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CAWO Red Dawn: Night 1 (PART 2)

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
CAWO Red Dawn: Night 1 (Part 2)

DG: “Let’s go backstage to Claudio Vargas!”

[Backstage. Claudio in a fresh tuxedo is standing next to a large man with piercing blue eyes, platinum blonde hair cut short. Clad in a red singlet with the yellow Soviet star, hammer and sickle across his torso, Red Claw is adjusting the red tape around his wrists.]

CV: “Thanks, Drake. I am here with a man that will be competing momentarily in a submission match for the CAWO Pacific Regional Heavyweight Title - Red Claw. How have you prepared for this match tonight and your opponent Shane O’Neil?”

[Red Claw breathes out heavily and contemplates the answer. He smiles as he finishes his search for the English words.]

Red Claw: “How did I prepare? In Russia, even in its recent days, we are raised in a cold, unforgiving world. While it may not sound like sunshine and rainbows, it builds ironfisted men, who do not succumb to anyone’s will. We do not coddle, we do are not sheltered. We are exposed. We are survivors.”

[Another deep breath and a pause before he turns slightly to he facing the camera entirely.]

Red Claw: “And tonight, Shane O’Neil will learn exactly what that means. When he falls and I triumph… When I survive.”

[With that statement, Red Claw exits to the left after staring coldly at the camera for a moment.]

CV: “Well there you have it, let’s go back to ringside.”


RP: “Damn Commies.”

DG: “This promises to be a war of attrition. Let’s go to Lisa.”

CAWO Pacific Regional Heavyweight Title Match - Submission Match
Red Claw v. “The Strangler” Shane O’Neil

LL: “The following match is a submission match and is for the CAWO Pacific Regional Heavyweight Title! Please welcome at this time, from Moscow, Russia, weighing in at two hundred eighty four pounds… REDDDDD CLLLAAAWWWWW!”

[The crowd boos immediately as the Soviet national anthem blares over the speakers. Scattered “USA” chants ring out as Red Claw emerges from backstage. He does not pause or mug for the crowd, rather he heads straight for the ring as the “USA” chants build.]

DG: “Say this, the guy has chosen to spend his career in hostile territory.”

RP: “Yeah, what a dope.”

[As Red Claw reaches the ring, he heads up the steps and goes in between the ropes. He immediately heads to his corner throwing punches to warm up for his opponent.]

LL: “And his opponent, hailing from Savannah, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred forty-one pounds, please welcome “THE STRANGLER” SHANE O’NEEEIIIIIILLLLL!”

[“It’s Far Better to Learn” by Saosin explodes from the sound system and O’Neil emerges onto the stage. O’Neil wearing black trunks with “Strangler” in white across the back. He also has on a black t-shirt “Turn Out the Lights” written in white lettering across the front. As he hits center stage, he crouches down, slaps the ground and pops up. Pyro explodes and the crowd cheers wildly.]

DG: “O’Neil is giving up some size here, but he’s as technically sound as they come.”

[O’Neil strides to the ring, always keeping his eyes on his opponent. As he walks, O’Neil shifts his neck and brings his arms back and forth his chest, trying to loosen up. When he reaches the ring, O’Neil climbs the apron and enters the ring. He hits his corner and climbs raising his fists in the air.]

RP: “I have my doubts, but I hope he can pull it off because.. Murica!”


DG: “The two men square off, collar and elbow tie up, O’Neil gains the upper hand and with a quick side step and has an arm bar locked in. He wrenches Red Claw’s arm, Maybe trying to weaken his best weapon in the early going here.”

RP: “Smart tactic, but it’ll take more than an armbar to take that away.”

DG: “Red Claw regains leverage using his powerful base and pushes O’Neil into the ropes and whips him across the ring. He drops his head, O’Neil stops short and a stiff kick! Red Claw teetering, O’Neil off the ropes and he knocks the big man off his feet with a clothesline!”

RP: “Red Claw wisely rolls out of the ring to reset.”



DG: “O’Neil sits on the ropes inviting Red Claw back in. Claw is not pleased with this gesture.”


RP: “I like this move. You want to slow momentum before it rolls downhill.”


DG: “Red Claw now climbs the steps and prepares to re-enter the ring.”


DG: “He’s in. The two men begin to circle each other and collar… No! Red Claw comes in with a knee and has O’Neil doubled over. He grabs him - nice gutwrench suplex! And follows up with a reverse chinlock.”

RP: “Leaning on him, Red Claw can use his strength and size here to start to wear down O’Neil.”

DG: “The referee is asking, but there’s no way O’Neil quits here. He is shifting, trying to escape the hold, but Red Claw has it really locked in.”

RP: “O’Neil swinging back and forth is preventing Red Claw from synching the hold in.”

DG: “O’Neil manages to get back to his feet. He elbows once, twice, three times and the hold is broken. Red Claw doubled over - DDT!”

RP: “O’Neil follows up with a Dragon sleeper here.”

DG: “Again, probably too early to put the man away, but in this style of match, it’s a war of attrition. He is trying to wear the man down.”

RP: “Red Claw reaching up, grabbing at O’Neil’s hair, but the ref will not allow it.”

DG: “Red Claw going another route, shifting closer and closer to the ropes and…. He has it with his foot and forced the break.”

RP: “O’Neil staying right on top of him.”

DG: “Waistlock by O’Neil, but reversed with an elbow by Red Claw. O’Neil stumbles back. Red Claw with Northern Lights Release Suplex!”

RP: “Showing the power there, nearly threw him into the turnbuckle.”

DG: “O’Neil dragging himself up and Red Claw comes in hard with a big boot!”

RP: “O’Neil now slumped in the corner, Red Claw hammering away with rights and lefts.”

DG: “The referee shoves Red Claw away, but he comes right back, he is stomping away on O’Neil. He brings him back to his feet and rocks him with a European uppercut! O’Neil is dazed! Red Claw comes right back with a gutbuster!”

