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CAWO Red Dawn: Night 1 (PART 1)

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
CAWO Red Dawn Night 1

[Across a black sky, a slight touch of red begins to emerge from beyond the horizon. A transmission is heard…]

“Space cadet, pull up.”

[As the round, blazing run sun begins to emerge from black horizon. Again, a voice transmits…]

“Space cadet, pull up…”

[White words begin to form on the horizon as the red sun continues to rise. The words read…]


“Space cadet… Pull up…”

[The red sun has nearly risen entirely above the horizon as instrumentals begin to build. The ominous build turns into a full on sonic explosion as more words appear below the red sunrise.]


[As the wall of sound explodes, the red sun, which has risen above the horizon, explodes turning the screen entirely white. Words in red fade in on the white screen.]


[The roar of the crowd is audible as the feed switches to the Allstate Arena, where a packed crowd is eagerly anticipating the debut event of the Council of Affiliated Wrestling Organizations! In the ring to greet the raucous crowd dressed in a grey three piece suit is CAWO Central Chief Executive Officer Steven Skinner. Skinner lifts the mic to his mouth, but pulls it back down with a smile as the applause carries on. Skinner once again lifts the microphone to his mouth and says…]


[The crowd erupts again!]

SS: “On behalf of myself and the CAWO, let me say thank you to all of you fans, who have placed your faith in us! As you will see tonight, we will not let you down!”

[The crowd cheers this statement, albeit less enthusiastically than before. They are clearly ready for the action to begin.]

SS: “Without further interruption, LET THE RED DAWN RISE!”

[The camera shifts its focus from the ring to ringside where CAWO Central play-by-play commentator Drake Gregorson sits at ring-side dressed in a black suit with a white tie. Next to him is former wrestling superstar Randy Pierce, who is dressed in a “Ditka Rules” t-shirt. As this CAWO-wide event is occurring at a venue within the CAWO Central territory, the CAWO Central’s announce team gets to call the event.]

DG: “Welcome home wrestling fans to CAWO Red Dawn!”

RP: “Yes, welcome, especially to the sultry ladies out there!”

DG: “We have a loaded show for you tonight as over the next two days we will write the first chapter in CAWO history!”

RP: “I hope we have a ghost writer because those children’s stories you wrote were weak as hell!”

DG: “Randy… Focus!”

RP: “Right!”

DG: “We’re getting word that we need to go backstage.”

[Backstage, the parking lot, a black limousine has pulled up. The door opens and in a full Armani suit “The Devil Himself” appears. J.W. Oswald’s soulless, dark brown eyes stare off beyond the camera. He adjust his tie and steps aside as his running mates - “The Harbinger” William Montgomery, “The Ripper” Christian Avant, and “Sexy” Salvatore Bocanegra also emerge from the limo also clad in expensive suits. The Empirical State is immaculately dressed for the occasion.]

[The four move almost in unison towards the entrance. They move past the cameraman as we watch their backs. We can hear Oswald speak to his mates.]

Oswald: “The gold standard has arrived. Let’s set this new era ablaze tonight.”

[His voice steady and confident. The other three men offer a slight nod in response, if they give any reaction at all, as they approach the arena entrance.]

[Cut back to the ringside.]

RP: “They’re here…”

DG: “Yes, they are. Few words, but ominous words - the CAWO is on notice!”

RP: “With talent and suits like that, notice won’t help.”

DG: “Let’s go to the ring where the lovely Lisa Lennon will introduce the competitors for our first matchup!”

CAWO Atlantic Regional Heavyweight Title - Ladder Match
“The Foundation” Ryan McCain v. Rey Nado

[The camera shifts to the ring to a young woman with an excellent figure with blonde hair wearing a sparkly, form-fitting, sequenced green dress. She smiles as she brings the microphone to her mouth. Notably, a ladders have surrounded the ring and a belt hangs above the ring.]

LL: "This contest is a ladder match and will be for the CAWO Atlantic Regional Heavyweight Championship!”

RP: “Wow, she actually says the whole word, there’s a novel concept.”

LL: "At this time, please welcome from South Amboy, New Jersey…"

[The opening bars of “Hate Me Now” by Nas rings through the Allstate Arena as the crowd erupts in a positive way as the action is about to begin.]

