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CAWO: Red Dawn Nights 1 & 2 Lineup

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
The Council of Affiliated Wrestling Organizations presents CAWO: Red Dawn!

The CAWO is pleased present the two-night, pay-per-view extravaganza Red Dawn! In its debut event, the CAWO will bring together the biggest stars in wrestling as it crowns its initial World Heavyweight, Tag Team and United States champions!

Top talents from all four CAWO regions will be in action as the tone is set for a new era of wrestling!

CAWO Red Dawn Night 1:

CAWO Atlantic Regional Heavyweight Title Match: Ladder Match
“The Foundation” Ryan McCain v. Rey Nado

Two of the top superstars from the CAWO Atlantic open the CAWO Red Dawn supercard with a ladder match. The winner will have the prestige and the honor of being called the first champion in the history of the CAWO and the first-ever CAWO Atlantic Regional Heavyweight champion! Will Ryan McCain’s ruthlessness lead him to the top of the ladder or will Rey become the king of the Atlantic’s mountain?

CAWO Central Regional Heavyweight Title Match: Two out of Three Falls Match
“The Living Dead” Lazarus v. “Lionheart” Lee Marshall

Two of the CAWO Central’s finest superstars face-off in a two out of three falls match. The highly skilled Lee Marshall faces a tough task taking on the near-inhuman Lazarus from the Covenant of Darkness! Will Lazarus’s and the Covenant’s deal with the devil pay off with gold? Or will the Lionheart rise above the darkness to seize the CAWO Central Regional Heavyweight Title?

CAWO World Tag Team Title Tournament:
Abomination (Wraith & The Apparition) v. The Rebels of the Sacred Heart (Patrick Flaherty & Sheamus McManus)

Abomination, from the CAWO Pacific and representing the Covenant of Darkness, will seek to decimate their competition and advance to the finals! Rebels of the Sacred Heart, from CAWO Atlantic, are not the types to be intimidated even against the most awesome foes. It’s the luck of the Irish against the Devil’s desire in this semifinal matchup!

CAWO Pacific Regional Heavyweight Title Match: Submission Match
Red Claw v. “The Strangler” Shane O’Neil

The Soviet sympathizer, Red Claw has come state-side and his eyes set on the CAWO Pacific Regional Title. His Clawhold submission is world-renowned and ideally suited to win him this type of match. However, “The Strangler” Shane O’Neil is also a submission savant and his Stranglehold is more than capable of making an opponent tap out! Who will tap out and who will walk out as the first ever CAWO Pacific Regional Heavyweight champion!

CAWO World Tag Team Title Tournament:
Sex & Vioence (Salvatore Bocanegra & Christian Avant) v. Cold Blooded (Gerrard Collins & Ethan LaFontaine)

In the second of two semi-finals, Sex & Violence from CAWO Central will take Cold Blooded from CAWO International! Bocanegra and Avant, representing not only the CAWO Central, but also the Empirical State, will look to set the foundation of the empire. Using precision and a well-constructed strategy, Cold Blooded will seek to advance and bring the belts home - not for CAWO International, nor for Canada, but for themselves!

CAWO International Regional Heavyweight Title Match: Cage Match
“The Fortunate Son” Jesus Franco v. “The Ravager” Reed Cromier

Within the confines of a steel cage, Jesus Franco and Reed Cromier will square off and decide who will be crowned the first ever CAWO International Regional Heavyweight champion! Franco combines the athleticism of lucha libre with advanced technical proficiency and surprising power. Will Francio’s fortune carry over to Red Dawn? Or will the technician from Canada make Franco feel like the unfortunate one?

CAWO World Tag Team Title Tournament Finals:

The first CAWO World Tag Team Champions will be crowned in the main event of Night One!

CAWO Red Dawn Night 2

CAWO World Heavyweight Title Tournament: Quarterfinal #1
“The Aftermath” John McDonough v. Godzilla

“The Aftermath” John McDonough, from the CAWO Atlantic, begins his pursuit of the CAWO World Heavyweight Title and in his path is a monster from Japan - Godzilla. The mammoth Godzilla has a deep skillset, but his overwhelming power makes most men succumb. Will he leave John McDonough in the aftermath of his destruction? Or can McDonough rise above the ruin and move into round two?

CAWO World Heavyweight Title Tournament: Quarterfinal #2
“The Assassin” Armand Arkynson v. The Minstrel

Akrynson’s icy stare against the dead eyes of the laughing man - the Minstrel. Arkynson is tenacious in the ring and precise with his attacks - able to finish most men off quickly without even breaking a sweat. But the Minstrel is a different sort of animal, the kind that will enjoy the punishment that Arkynson dishes out time and again. Can the madman survive Arkynson’s barrage and prove that he is no laughing matter? Or will Arkynson silence the laughter once and for all?

CAWO World Heavyweight Title Tournament: Quarterfinal #3
Halcon v. Diabolous

The pride of Mexico and a skilled Lucha Libre competitor, Halcon will need to use his speed and agility against the giant Diabolous. Can Halcon’s high-risk arsenal strike down the evil monster? Or will Diabolous be able to smother Halcon with his power and strength?

CAWO World Heavyweight Title Tournament: Quarterfinal #4
“The Devil Himself” J.W. Oswald v. “The Runaway” Josh Hamlin

The leader of the Empirical State, J.W. Oswald will seek to claim the top prize for the Empirical State. Oswald’s cunning, cerebral attack and the company he keeps makes him a difficult task for any man. The courageous youngster, Josh Hamlin, has thrived at staring down challenges and is up to the task here! Will the Devil Himself move closer to heaven? Or will Hamlin send him back where he belongs?

CAWO World Heavyweight Title Tournament: Semi-Final #1
Winner of Quarterfinal #1 v. Winner of Quarterfinal #2

CAWO World Heavyweight Title Tournament: Semi-Final #2
Winner of Quarterfinal #3 v. Quarterfinal #4

CAWO United States Title Rumble
Skylar Graham
Connor Durden
Hyuk Soo Yung
Allister Carr
Ebola Zaire
Musiq Maxwell
Vinny Azzaro
Michael Lorenz
Chase Riley
Phoenix Rising
Carson Beckham
Pierre Martin
Juan Castillas
Aaron Bradley
Robert Hirschfield
Devin Atkins
Jordan West
Sean Ryan
The Hunter
Baron Van Isen
Trey Shaw
William Montgomery

Thirty CAWO superstars, representing all four regions will compete to become the first ever CAWO United States Heavyweight Champion! This Rumble style contest breeds chaos and unpredictable action! Who will emerge from the rubble to claim the CAWO United States Heavyweight Title?!

CAWO World Heavyweight Title Tournament Final:
Winner of Semi-Final #1 v. Winner of Semi-Final #2

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