RP: “Red Claw drops a quick elbow across his back. And another! Red Claw now lifts O’Neil’s head off the mat with his hair and slams his face down hard!”

DG: “Red Claw now standing over O’Neil and he sits down hard on his back! He grabs the man’s arms and camel clutch!”

RP: “Contrary to earlier, he’s really got this locked in good.”

DG: “Yes, it’s a tough one to escape especially as a smaller man.”

RP: “The referee is asking, but O’Neil keeps saying no.”

DG: “The crowd here is trying to rally O’Neil. He is starting to fight his way towards the ropes. Still a ways to go.”

RP: “He is expending energy getting there, this is exactly what Claw wants.”

DG: “Red Claw really pulling back - he’s not concerned about the break, he wants to maximize the damage to O’Neil!”

RP: “O’Neil almost has it. Yes, he’s got it with his foot.”

DG: “Red Claw is not breaking the hold right away either.”

RP: “Red Claw finally breaks the hold and he is raising his arms, mocking this crowd.”

DG: “First time, he’s really lost focus - gives O’Neil a much needed breather, but it looks like the damage was done to O’Neil.”

RP: “O’Neil is pulling himself up by the ropes. Red Claw turns and laughs at him. He is sizing him up,”


RP: “Huge turn of events. O’Neil is back to his feet, grabbing at his back. He is slowly making his way to the turnbuckle, he’s headed up top.”

DG: “Claw is grabbing at his shoulder outside and making his way to his feet. He has no clue where O’Neil is. O’Neil jumps and down hard with a flying double axehandle!”

RP: “So much worse when you can’t brace for that maneuver.”

DG: “O’Neil now, grabs Red Claw and drives him shoulder first into the ringside steps!”

RP: “O’Neil senses blood in the water here.”

DG: “Yes sir, he grabs Red Claw, scoops him up and slams right down, arm first!”

RP: “Red Claw really felt that one.”

DG: “O’Neil is like a rabid dog, He picks up Red Claw and sends him back into the ring. O’Neil back in, drops a leg across Red Claw’s arm and locks in a cross arm breaker!”

RP: “Red Claw writhing in pain!”

DG: “The referee is asking, but Red Claw keeps shaking his head “no.” He is now trying to reach the ropes with his foot, inching closer.”

RP: “O’Neil is really pulling hard here.”

DG: “Claw is just inches away and… He’s got it!”

RP: “I don’t like the guy, but you have to admire his toughness.”

DG: “Absolutely! Claw now struggling to his feet, O’Neil comes over… LOW BLOW!”

RP: “Nothing the referee can do about it!”

DG: “Nope. Claw now manages to get to a vertical base. A high knee knocks O’Neil to the ground.”

RP: “Red Claw gets O’Neil to his feet by pulling on his hair. He sends O’Neil into the ropes and hits a Samoan drop!”

DG: “Claw now laying the boots, aggressively to O’Neil. Claw still clutching at that shoulder, knows he’s needs to inflict as much punishment as he can here.”

RP: “He can’t afford to give the control back O’Neil with his shoulder that banged up.”

DG: “Claw drags O’Neil back to his feet - FLATLINER!”

RP: “Red Claw has the look.”

DG: “Red Claw is raising his right arm in the air, his hand in the shape of a claw! O’Neil is vulnerable! HE LOCKS IT ON!”

RP: “Look at O’Neil’s legs, he looks like he’s taking a seizure!”

DG: “The ref is asking, O’Neil won’t give in.”

RP: “Look! Look! O’Neil is not scraping or pulling at Claw’s hand! He’s trying to swipe at his shoulder - once, twice, three times! Claw breaks his grip!”

DG: “Claw grabs his opposite shoulder and O’Neil is safe for a moment, but it is bad shape. The pressure on the cranium has to be unreal.”

RP: “O’Neil struggling to get back to his feet, Claw approaching - he looks like he’s going to try for the Clawhold again!”

DG: “O’Neil with a kick to the midsection and another - Claw backs off… SWINGING NECKBREAKER!”

RP: “This is all about buying some time for O’Neil to get his head on straight.”

DG: “Both men are down. O’Neil still feeling the effects of the Claw. Red Claw dazed from that neckbreaker and has a bad shoulder.”

RP: “Both men are getting to their feet,”

DG: “They trade rights and again! O’Neil lands a haymaker, Claw swings wildly - O’NIEL HAS HIM! THE STRANGLEHOLD! THE CROSSFACE SUBMISSION! HE’S GOT HIM!”


DG: “O’Neil really pulling back on that arm, that weak shoulder is locked between O’Neil’s legs!”

RP: “He’s not giving in!”

DG: “O’Neil has him in the center of the ring - there is no place to go!”

RP: “Red Claw trying to push up… Trying to gain leverage to push his way towards the ropes.”

DG: “O’Neil looks like a man possessed!”

RP: “The referee asks Claw - he’s not giving in”

DG: “Claw again trying to use his free arm and lower body… He can’t do it!”

RP: “The referee is asking again - the answer is still no.”

DG: “One last effort - no! Red Claw is running out of gas! The referee asks again, there is no response! There is no response! The referee calls for the bell!”


LL: “The winner of this match and NEW CAWO Pacific Regional Heavyweight Champion - “THE STRANGLER” SHANE O’NEIL!!!”

DG: “That was a war!”

RP: “A cold war!”

DG: “You might not like his views, but Red Claw showed a lot of guts here tonight!”

RP: “Was like Rocky IV in reverse.”

DG: “Indeed. As you know, we are in the middle of night one of CAWO: Red Dawn! Now, let’s take a look at some of the superstars that will be competing on night two for the right to be crowned the inaugural CAWO World Heavyweight Champion!”

[As the opening guitar riff of “My Hero” by the Foot Fighters plays in the background, the camera shows the representatives from all four CAWO regions - Steven Skinner, Daniel Clark, Xaiver Wilford amd Hijame Ito standing behind the CAWO banner. In the center of them on a stand is the CAWO World Heavyweight Title. The camera zooms in on the title.]

