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[CD] Right To Repair and other issues


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
* The First character development RP.

(FADEIN: Nadalny Gas and Auto Repair, located in Salem. People are pumping gas and a car is being worked on in the background. In the foreground we see The First standing next to an older man. First is dressed in black, his hair black and slicked back, no face paint on. The older man has on a mechanics overalls.)

FIRST: So what did you want me here for dad?

WALT: Son, I was wondering if when season three of New ERA came around, if you would wear some shirts to the ring that read "Right To Repair" on them, you know this is a big deal to me and to all the mechanics in Mass. These friggin' dealerships jerk us around about parts and tell us that they gotta protect these trade secrets, it's a buncha bullshit. I have a right to fix people's cars as much as they do!

FIRST: Well, I am kinda the villain of the show right now. I don't know if my endorsement will help or hurt you.

WALT: Oh don't gimme that, you've always been backing the queers ya whole career, and you didn't care if you was booed or cheered.

FIRST: Yeah and Prop 8 passed even with that, I'm a jinx.

WALT: Oh stop with that shit, ya got New York, that's big. I don't care either way about it, people is people to me, to hell with the busybodies who care about this. But this (Waves at his garage) this is my life, this means everything to me. This bill passing would effect me personally. You getting your queer friends to marry don't effect you personally.

FIRST: It's injustice dad. And maybe what the car dealerships are doing to you is injustice. I really haven't followed it. But you want me to do this...Well then I guess I'll wear the shirt for the first two shows of the next season at least. Unless this all gets cleared up before then.

WALT: You're a good kid, folks tell me you're a nut, and I know you're a nut, but you're good too. Now don't be throwing that damn shirt into the crowd in the middle of a match cause you think the girls wanna see you topless. I want as much TV time for Right To Repair as possible.

FIRST: I'm the heel dad.

WALT: A heel, you're a friggin' end piece of a loaf of bread? Speak english, not that friggin' carny talk you wrestlers use.

FIRST: I'm a bad guy...I don't take my shirt off to make the girls scream. Even if it is a blast to hear them yell.

WALT: Good, I knew having an evil son would pay off for me sooner or later.

(Walt pauses, looks at First for a moment.)

So you OK with everything?

(First is silent for a few seconds.)

FIRST: As good as I can be.

WALT: I can't believe Rozy dragged you through all that shit. I thought she was a good one. She fooled me big time.

FIRST: She fooled a lot of people...

WALT: I still can't believe it. Her and Will all this time, your daughter isn't even yours. I felt sick, sick for you, sick over all of it. I loved having Eleanor over the house. Loved being a grandfather.

(The two men stand in silence for a few moments.)

WALT: Mew-see loves you. She always has. You don't need me to tell you that, but if you're afraid she's gonna burn you like Rozy did, she won't.

FIRST: Why do you always call her that?

WALT: I dunno, just how I talk I guess...I just hear her name, or what you two call her anyhow and it sounds like Mew-see to me.

FIRST: Well she likes it, thinks it's endearing.

WALT: I can try to get it right if you want me too...I'm am old man, it's hard sometimes to get a thought out of your head.

FIRST: Like with the queers?

WALT: (Laughing) Yeah...I guess some people can't get over that.

FIRST: Is that Muse pulling up?

(First looks towards a gas pump where Muse is getting out of a dark green sedan.)

WALT: I think Bobby needs some help with some break pads.

(Walt starts walking off, First glares at him as he walks away and Muse walks towards First.)

FIRST: This was a set up. You were supposed to be the heavy, brought in to twist my arm if I didn't give in to dad, weren't you?

(Muse gives First a quick kiss.)

MUSE: Did you give in? Cause if you didn't I'm going to withhold sex from you till you cave.

FIRST: You're worse then me, or just about any man alive when it comes to that.

MUSE: Oh if Papa cares about something so much, I have to side with him, now you better have caved, cause I don't want to have to do this to you.

(Muse kisses him again.)

MUSE: Or us...

(She smiles at him wickedly.)

FIRST: Oh I caved long ago, before your empty threats could even be brought to the table.

MUSE: Good...So...

(A pause)


MUSE: You're divorced now...

FIRST: I am...

MUSE: And season three isn't for a while yet...

(Muse tilts her head, looking at First, they stare at each other for a moment.)

FIRST: You want to go to Vegas and get married.

MUSE: Yes, yes I do, and you don't want to?

(First sits down on the sidewalk, after a moment Muse sits down beside him.)

FIRST: We really going to do this? You and me? Seeing the world, living together.

MUSE: We've done it for few years already. I don't see how doing that, plus being allowed to love each other is going to change things.

FIRST: This whole season...These last few months...(First winces.)

MUSE: I know babe...I know...I can't believe it either, I liked Rozy...Well that's not true, I hated her because she got you...But I was happy for you because she made you happy...I hate all of it...But we've...We've always been...

FIRST: Always been what?

MUSE: I dunno...Real? I've spent all this time with you babe...Me and you going around America, the World...All the highs all the lows...We're together...You know we are...You and Rozy...Were not real. You would get home, fight for time to spend with her, but you were never really together once your career took off...She was a day dream.

(Muse moves around so she's in front of First.)

MUSE: We're together in this, to death, to beyond it, to the next life and the one after. We've always been together, it's how you found me. It's how we'll always find each other.

(First leans back and sighs)

FIRST: You really want to do this?

MUSE: Yes...

(First leans into Muse and hugs her.)

FIRST: OK, let's go to Vegas.

MUSE: Really?

FIRST: Yeah, let's do this.

(Muse and First get to their feet, Muse holds him tight for a moment.)

FIRST: Now what if I'd refused to wear that shirt but I agreed to go to Vegas? You going to withhold sex from me on our wedding night?

MUSE: Don't start with me you jerk.

FIRST: (Jokingly) I'm asking a serious question here.

(Muse kicks First in the ass.)

MUSE: Don't start with me.

FIRST: Hey, I just want to know how far you were willing to go with this. I mean a marriage with that kinda problems to start wouldn't be the best of relationships...

(First turns and runs as Muse balls her hands into fists and gives chase after him.)

MUSE: Oh you're gonna get a beating!


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