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CAWO: The Beginning

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Introducing the Council of Affiliated Wrestling Organizations (CAWO), an umbrella wrestling organization, which will function out of three distinct regions in the United States of America – the Atlantic, Central and Pacific - along with a fourth federation, CAWO International, which will rotate its home base every three months between Europe, Japan, Canada and Mexico. These regions will act as fully functioning wrestling organizations with their own rosters, television shows and titles.

The CAWO is the result of the consolidation of a number of well-known regional independent wrestling promotions. In functionality, it will draw from yesteryear, restoring regional pride in promotions. However, it will be entirely new school in terms of talent and presentation!

The CAWO will have three titles, which will be defended by the schedule provided below. Those titles are the CAWO World Heavyweight Title, the CAWO United States Heavyweight Title and the CAWO World Tag Team Titles.

The CAWO World Heavyweight Title will be defended on a tri-weekly basis in each of the different regions. The same rules apply to the World Tag Team Titles. The CAWO United States Heavyweight Title will be defended on a bi-weekly basis. These title belts will also be defended at quarterly CAWO pay-per-view events and may be featured at CAWO interfed specials!

The CAWO Atlantic, with headquarters in New York and performing shows throughout the East Coast, will be an extremely exciting region. CAWO Atlantic will be owned by Jonathan Tremont with his CEO Xaiver Wilford handling the operations. CAWO Atlantic will have three distinct titles – the CAWO Atlantic Regional Title, the CAWO Atlantic Coastal Warning Title, and the CAWO Atlantic Tag Team Titles. The CAWO Atlantic will host a weekly program called CAWO Atlantic Coastal Warning with at minimum a Coastal Title defense guaranteed and plenty more action.

Xaiver Wilford released this statement, announcing the first wrestlers to be signed by the CAWO Atlantic:

“In the field of available wrestlers, we felt compelled to grab three marquee names, who will anchor our roster and make an impact not only in CAWO Atlantic, but across the CAWO as a whole. The CAWO Atlantic is pleased to announce its first three wrestlers - “The Aftermath” John McDonough, “The Foundation” Ryan McCain and Diabolous. McDonough has wrestled in several different circuits over the years is known as a fiery competitor with an unmatched work ethic and a nasty streak that the fans embrace. McCain is much more polished than McDonough and he will gladly point that out. McCain moves and strikes with grace and quickness often leaving his opponents in a state of shock. Finally, Diabolous, a monster of a man with strength upon strength. His ability to manipulate and intimidate is almost as great a weapon as his massive size.

These three cornerstones will mark, what is just the beginning for what will surely be a competitive and fun region to watch – the CAWO Atlantic.”

The CAWO Central, with its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, will be an exciting addition to the heartland of the U.S. CAWO Central will be owned and operated Steve Skinner, a famed promoter in the area. CAWO Central will have three distinct titles - the CAWO Central Regional Title, the CAWO Central Slaughterhouse Title, and the CAWO Central Tag Team Titles. CAWO Central will feature a weekly program titled CAWO Central Slaughterhouse, which will feature at minimum a CAWO Central Slaughterhouse Title defense in a match featuring some sort of gimmick, plus other action. CAWO Central will host PPVs on a monthly basis.

Owner and CEO Steven Skinner released this statement about the Company’s first three signees:

“The CAWO Central is proud to present to you our first three signees – “The Devil Himself” J.W. Oswald, “The Assassin” Armand Arkynson, and Lazarus. Oswald is the master of manipulation, he is able to use his cunning to gain an advantage in any situation and will use that advantage to its full capabilities in any situation for his own gain. Arkynson is a powerhouse with an advanced background in several different forms of combat, he’s surprisingly agile for a bigger man and will often intimidate with his stern demeanor and unflinching state. Lazarus is another big man with an extreme dark side, which only adds to the fright an opponent will feel upon stepping into the ring with this monster. We here at the CAWO Central look forward to producing quality, entertaining wrestling for your viewing pleasure!”

The CAWO Pacific, with its headquarters in Sacramento, California, will without question feature action upon action. The CAWO Pacific as owned by Hollywood studio – Crash Productions – will be operated and guided under the wing of wrestling legend and CEO “The Shooting Star” Daniel Clark. The CAWO Pacific will have three distinct titles – the CAWO Pacific Regional Title, the CAWO Pacific Death Valley Title and the CAWO Pacific Tag Team Titles. The CAWO Pacific will air a weekly program called CAWO Pacific Death Valley, which feature a minimum of a CAWO Pacific Death Valley Title defense plus a ton of more action.

CEO “The Shooting Star” Daniel Clark released this statement about the CAWO Pacific’s acquired talent:

“The CAWO Pacific is thrilled to present our talent to you – The Minstrel, “The Runaway” Josh Hamlin, and “The Harbinger” William Montgomery. The Minstrel is an extremely talented individual capable of feats both in and out of the ring, which are unmatched in the sport. Although he is a bit of a risk, the CAWO Pacific is confident that we have the right people in place to keep this madman in the ring where he belongs. Josh Hamlin is an extremely impressive young talent, who’s crafted his art of aerial tactics under the tutelage of some of the greats. He’s left behind some rough spots in his past and risen above that, we’re thrilled to have him aboard. Finally, William Montgomery is a wrestling talent, whose pure skill and ring acumen make him an ideal fit. Montgomery is absolutely relentless and it is that style that has won him so many matchups in the past and why we’re thrilled to have him in our organization.

We’d like to thank everyone and we’re looking forward to putting on a great show for you all.”

The CAWO International Region will have a rotating home base as it travels on a quarterly basis between Europe, Japan, Canada and Mexico, where it will draw most of its talent from. CAWO International will owned and operated by renowned businessman Hijame Ito, who will act as both owner and CEO for the region. CAWO International will have three distinct titles - the CAWO International Regional Title, the CAWO International Tag Team Titles, and the CAWO International Warfare Title, which will be defended each week on CAWO International Warfare!

Mr. Ito released the following statement about the CAWO International’s initial wave of talent:

The CAWO International region has focused itself on providing an international product and on being the global wing of the CAWO collective. As a result, we focused on collecting talent from all over the world even with our initial wave of signings. CAWO International is extremely pleased to announce the signings of Godzilla, “The Ravager” Reed Cromier, and Baron Van Isen. Godzilla combines a martial arts skillset with a powerful offensive repertoire. Cromier is a technically sound wrestler from the country of Canada, who grinds his opponents into dust. Last, but not least, Baron Van Isen can match Cromier with his in-ring skills, but is also a brilliant strategist in and out of the ring, who can frustrate his opponents before even entering the squared circle. We are thrilled with this initial collection of talent and look forward to introducing you to the remainder of our roster.

The full rosters will be announced shortly along with the full card for CAWO’s initial, two night Pay-Per-View extravaganza - CAWO Red Dawn!

Thank you.

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