“From the moment, you watch your first match as a kid, this is what you dream about.”

[Cut away. To a young caucasian man sitting in a chair, blue eyes bright and hopeful, dirty blonde hair slightly long on top,parted slightly to right side and shaved close on the sides. Below him the name “The Runaway” Josh Hamlin.]

Hamlin: “You always want to be world champion. In your darkest hour, sleeping in cars, scrounging up dollars and cents so you can eat. It’s all for an opportunity like this. An opportunity to stand on top of the world.”

[He looks away from the camera for a moment, takes a deep breath and then returns his eyes with a renewed confidence to the lens of the camera.]

Hamlin: “And with time, with injury those opportunities can fade fast. I might be the youngest guy in this tournament field, but I know you get old fast in this business. I have seen it. I am not just happy to here. I am here to seize my moment. I am here to stand on top of the world.”

[Cut to a clip of Hamlin in a smaller, independent promotion leaping off the top rope with the shooting star press onto his fallen opponent.]

[Cut back in, a new man sits in the chair. A large brooding man of Japanese descent. He stares coldly at the camera. Below him the name “Godzilla” appears.]

Godzilla: “My dominance, the destruction I have left in my wake is well known in Japan. Like my namesake, I now go to other parts of the world to hunt and destroy.”

“I do not want to be just a legend local to Japan and mythological beast to the rest of the world. I want the rest of the world to know that I am the most dominant force in the world.”

[Cut away from Godzilla to a video of him executing a running powerslam on an opponent.]

[Cut away from the clip and now a masked man, considerably smaller than Godzilla in stature is in the seat. His mask is red with brown and black wings extending out from each side. The name “Halcon” appears below him.]

Halcon: “In Mexico, the luchadores are looked upon like superheroes. I never received the opportunity to go beyond Mexico and the southern U.S. I always wanted to be a superhero to the whole world. To show that stature and size are not everything. That heart can win the day.”

[Cut away to Halcon executing a springboard senton onto a group of masked luchadores below.]

Halcon: “I am going to put it all the line. My offense is fast and furious. I am going to fly to the top of this mountain.”

[Cut away from the clip of Halcon. Another man is sitting in front of the camera, we recognize him from earlier in the night as J.W. Oswald. Across the screen below him, his name appears as “The Devil Himself” J.W. Oswald.]

Oswald: “It takes a special breed to be a true world champion. I have been there. I have been to the very top. This tournament is loaded with lots of talent, lots of skill. But there will come a time, where they will have to go beyond themselves, to do something beyond what they’ve done before to win this thing. Can they?”

[Cut away to video clip of Oswald on his knees holding a past world championship title above his head.]

Oswald: “I don’t have to answer that question because I already have. Give the devil his due.”

[Cut away from the video clip. There is a new man in front of the camera. His brown hair shaped, rather messily, into a fauxhawk and he sports a full beard. His eyes blue and bold eye the camera carefully. Beneath him, his name appears: “The Aftermath” John McDonough.]

McDonough: “I’ve always been within inches, centimeters… I’ve been the top guy regionally, in independent promotions. I have had opportunities at world championship gold, but I came up inches, centimeters short.”

“I nearly let those failures consume me…”

[Cut away to a clip of McDonough - head in his hands after losing a world championship match.”

“But now, they drive me…”

[Cut away to a different clip, McDonough leaping off the top rope with a swan dive headbutt.]

“Now, I am ready to reach pinnacle of the sport. To raise the belt, to carry the CAWO banner and leave the others in the Aftermath.”

[Cut away from the video clip to show another man in front of the camera. The man has a large build with his brownish red hair cut into a crew cut. His brown eyes stare with icy precision into the camera. His name appears below him: “The Assassin” Armand Arkynson.]

Arkynson: “A force of nature. I am a force of nature”

[The words come out deliberately.]

“I do not care who my opponent is. I do not care about their journey. I am a superior athlete and when my opponent exits that ring, they are going to know it.”

[Cut away to Arkynson delivering a torture rack neckbreaker to his opponent.]

“I will leave them all in pieces…”

[Cut away from the video back to the shot of the CAWO World Heavyweight Title belt.]

[Cut back to the ringside area where Drake Gregorson and Randy Pierce are sitting.]

DG: “Randy, tell me your thoughts on tomorrow’s tournament.”

RP: “I always look to strength in numbers - J.W. Oswald, who we just heard from, and Diabolous have the numbers. I think one of those two will walk out as our first champion!”

DG: “If Arkynson can get the past the maniacal Minstrel, he could bulldoze his way to a title, in my opinion. Let’s go to the ring for a second semi-final matchup in the World Tag Team Tournament!”

RP: “Light this candle, Lisa!”

CAWO World Tag Team Championship Tournament
Sex & Violence v. Cold Blooded

LL: “This match is the second semi-final in the World Tag Team Championship tournament and is scheduled for one fall. Please welcome, weighing in at a combined five hundred thirteen pounds, SEEXXXXX AND VIOOLLENNNCCCEEEEEE!”

[The opening chords of “Guerilla Radio”by Rage Against the Machine explodes from the speakers as “Sexy” Salvatore Bocanegra and “The Ripper” Christian Avant emerge onto the stage. Bocanegra wears white trunks with pink trim with the word “Sexy” across the rear. He wears a white t-shirt with “The Stripper & The Ripper” written in pink and black. Avant wears a black t-shirt with “THE Empirical State” written across the front in script.]

RP: “Dirk, this is the perfect odd couple. The style and grace of Bocanegra and the viciousness of Avant.”

DG: “Yeah, they could not be more different in demeanor, but in the ring, they are among the best in the world.”

[Bocanegra smiles and basks in the negative reaction from the crowd - interacting with the fans at ringside while Avant sprints ahead and enters the ring. Once Bocanegra reaches the ring, he and Avant high five each other before Bocanegra flexes and Avant makes three slashing gestures.]

