creed: Hang on now... Ocho measuring up Kuroyama as he pushes himself up off the mat! The fans know what he’s thinking!

McGinnis: We could be seeing the ACTUALIZER right here!

Creed: Kerry rising up to the knee, completely unaware... and here goes Leyenda de Ocho for the SHINING WIZARD -- NO, WAIT!! SPOOKY DOOM JUST STAGGERED INTO THE WAY! WHAT THE HELL!? Ocho was in prime position to finish the match!

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

Perfection: Ugh... it’d be a disgrace to wrestle that idiot anyhow.

Creed: Ocho is telling Spooky to get the HELL out of his way, but Spooky Doom is REFUSING! I don’t think he realizes that Ocho tagged himself back into this match! Both of these remaining teams are beginning to fall apart at the seams!

(Leyenda de Ocho, angered by his partner’s meddling, comes nose to nose with Spooky Doom, and the crowd livens up to a potential face off between the luchadore rivals. Having finally put Farthington back onto the apron, Daniels now finds himself having to intervene in the growing drama within the other team, ordering Spooky Doom out. Spooky seems more stubborn, insisting that he is the legal man. The fans begin to jeer him, and he begins pointing to himself, frantically screaming with insistence that they should be cheering him on as the great hero. Finally having enough, Ocho clobbers Spooky Doom upside the head.)

Crowd: *POP!!*


Anderson: YES!! You have NO IDEA how long I’ve been waiting for somebody to do that!

McGinnis: Ocho just struck his own partner, but Spooky Doom practically forced his hand, because no matter what, he just wouldn’t stop ARGUING with everybody! You don’t argue with the referee in that ring... otherwise, you get disqualified.

Creed: And Ocho isn’t about to let Spooky Doom ruin his shot at the Emerald City Championship!

Perfection: Although I would have preferred it, because there is NO WAY I am wrestling a match with that hooded moron Spooky Doom...

Creed: Ocho’s trying to force Spooky Doom to the ropes now... but wait, JOHNNY NILES locks KERRY KUROYAMA into the BUFFALO SLEEPER!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

McGinnis: BOA CONSTRICTOR!! Johnny Niles is going for the submission! And keep in mind, Kuroyama has competed through two entire matches this evening, and he barely has the strength to fight out of this!

Creed: This could be THE END right here! And yet, I can’t help but notice that Cecilworth Farthington looks none too pleased, even though his team is on the verge of moving on toward a title shot!

Perfection: He wouldn’t be pleased if he knew what was in store for him!

Creed: Kuroyama looks like he’s going under... but referee Tony Daniels is too preoccupied with the all out BRAWL forming between Ocho and Spooky Doom!

(Niles calls for the referee’s attention, but can’t seem to get through to him, while Kuroyama seems to go completely black. Not knowing what else to do, he looks to Farthington. Cecilworth nods and steps through the ropes, seemingly knowing what he must do... and shockingly, goes right toward Johnny and buries a boot into his temple.)

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

Creed: OH MY!! I thought Cecilworth Farthington was coming in to get Ocho and Spooky Doom out of the ring, or at the very least get the referee’s attention, but instead he just ATTACKED HIS OWN PARTNER!!

McGinnis: Not sure if I know the strategy in that! Whatever Cecilworth is doing now, it’s all just to feed his ego! And with Tony Daniels STILL trying to deal with getting Spooky out of the ring, he’s free to get away with whatever he wants!

Creed: Farthington bringing the dazed Niles to his feet now... HOOKS HIM... NAILS HIM WITH THE WORTHLESS!! Niles is OUT at the hands of the one man he was relying on to have his back! I don’t believe it!

(The fans JEER LOUDLY as Cecilworth J. Farthington smugly gets to his feet and dusts himself off, rather arrogantly playing up his actions. Fully aware of the situation, he deliberately claps his hands to simulate the sound of atag. Across the ring, the brawl between Ocho and Spooky Doom escalates to the two of them spilling over the top rope to the outside. Farthington calls over the referee’s attention as he drags Kuroyama’s unconscious body to the middle of the ring. Daniels questions his legality, but Farthington cunningly convinces him a tag was made as he again simulates the slapping sound.)

Creed: It all makes sense now! Farthington took out Niles because he wanted the glory of the win to himself! He was simply JEALOUS of Johnny Niles!

McGinnis: A tag wasn’t made, but Cecilworth J. Farthington found a way around that! I can’t believe the official fell for that one!