LL: "Standing at five feet eleven inches and weighing two hundred fifteen pounds. He is the self-proclaimed “Foundation,” please welcome Ryyyyyaaaaaannnnnn MmcccccCCCAAAAAAIIIIINNN!"

[McCain steps out onto the ramp with arms spread wide, embracing the boos that have now entered the equation. His black t-shirt reads “FRANCHI$E TAG” in white letters. He wears black trunks with the word “Foundation” printed across the back. McCain stands at the top of the entranceway and breathes in the hate before striking a pose and beginning his march to the ring.]

RP: “This guy is the total package, my friend!”

DG: “There’s no denying his ability. The Atlantic region pursued this young man hard and their faith in him is apparent as he is competing to become the first ever CAWO Atlantic Regional Champion!”

RP: “McCain might the most talented guy we see over the next two nights! He is good enough to compete in and win the World Heavyweight Title tournament!”

DG: “Funny you should mention that, there were murmurings backstage that he was trying to convince CAWO Atlantic management to put him into the tournament, but to no avail.”

[As McCain hits the ring, he slingshots himself over and runs across the ring and up to the second turnbuckle. Again, McCain opens his arms wide, tilts his head back ever so slightly and breathes in the crowd’s negative reaction to his presence.]

LL: And his opponent, weighing in at one hundred seventy-five pounds and standing five feet seven inches tall - please welcome RREEEEEEYYYY NNNNAAAAAAAAADDDDOOOOOOOOO!

[The high energy “B.O.B.” by OutKast blares out of the AllState Arena as the luchadore Rey Nado emerges from backstage.]

DG: “We shouldn’t sell this guy short!”

RP: “We shouldn’t? Isn’t that rather easy to do?”

DG: “Short jokes, really?”

[Nado jumps around on the ramp, further hyping up an already on-edge crowd, before running into the ring. Upon hitting the ring…]


DG: “McCain wasting no time here! Rey came across the top rope and the moment he landed, he was met by a vicious clothesline from Ryan McCain!”


DG: “McCain after taking a moment to admire his handy work, scoops up Nado and slams him to the canvas. He hits the ropes and hits a legdrop.”

RP: “And again, McCain is not messing around.”

DG: “No, not at all. McCain picks the man up again,... Suplex. Stalling….. AND DOWN HARD!”

RP: “McCain knows the key to beating a luchadore isn’t to slow them down, it’s to never let them get started!”

DG: “McCain picks up Nado and throws him over the top rope and to the floor! Nado hit the ground hard!

RP: “McCain going outside, he’s going to get a ladder. After all our build and talk, he’s going to win this thing in thirty seconds, what a disaster!”

DG: “McCain slides the ladder in and sets it up. He smirks at the booing crowd and begins his climb.”

RP: “Climb, Ryan, climb!”



RP: “Those high notes will come a little easier to McCain.”

DG: “McCain falls into the ring, Nado to his feet, hits the ropes and a baseball slide catches McCain right in the kisser! He falls out of the ring!”

RP: “These morons are cheering on a Rey Nado for kicking a man in his face when he was down! What a bunch of goons!”

DG: McCain getting back to his feet, but HERE COMES REY!




RP: “Rey Nado needs to be careful with this type of offense, he needs to leave himself in good enough shape to climb the ladder.”

DG: “Good point, but Rey appeaars to be in better shape than his opponent. He scoops McCain up, kicks him in the gut and a facebuster outside the ring!”

RP: “Poor Ryan, his face, his beautiful face.”

DG: “Ooohhhhhkaaayy…”

RP: “I’m a handsome man, I can admire and appreciate another handsome man without romantic interest! It’s 2016, damnit!”

DG: “Fair. Rey, wasting no time. He is setting up the ladder and starting his climb! Rey Nado going to try to seize the moment here!

RP: “He’s so short, he’s at a clear disadvantage. Come on Ryan!”

DG: “McCain slides under the bottom rope as Nado nears the top of the ladder….


DG: “McCain pulls Nado’s legs out and NADO SMACKS HIS HEAD AGAINST THE LADDER RUNG!”

RP: “These guys do not like each other’s faces!”