LL: “And their opponents, weighing in at a combined four hundred ninety three pounds, please welcome COOOLLDDDD BBLLOOOOOODEEDDD”

[The frenetic “Taste the Red Hands” by Dead Poetic plays throughout the arena as Gerrard Collins and Ethan LaFontaine emerge from backstage. Collins wears trunks that are red and white with the Canadian maple leaf on the back, LaFontaine wears the full length tights with the same color scheme. Their t-shirts a red with “Cold Blooded Canadiens” written on the front. At the top of the ramp, they peer into the ring and then mock loading and firing shotguns at their opponents before starting on their way down to the ring.]

DG: “When you think Canada, you think hockey and technically sound tag team wrestling.”

RP: “Really? I think french fries and gravy!”

[LaFontaine and Collins pay little mind to the fans at ringside and climb up the apron nearly in unison before entering the ring and playing to crowd - daring them to boo.]

DG: “The fans will have no favorites here - they will simply have to enjoy these two teams beating the crap out of one another.”

RP: “It’s a win-win people!”


DG: “Bocanegra and Collins starting here. They circle each other before they lock up, Collins takes Bocanegra into the ropes and ref gets in the middle to force the break. Collins jaws at Bocanegra as the ref backs him off. Bocanegra smiles and suckers him with a kick to the midsection and then a hard right that rattles Collins.”

RP: “Sal is trying to knock out whatever teeth Collins has left from his years as a hockey player.”

DG: “Collins was a hockey player?”

RP: “Canada.”

DG: “Oh, right. Bocanegra with the Irish whip and follows up with a big back drop! Collins felt that one. Bocanegra hits the ropes and drops an elbow for good measure.”

RP: “He made that look good.”

DG: “He locks Collins in a chinlock here. Bocanegra is really working the hold,”

RP: “Collins is working to regain his feet - he’s up! He takes Bocanegra into the ropes and whips him… No! Bocanegra grabbed the hair and held on. He’s got him in a headlock now! The ref asks whether he pulled the hair - Bocanegra says no.”

DG: “Oh! Collins reversed it into a belly-to-back suplex! Hairpull couldn’t save Sal that time!”

RP: “Collins now picks up Bocanegra and whips Bocanegra into his corner. Charges in with a back elbow! Now, he chops away!”

DG: “Three chops and Bocanegra looks worn. Collins tags out to LaFontaine, Collins holds Bocanegra away from the corner and LaFontaine gets in a knifedge chop of his own!”

RP: “That one sent Bocanegra to his knees and LaFontaine wastes no time following up with neck snap! As he rolls to his feet, he taunts Avant, who rushes in but is stopped by the ref.”

DG: “Collins sneaks in and follows up with another neck snap! Avant is raging! Collins is back in the corner, LaFontaine turns and picks up Bocanegra - snap suplex! Cover!”




RP: “LaFontaine wasting no time, staying aggressive.”

DG: “He’s got Bocanegra up, whips him across the ring and powerslam!”

RP: “LaFontaine locks in an armbar here. Wrenching the arm of Bocanegra, who is in serious pain!”

DG: “Bocanegra grabbing at his arm and reaching for LaFontaine’s hair, but the refereee keeps smacking his arm away. Bocanegra now, forcing his way up, he’s up to his feet. And knocked back down via short clothesline!”

RP: “Cold Blooded have really taken control, LaFontaine with the tag to Collins.”

DG: “LaFontaine delivers a boot the midsection while Collins delivers a kneedrop!”

RP: “Bocanegra taking punishment all over.”

DG: “Collins continues that trend, grabbing his leg and locking in a half Boston crab!”

RP: “Collins sitting back, pulling hard on the leg - he gives a nice big smile to Avant. Avant has had enough, he enters the ring, but the ref quickly pushes him back. LaFontaine wastes no time coming in a dropping an elbow across the back of Bocanegra’s head!”

DG: “Collins releases the hold and makes a cover…”



NO! Bocanegra got a shoulder up.

RP: “Very impressive display by Cold Blooded here. They have beaten Sex & Violence at their own game!”

DG: “Collins barking at the referee.”

RP: “Collins brings Bocanegra back to his feet, whips him across the ring, Bocanegra ducks a clothesline, coming back - diving clothesline by Bocanegra!”

DG: “That was a desperation move by Bocanegra! Avant is cheering his partner on, reaching for the tag!”

RP: “Collins is stirring, he’s trying to make it to LaFontaine.”

DG: “Bocanegra crawling towards Avant, inching closer… Collins makes the tag! LaFontaine in and… Bocanegra makes the tag! Avant now in is unloading with lefts and rights on LaFontaine. He whips LaFontaine into the ropes, coming back - tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!”

RP: “Avant rushes at Collins on the apron - nails him and sends him to the floor!”

DG: “LaFontaine getting back to a vertical base - Avant rushes over and hits a crescent kick!”

RP: “He nearly knocked LaFontaine out his boots!”

DG: “Avant hits the ropes - splash! Cover!”



Kickout by LaFontaine!

RP: “Avant has changed the complexion of this matchup!”

DG: “Avant gets LaFontaine back to his feet - reverse neckbreaker!”

RP: “Quick cover!”



Another kickout!

DG: “Avant takes a quick look over to his corner. He brings LaFontaine to his feet and forces him in the Sex & Violence corner! Drvies him into the turnbuckle!

RP: “Avant is going to town!”


[Avant stops and wags his finger at the crowd before tagging out to his teammate, which draws boos from the crowd.]

RP: “Haters gon’ hate!”

DG: “Avant grabs Bocanegra by the arm and whips hard into the corner for an avalanche on LaFontaine!”

RP: “Bocanegra from behind - bridging back suplex into a cover!”




DG: “Bocanegra now, sets up LaFontaine… Sti-down powerbomb!