Anderson: Hey... gotta admire a man who does whatever he takes to get what he wants. Even the guy who throws his own partner under the bus. That takes some guts!

Creed: Ocho is out of the ring... Kuroyama is DEFENSELESS... and Daniels is down to make this three count that nobody can save! THIS COULD BE IT!!




Crowd: *POP!!*


(Farthington rises off the mat in sheer disbelief. The crowd picks up into a “KER-RY!!” chant, much to the noble-born’s chagrin. Outside the ring, Leyenda de Ocho has come out on top of the brawl, and turns his attention back to the action happening between the ropes, seeing Farthington almost frantically getting Kuroyama back to his feet, throwing glances at Johnny Niles stirring on the mat.)

Creed: Cecilworth Farthington KNOWS he has to finish this off before Johnny Niles wakes up, or he’ll be in trouble! He’s got Kerry up... hooking him around the head and the leg to finish things with another WORTHLESS -- BUT WAIT!! Kerry GRABS THE TIGHTS!

McGinnis: Kuroyama REFUSES to give up! He’s locking an arm, and pulls out... Cecilworth gets turned around!

Anderson: C’mon, C-Worth!

Creed: Kuroyama transitioning to the Pumphandle Hold, and HE LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE KUROYAMA DRIVER -- but Farthington STALLING!! Kerry can’t lift him UP the entire way!

McGinnis: He’s just got no more gas left in the tank! He’s been wrestling for too long!

Perfection: A complete amateur...

Creed: Oh give it a rest, JIMMY... you deliberately put him in that situation!

(Cecilworth Farthington is stuck in a perpetual limbo as he struggles to fight out of Kuroyama’s grip, and Kerry likewise struggles to hoist his lower end up over the shoulder in order to complete the Emerald Flowsion. At this exact moment, Johnny Niles, looking dazed but alive, begins pushing himself off the mat, and Ocho slides back into the ring. Leyenda de Ocho looks between all three men and suddenly sees everything come together...)

Creed: Niles almost up now... but wait, Ocho’s back in the ring! Here comes Ocho -- SHINING WIZARD ON NILES!!! JOHNNY NILES DIDN’T HAVE A SECOND TO DEFEND HIMSELF!! He’s going for the ACTUALIZER!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

Anderson: What the HELL?!






Crowd: *POP!!!*

(CUE UP: “Final Battle” by Dr. Octoroc. Cecilworth Farthington and Leyenda de Ocho roll off of each other, Farthington looking rather astonished.)

Donald Bell: Ladies and gentlemen... HERE are your winners...


Creed: Leyenda de Ocho has DONE IT for his team! He was the man on top of the pile, and therefore, he earned the pinfall!

Anderson: WHAT!? That TOTALLY should have gone to C-Worth! After all, if it weren’t for his added weight, they wouldn’t have even kept the unstoppable freakin’ TERMINATOR that is Kerry Kuroyama from kicking out yet again!

McGinnis: Well, given how much he’s gone through over the course of the night, you can’t really be surprised that he was just too exhausted and worn out to be able to get his shoulders off the mat with the weight of two men pressing down on his chest.

Creed: In any case, a heroic effort on the part of Kerry Kuroyama, and all he had to overcome tonight... but you have to hand it to Leyenda de Ocho, for his ability to read the situation and finish off this match in a strong way! Especially considering the trouble he was being given by his tag partner in this match!

Perfection: And now... I have to fight the two of them. And to be PERFECTLY honest... that insults me.

Creed: You had the chance to compete in this match, Perfection... but you decided to sit here, so if I were you, I wouldn’t be complaining!

McGinnis: Some mention should also go to Niles and Farthington, who also put up quite the fight... and you almost have to wonder, if Cecilworth’s ego hadn’t gotten to him, if the two of them could have managed to win this one working together.

Creed: Cecilworth, meanwhile, seems to be arguing his case to the referee, while Leyenda de Ocho celebrates his victory! Farthington still thinks he should have won this match! But here comes Niles from behind him... ESS-GEE-ENN!! SAY GOOD NIGHT, CECILWORTH!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

(Dropping his traitorous partner with the Fireman’s Stunner, Niles salutes his partner a final time before giving Ocho a respectful and congratulatory fist bump and leaving the ring. Kuroyama, looking banged up but still on his feet, likewise gives the victor his due respect and makes his own exit, throwing a very threatening glance toward Perfection’s direction as he passes by the commentary table on his way back up the rampway. Farthington’s trainers, meanwhile, pull him from the ring and assist him getting back to the locker room. Passing them by, the newly appointed IWF Commissioner NATHAN FEAR, with his security enforcer IVAN DALKICHEV, make their way down to the ring.)