RP: “Did not look like LaFontaine was going to kickout there.”

DG: “Collins forced back out by the referee and Avant comes in without a tag! Sex & Violence whips LaFontaine - double clothesline!”

RP: “Bocanegra leaves the ring. Avant now jawing with Collins!”

DG: “Avant still jawing with Collins while he scoops… NO! SMALL PACKAGE!”




NO! He kicked out!

RP: “LaFontaine almost caught him! Avant quickly dives on LaFontaine, he is pounding away! He screams at Collins!”

DG: “Avant brings LaFontaine back up, sends him off the ropes, back body…. NO! LAFONTAINE DDT!”

RP: “LaFontaine needs to make this tag!”

DG: “Collins screaming encouragement. LaFontaine dragging himself, Avant trying to grab a hold on his leg. LaFontaine reaching, dives…. And makes the tag!”

RP: “Collins goes right past Avant and knocks Bocanegra off witha fotearm smash!”

DG: “Avant back to his feet, Collins rushes him - crucifix by Collins!




RP: “Both men quickly back to their feet!”

DG: “They trade punches, Avant tries to connect with a haymaker, but Collins ducks and comes back with a European uppercut that rocks Avant. Avant teeters back against the ropes. Collins sends him for a ride - winds of change! Cover!”



NO! Shoulder up!

RP: “Collins looks to LaFontaine - he gives him the signal for the Icebreaker! Tag is made, LaFontaine headed up top, Collins has Avant across his knee… NO!”


RP: “Collins drops Avant to go after Bocanegra on the outside. He is chasing him around the ring!”

DG: “In the ring, both LaFontaine and Avant are getting back to their feet. LaFontaine is up first, he is lining up Avant - clothesline! No! Avant catches him - BUZZSAW! BUZZSAW! THE FULL NELSON FACESLAM!

RP: “Collins hasn’t realized what happened yet! He turns the corner after Bocanegra and Bocanegra nails him with a dropkick!”

DG: Avant crawls over for the cover!




NO! Foot on the rope!


DG: “You’re right! You’re right! Sex & Violence is heading for the finals!”

RP: “The Empirical State scores a victory here tonight!”

DG: “And they have one more massive hill to climb, let’s head backstage.”

[Claudio Vargas is standing next to a young man is sitting on a bench adjusting the red tape on his wrists. He has jet black hair, which is slicked back and sharp, thin facial features. After pressing down on the wrist tape he stands up. He has a black shirt with the word “ENDURE” written in red.]

CV: “Thanks, Dirk. I am standing here with “The Ravager” Reed Cromier!”

[Reed flashes a grin at the mention of his name. His hazel eyes shift to the camera.]

Off-camera: “What’s up, youngblood?”

[Both men’s eyes shift off camera and within a second, “The Aftermath” John McDonough enters the frame. He taps Claudio on the shoulder then him and Reed greet each other like old friends. Claudio takes the cue to step away so the camera can capture the moment.]

Cromier: “Just about to head out there and do this thing.”

[John smiles at the younger man, nearly ten years his junior.]

McDonough: “Seems like it was just yesterday that you were fighting in high school gyms without a damn clue how to even throw a punch.”

[Reed rolls his eyes a little bit, but smiles at his friend.]

Cromier: “Sorry, I wasn’t around when the punch was evented.”

[A playful shove from McDonough.]

McDonough: “You ready?”

[Cromier nods his head and answers with conviction.]

Cromier: “Yeah.”

McDonough: “Go out there and do it. I’ll catch you after.

[McDonough gives the younger man a pat on the back and Cromier heads off camera.]

[Cut back to ringside.]

DG: “The cage is down! Let’s head to the ring!”

CAWO International Regional Heavyweight Title Match - Cage Match
“The Fortunate Son” Jesus Franco v. “The Ravager” Reed Cromier

LL: “This next match is a cage match for CAWO International Regional Heavyweight Title. The match can be won by pinfall, submission or by being the first man to escape the cage and have both feet touch the floor! Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred forty-eight pounds, hailing from Mexico City, Mexico, please welcome “THE FORTUNATE SON” JESSSSSUUUSSSSS FRRRRRAAAANNNNNNNNNCCOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

[Jesus Franco jumps out from backstage to a chorus of boos, which is only drowned out by “Money, Power & Respect” by the Lox. Franco drinks in the negative reaction before heading down the ring. Along the way, Franco knocks a sign for Reed Cromier out of a kid’s hands, which causes the boos reach another decibel.]

DG: “That’s just uncalled for.”

RP: “I know, why would a kid have a sign for Reed Cromier?”

[When Franco reaches the ringside area, he takes a moment to stare at the structure in front of him. He reaches out test it’s stability before entering the ring up the steps and through the cage door. Once in the ring, Franco stretches using the ropes while waiting for his opponent.]

LL: “His opponent, hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at two hundred twenty-eight pounds, please welcome “THE RAVAGER” REEEEEEEEEDD CCRRRROOOOOOOOOMMMIIIEEEEEEERRR!

[The urgency of “Jamestown” by The Movielife sets the tone as “The Ravager” Reed Cromier emerges onto the ramp. Reed immediately acknowledges the crowd and pumps them up. At the edge of the ramp, Cromier crouches down and points at his heart, his head and then the ring before slapping the ground. With that Cromier rises to his feet and strides towards the ring.]

DG: “Do you think a cage match on this stage is intimidating to a man as young as Cromier?”

RP: “I think shaving is intimidating to Cromier, he’s terrified here.”

[When he reaches the ringside area, Cromier immediately removes the shirt from his body and hands it to the kid that lost his sign. Cromier takes a momentary look atht e cage before heading in through the door. Upon entering the ring, he climbs the nearside turnbuckle and again encourages the crowd to cheer him on - the crowd obliges.]

DG: “I don’t know, Reed does not look nervous at all - jawing with Franco.”

RP: “Trust me, you don’t enter the this structure for the first time without some butterflies.”


DG: “We are under way, the two men faceoff in the center of the ring - jawing with each other. Franco shoves Cromier, Cromier shoves Franco. They are trading punches now!

RP: “Neither man wanting to give an inch.”

DG: “Cromier now, begins to take the upperhand, whips Franco across the ring, coming back……



RP: “Cromier is fired up!”

DG: “Cromier now grabs Franco by the back of the head and throws him into the cage at the opposite end!”

RP: “This what you have to do, you have to use the cage to your advantage!”

DG: “Cromier grabs Franco, brings him back to a vertical base - snap suplex! Cromier rolls to his feet, hits the ropes, big knee drop! Cover!”



Not so fast!

RP: “Lot of fight in Franco, would never be that easy.”

DG: “Cromier now backs Franco in the corner with a series of knife edge chops, he goes to the opposite corner and rushes in! Dropki… NO! Franco moved! Cromier is hung up, tree of woe!”

RP: “Big mistake! Franco now laying the boots to Cromier!”

DG: “Franco across the ring now…. Runs in! Big knee to the midsection! Head back across the ring and AGAIN! Franco looks around taking in the boos before heading back across the ring and…



RP: “He hit Cromier so hard, he knocked him out of the tree of woe!”

DG: “Franco now drags the man towards the center of the ring, has him up… Shoulderbreaker!”

RP: “Franco is going to be absolutely surgical with this kid!”

DG: “Franco to the corner, second turnbuckle! Drives the elbow down! Cover!”




RP: “Franco back to his feet, he’s allowing Cromier to get up….”



RP: “Franco admiring his handywork, should go for the cover or try to get out of the cage! He places his foot on Cromier’s chest!”




DG: “Time-wasting and minimum effort cover might have cost Franco there. He doesn’t seem to mind, laughing at his opponent. From behind… GERMAN RELEASE SUPLEX!”

RP: “Folded like an accordion! This kid is overmatched!”

DG: “He could probably walk out the cage now, but he seems intent on punishing the young man! Franco brings Cromier to his feet - he’s taunting him! He slaps Cromier across the face before whipping him across the ring - clothesline… Ducked by Cromier, comes back Franco puts his head down - Cromier delivers a kick to the head! Franco teetering back - Cromier with a diving clothesline!”

RP: “Cromier needed some offense badly. A chance to reset here.”

DG: “Both men down, the crowd is trying to urge Cromier to his feet!”

RP: “Not doing much good, Franco is first up, he heads towards Cromier.”

DG: “Cromier though delivers a chop and then a kick to the midsection… SUPLEX INTO THE CAGE!”

RP: “Second time, Cromier has gotten the man back first into the cage.”

DG: “Cromier now, looking to capitalize… He brings Franco back into the ring - puts him down with a gutwrench suplex!”

RP: “Follows in with an elbow drop. Cover!”




DG: “Cromier wasting no……”


RP: “Low blow by Franco! That’s legal!”

DG: “The referee is admonishing Franco, but you’re right it’s legal. Franco back to his feet, he’s got Cromier… T-BONE SUPLEX INTO THE CAGE!”

RP: “Turnabout is fairplay!”

DG: “Franco stomps Cromier once, twice, three times! No he’s using him as a step ladder, Franco trying to climb out!”

RP: “Again, I think this is a little too arrogant, just go out the door. He wants to make an example of Cromier!”

DG: “He’s about halfway up, Cromier beginning to stir, he better hurry!”

RP: “Cromier’s got his foot… Cromier now…



RP: “See, that won’t happen to Franco if he just goes out the door.”

DG: “It’s true, but Franco was consumed with making a point, now he’s in trouble. Cromier getting back to his feet, Franco doing the same. Kick to the midsection by Cromier! THE PILLAGER! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT!”

RP: “Cromier caught him!”

DG: “Reed now looking up, the crowd is on its feet! He is headed up!”


DG: “Cromier climbing, Franco not yet stirring! Cromier nearing the top, he’s got his hand at the top of the cage!”

RP: “Franco beginning to move, but he needs to wake up a lot quicker then this!”

DG: Cromier now beginning to process of getting himself over… Have to wonder how much that T-Bone into the cage took out of him!”


DG: “Cromier now trying to kick him off, Franco continues his climb up! He catches Cromier in the side with a couple of rights!”

RP: “He’s slowed Cromier, what’s he thinking here…”

DG: “Dangerous situation for both men up that cage… And… NO! NO!!”



RP: “This is carnage! Both men are down!”

DG: “Both men felt the effects of that one, but Cromier had to take the worst of it! His back and torso might be shot! His only way out might be through the door!”

RP: “Franco rolling over, Cromier has not moved… Franco looks at Cromier and now turns his attention towards the door.”

DG: “The door is open, he’s about halfway there. Cromier has not moved yet. Franco clawing his way there…”

RP: “Cromier now, rolling over, he sees Franco, but can’t reach him!”

DG: “Franco is at the door, he starts pulling himself out, but Cromier has reacherd him! He’s got his leg!”

RP: “Tug of war here!””

DG: “Cromier! He’s got him in an ankle lock! He’s going to force him back in that way!”

RP: “Franco screaming! He’s still trying to kick Cromier off, but can’t! And being halway out is not doing any favors to the ankle!”

DG: “Franco giving in, starting to push himself back into the ring to relieve pressure on the ankle. The door is shut. Cromier pulls Franco towards the middle, Franco turns and is able to kick him off! Cromier stumbles to the corner… Franco back to a vertical base, but favoring the ankle.”

RP: “Cromier with SPEAR! COVER!”




DG: “Cromier now bring himself and his opponent to their feet. SMALL PACKAGE BY FRANCO!”





RP: “Within a hair, almost had him!”

DG: “Both men scramble back to their feet and as we began, they trade rights. Both men teetering…. Franco swings, duck under by Cromier… GERMAN! HE HANGS ON! ANOTHER GERMAN! HE HUNG ON AGAIN! INVERTED DDT! THAT’S IN RUIN!”