Perfection: That’s my cue, gentlemen... thank you for having me.

Anderson: Any time, Champ! Hey, you want to hang out sometime? Can I call you?

Perfection: Why don’t I call you?

Anderson: Sounds great!

(Perfection puts down the headset and makes his way down to the ring as well, where Fear, Dalkichev, and Ocho stand waiting.)

Anderson: Man, isn’t he awesome?

Creed: ...whatever you say, Terry. Looks like we’re about to get a word from the new IWF Commissioner Nathan Fear before the end of the broadcast. Perfection is entering the ring now, the IWF Emerald City Title proudly hanging from his shoulder, standing face to face with one of the men who will face him at the next IWF event!

(Fear, with Dalkichev hovering over his shoulder to keep the peace, stands between Perfection and Ocho as they stare daggers into each other. Fear motions for the music to cut and raises a microphone with his voice going through the PA.)

Nathan Fear: Ladies and gentlemen... I am pleased to present to you the next great IWF main event...

(He motions to Perfection, standing with the title.)

Nathan Fear: Representing the prestige of the city of Seattle... the IWF Emerald City Champion PERFECTION...

Crowd: “BOOOOOO!!”

(Fear motions next to Ocho.)

Nathan Fear: Valiantly defending his title in a triple threat match-up, against the Cartridge Cruiser... LEYENDA DE OCHO...

Crowd: *POP!!*

Nathan Fear: As well as...

(He looks around, realizing there isn’t a third man to fill out this triple threat match. At this point, he finally notices Ocho’s tag partner, weakly trying to drag himself back into the ring. Suddenly remembering him, Fear visibly rolls his eyes.)

Nathan Fear: ...Spooky Doom...

Crowd: “BOOO!!!”

(As he finally gets back into the ring, the official Tony Daniels helps the luchador back to his feet and raises his arm to declare him as a winner of the match. Surprisingly, though, Spooky rip his hand away and shooves the referee to the side, eliciting more jeers from the crowd.)

Anderson: Come on, people! Show him some love! His uncle is famous!

McGinnis: Oh, Terry... give it a rest.

(Enraged by the reaction from the crowd, Spooky Doom stomps up and down the ring, throwing a tantrum and pointing at his chest over and over again. Tired of his antics, Fear glances over his shoulder and cocks his head slightly... sending Ivan into motion. Dalkichev moves in on Spooky Doom... the much smaller luchadore attempting to leap out of the ring, but being snagged at the last minute by the Russian’s surprisingly quick grasp.)

Creed: Oh boy... THIS could get ugly!

(Spooky squirms in the giant’s grip, until a clubbing left hand by the giant knocks him limp. Quite effortlessly, Dalkichev scoops him up and DRILLS HIM on the mat. The crowd “OOOHS” in astonishment at the sight of Spooky Doom’s head being buried into the canvas. Then, as one takes out the trash in a quite routine and tedious manner, Ivan scrapes the pest off of the canvas and gorilla presses him over the ropes and to the ringside floor. A medical team drags what’s left of Spooky Doom back to the backstage area as Dalkichev takes his place once again behind Fear.)

Nathan Fear: Thank you, Ivan...

(Fear turns his attention back to the fans and the camera, acting as though nothing had just happened.)

Nathan Fear: So as I was saying... presenting the main event at our IWF event... PERFECTION versus LEYENDA DE OCHO... one on one... for the IWF EMERALD CITY CHAMPIONSHIP!

Crowd: *POP!!*

Nathan Fear: Gentlemen, I hope the two of you are ready... because a NEW season of greatness is coming to IWF, and it begins with you! Good evening... and good luck.

(CUE UP: “Take the Power Back” by Rage Against the Machine. Fear exits the ring with Dalkichev taking up the rear. With the music pumping and the crowd cheering, Perfection and Leyenda de Ocho stand face to face in the center of the ring, the champion hoisting the IWF Emerald City Title high over his head.)

Creed: You can see it for yourselves, ladies and gentlemen! The new season of IWF begins with the Emerald City Champion, PERFECTION, and the number one contender, LEYENDA DE OCHO!!

Anderson: Perfection will triumph! Just you wait!

Creed: Unfortunately, we’ll be forced to wait for that match-up to take place... but until then, ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed Chain Reaction 11! Speaking for Brian McGinnis and Terry “The Idol” Anderson... this is Aaron Creed, signing off, and we WILL see you again!


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