RP: “It took a lot out of Cromier to do that collection of moves! He’s crawling over…”


RP: “Franco flailing every which way! Trying to loosen the grip, trying to find a way out!”

DG: “Franco trying everything he can! He’s got his foot on the rope, but that’s no help! No breaks here!”

RP: “Cromier applying the pressure!”


RP: “He had no choice, there was no escape!”


DG: “The cage going up! Reed Cromier will be the leader in the CAWO International clubhouse! What a performance!”

RP: “Franco will look back at this match in regre. He had several opportunities to cash-in, but overplayed his hand.”

DG: “Let’s go backstage”

[Cut away. We are in a lockerrom that is dimly lit. On a stool in the center of the room sits a mask. It is a hybrid: one side of the mask is the Greek mask for comedy and the other is for tragedy. As the camera zooms, a hushed, but raspy voice begins to speak offscreen.]

“They will tell you that there are monsters everywhere. Underneath your bed, in your closet. Monsters seven, eight feet tall with inhuman strength.”

“They apparently like the big boys.”

[An unexpected change in tone for the innuendo followed by a chuckle.]

“Of course, they are antiquated. They do not that there is a new breed of monster. One that does not hide in the shadows. Rather one that is always in plain sight.”

“And isn’t that more terrifying? To see you impending demise, to know its face, to hears its voice… To hear it laughing.”

[Again, a chuckle, this time louder. The sound footsteps can be heard in the background.]

“Those that continue to live in awe and fear of old mythological beasts will be shocked by what is about to find its way into the spotlight.”

[From off camera, a man in a pinstripe suit walks out from behind the camera. Only the back profile of his head is visible. His jet black hair is slicked back. He swiftly grabs the mask and affixes it to his face.]

“And when it hits those poor old saps. SMACK! It will be too late!”

[A hearty laugh from the suited, masked man, which abruptly turns silent.]

“It will be… No laughing matter.”

[Cut away back to the ringside. Drake and Randy look at each other then back at the camera.]

DG: “Not much is known about this man the Minstrel…”

RP: “I’ve heard things… Not good.”

[Randy shivers.]

RP: “Gives me the heebiejeebees.”

DG: “Alright, it’s time for Red Dawn Night 1’s MAIN EVENT! We are going to crown the first ever CAWO World Tag Team Champions!”

RP: “Huzzah!”

CAWO World Tag Team Championship Tournament Final
Sex & Violence v. Abomination

LL: “It is time for tonight’s main event! This matchup is for the CAWO World Tag Team Championship Titles! Introducing first, weighing in at five hundred ten pounds, please welcome ABOMINATION!”

[“Insomniatic Meat” by Finch plays over the speaker a strobe spotlight shines on the ramp with smoke billowing up from offstage. Emerging from the smoke first is the Apparition, who crawls into the spotlight, his long black hair dragging along the ground. A shadow forms behind him and a second, much bigger man emerges - Wraith. The strobe spotlight follows them as they make their journey to the ring after The Apparition slowly rises to his feet.]

DG: “These men look like they did not even fight earlier in the night.”

RP: “Avant and Bocanegra have a tall task ahead of him!”

[Once they hit the ring, The Apparition slides under the bottom rope and crawls towards the center of the ring while Wraith deliberately makes his way up the steps and steps over the top rope with ease. As Wraith reaches the center of the ring, the lights come up.]

LL: “And their opponents, weighing in weighing in at a combined five hundred thirteen pounds, SEEXXXXX AND VIOOLLENNNCCCEEEEEE!”

[The opening chords of “Guerilla Radio”by Rage Against the Machine explodes from the speakers as “Sexy” Salvatore Bocanegra and “The Ripper” Christian Avant emerge onto the stage. Bocanegra wears white trunks with pink trim with the word “Sexy” across the rear. Avant wears the same black tights that he wore earlier in the night that say “The Ripper” in red down the leg.]]

RP: “These two don’t seem as flamboyant as early. Looks like it’s all business.”

DG: “It has to be against these two monsters.”

[The two men do not pose or interact with the fans this time. They stride almost in synch and hit the ring. All along, they stare down their opponents, who stare right back.]

DG: “You can cut the tension with the night. Both teams know what is at stake here.”

RP: “Or a gigantic samurai sword!”

DG: “That too.”


RP: “Bocanegra and The Apparition are going start things off.”

DG: “They meet in the center of the ring, face-to-face, Bocanegra jawing. Bocanegra sticking his finger in the chest of the smaller man, he shoves him. The Apparition with an open hand slap! Bocanegra swings back and The Apparition ducks and delivers a dropkick!”

RP: “Bocanegra hit hard, he rolls away. He looks disgusted as he gets to a knee.”

DG: “Bocanegra and The Apparition circle each other. And meet with a collar and elbow tie-up. Bocanegra gets the better of it, locking in a headlock. He tighten and starts hammering away on the top The Apparition’s head. The Apparition backs into the ropes and whips Bocanegra across the ring. Leapfrog, Bocanegra coming back - Monkey Flip!”

RP: “Bocanegra’s back smacks the mat hard. He gets to a knee and hits it much harder!”

DG: “Bocanegra needs to be careful here, not to get frustrated so early in the matchup.”

RP: “WAIT! Bocanegra got up and slammed Wraith with a forearm, knocking him down! The Apparition charged in after him, but Bocanegra moves and The Apparition smacks against the turnbuckle. He stumbles back, belly-to-back suplex!”

DG: “Brilliant move by Bocanegra. He gets The Apparition back to his feet and sends him into the opposing corner - Avant with a hard right hand as The Apparition charges in! He turn, Bocanegra gives him a kick to the gut and delivers a jawbreaker!”

RP: “Tag into Avant and they just lay the boots to The Apparition! Avant is not stopping, getting down and just pummeling the smaller man.”

DG: “Avant now, picks up The Apparition, fallaway slam!”

RP: “Avant grabs The Appairition’s legs and turns him over with ease for a Boston crab.”

DG:”Avant leaning back and sitting down on the small of the back. The Apparition is reaching for the ropes. Bocanegra tags in and drops and elbow right into the shoulder blades! He locks the Apparition into a modified crossface submission!”

RP: “I don’t know if they’ll get The Apparition to tap out, but this has been masterful tag wrestling by Sex & Violence!”

DG: “Bocanegra yelling at Wraith, taunting him from the other side of the ring! Wraith has had enough, he enters the ring! The referee immediately cuts him off - threatening him with DQ. Avant sneaks into the ring in the meantime and drops an elbow across the small of The Apparition’s back.”

RP: “Bocanegra drops the hold, he and Avant now, double suplex!”

DG: “Avant covers the man.”



3…………….??????????????? NO!

RP: “Close. Avant tags back in Bocanegra, he holds The Apparition and….


DG: “Vicious knife-edge chop! Bocanegra hits the ropes and dropkicks The Apparition, who was down on his knees!’

RP: “Bocanegra with the cover!”





DG: “Bocanegra back to a vertical base, he gets The Apparition on his feet. He whips The Apparition into the corner, charges in - The Apparition got his feet up!”

RP: “The Apparition follows up with a bulldog!”

DG: “That burst bought him some time, but he needs to make a tag here.”

RP: “He is starting to crawl over. Wraith reaching… AVANT! CHRISTIAN AVANT! Came across the ring and drilled Wraith, knocking him off the apron!”

DG: “The ref is screaming at Avant, but the damage is done. Bocanegra returning to his feet so is The Apparition, who has reached and empty corner. Bocanegra from behind, rolling reverse cradle!





RP: “Bocanegra almost had him. Both men back to their feet! Bocanegra swings, misses - backstabber backbreaker! The Apparition caught him.”

DG: “The Apparition backs Bocanegra up into the corner and fianlly makes the tag to Wraith! Wraith now whips The Apparition into the corner, who nails a clothesline on Bocanegra! Bocanegra stumbles out and WRAITH DELIVERS A HUGE POWERSLAM!”

RP: “Wraith gets Bocanegra to his feet and sends him off the ropes. Coming back - SPINEBUSTER! Wraith to his feet and… Oh! He drilled Avant! Avant down to the barricade!”

DG: “Turnabout is fair play, he is shouting at Avant! He turns, he is eyeing Bocanegra, who is getting back to his feet… Sal turns…






NO! Sal gets the shoulder up!

DG: “Wraith locks in a nervehold on Bocanegra. Sal is screaming in pain. Wraith using that strength to just lean on Bocanegra.”

RP: “Bocanegra is trying to shift towards the rope, but having difficulty with the size of Wraith… He’s just about got it… Wraith cracks Bocanegra with a forearm when he was inches from the ropes! Wraith makes the tag.”

DG: “Scoop slam by Wraith and The Apparition hits a springboard legdrop! Cover!”





DG: “NO! No - Bocanegra got his foot on the rope!”

RP: “The Apparition pounds the canvas, but rises to his feet. He gets Bocanegra up, runs off the ropes and charges in…


DG: “Bocanegra ducked and pulled the top rope down!”

RP: “The Apparition went down hard!”

DG: “Bocanegra gets a breather and the referee will begin his count.”




RP: “Bocanegra tags out to Avant.”

DG: “Wraith checking on his partner…”





RP: “Wraith going to throw his partner into the ring here.”

DG: “Avant is licking his chops”

RP: “Avant just stomping away!”

DG: “He is just taunting Wraith outside the ring. He turns his attention to The Apparition - sends him off the ropes and nails a diving forearm!”

RP: “Avant sends The Apparition to their corner, follows in with a high knee! Tags out to Bocanegra, they send The Apparition to the ropes and send him down hard with a double elbow. Avant lays in a couple of more boots.”

DG: “Bocanegra walks over to the Abomination corner. He is laughing at Wrait… HE WAS TOO CLOSE! WRAITH REACHED OUT AND GOT HIM BY THE THROAT! UP AND DOWN!”


DG: Avant, who exited the ring is coming back in, Wraith is in the ring - those two are at each other’s throats! It’s turned into bedlam! Two bodies out and two engaging in a brawl!”

RP: “What? Here comes Oswald and Montgomery! The Empirical State is…”

DG: “OH MY! FROM BEHIND! DIABOLOUS AND LAZARUS! THE COVENANT OF DARKNESS IS HERE TOO! Those four men are going at it in the aisleway!”

RP: “Avant hits a DDT on Wraith! He’s heading up top! The ref has lost control here!”

DG: “Avant looking down at Wraith, he tursn his attention to outside the ring - HE LEAPS! CROSS BODY! HE TOOK OUT EVERYONE OUTSIDE THE RING! BODIES INSIDE THE RING! BODIES OUTSIDE THE RING!”

RP: “Bocanegra getting back to his feet, he’s got The Apparition lined up - SUPERKICK! NO DUCKED! THE APPARITION HITS A SUPERKICK!”

DG: “Bocanegra is in la-la land he stumbles back! WRAITH! WRAITH HAS HIM UP! THE APPARITION MAKES THE CLIMB! END OF TIME! END OF TIME!”


DG: Oswald up on the apron! Avant climbing the turnbuckle!


Wraith drills Oswald!


Avant up top, he leaps!




DG: “Avant is sick, he can’t believe it!”

RP: “The Covenant of Darkness is standing stall!”

DG: “The Covenant of Darkness has staked its claim as the supreme force in the CAWO! They have turned brightest dawn into the darkest night! ABOMINATION IS YOUR CAWO WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!”

RP: “What a night!”

DG: “Thanks so much for joining us, we will back tomorrow night for CAWO Red Dawn: Night 2, where we will crown the first CAWO World Heavyweight Champion! Good night!"

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