DG: “The ladder tipped and Nado is writhing in pain as McCain smirks, pointing at his head.”

RP: “Uh oh, McCain has some bad intentions here.”

DG: “You’re right. He has taken the ladder and wedged it between the ropes in the corner. He grabs Rey and executes a snap DDT!”

RP: “That was just to stun him, he’s getting him set up now!”




RP: “McCain might want to call his lawyer after this match, Nado might be dead.”

DG: “McCain now heads outside to grab a new ladder. Nado’s lifeless body hanging off the ladder.”

RP: “Not that I think it will matter, but McCain is moving with zero urgency.”

DG: “McCain slides the new ladder into the ring. The crowd really getting on McCain here. He sets it up and is starting to climb.”

RP: “McCain has put everyone on that Atlantic roster on notice tonight with a ruthless performance here tonight!”

DG: “Wait a second. Rey Nado.. Is on his feet, on that wedged ladder… He shakes the cobwebs and jumps! He’s on the other side of the ladder!”

RP: “McCain scrambles to the top, Rey also scrambling up there! The two men are trading right hands! I cannot believe Nado has this in him!”

DG: “McCain is stunned! Nado climbs another step… Reach! NO! NO! NO!



RP: “These men have no regard for their safety whatsoever!”

DG: “Nado showed amazing agility to jump from one ladder to the other! And then flipped over the top of the ladder after stunning McCain and brought him all the way down!”

RP: “Carnage. Plain and simple carnage.”

DG: “Rey starting to stir, he looks up at the title then back at McCain, who only now is starting to move. Rey kips up to his feet, hits the ropes, goes past McCain and BULLDOG! McCain on his knees, Rey caught him by the head and slammed him headfirst into the mat!”

RP: “Rey starting to roll downhill! Come on, Ryan!”

DG: “Rey hits the ropes springboard moonsault onto the back of McCain!”

RP: “Why is Rey picking the man up?”

DG: “Rey placing McCain onto the bent ladder, what is he doing here? He heads outside and up to the top rope… But wait… LOW BLOW!”

RP: “Desperation move! Great resiliency by McCain! No disqualification!

DG: “Rey falls onto the top turnbuckle. McCain grabs Rey by the top of the mask. SUPERPLEX!”

RP: “Rey got greedy and now he smacked hard off the mat and lost all momentum!”

DG: “Again, both men down - stirring.”

RP: “God, this is only the first match! GET ME SOME TUMS, DAMNIT!”

DG: “Both men are jelly-legged back to their feet! They meet in the middle exchanging right hands. They are teetering back and forth. Rey gaining the upperhand! McCain teeters back against the rope. Rey kicks hits a dropkick! McCain goes out of the ring!

RP: “Rey needs to grab a ladder!”

DG: “No. Rey is going to dish out more punishment! Rey hits the ropes, here he comes - SUICIDE DIVE! McCain is halfway up the aisle!”

RP: “I repeat, Rey needs to grab a ladder!”

DG: “He’s getting back to his feet now, using the apron, that’s where he’s looking.”

RP: “How can you tell? He’s got a mask on.”

DG: “Rey is heading for it, he closes it up and slides into the ring. Rey has had a lot taken out of him in this match. Nado slides into the ring and begins to set up the ladder. There is no sign of McCain.”

RP: “Rey should’ve skipped that suicide dive, I think he had this thing one, he’s feeling the effects of that move!”

DG: “You’re right, but it took more out of McCain, who is still in the aisle way. Rey nearing the top, he’s reach… WAIT! WHAT?!?”

RP: “SEX & VIOLENCE! The Empirical State is here!”

DG: “What are they doing here?!?!? NO! NO! Avant tips the ladder, Rey lands neckfirst on the top rope! Bocanegra with him now… POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! BLOODLUST!”

RP: “Avant grabs Rey, Rey is limp… He tosses him over the top rope!”

DG: “But why?”

RP: “Because they can. Avant and Bocanegra escape the ring and exit through the crowd. McCain did not see any of it! He’s crawling to the apron!”

DG: “Rey has not moved, McCain is pulling himself onto the apron. He rolls into the ring.”

RP: “Could it be prior history between Bocanegra and Rey Nado out west?”

DG: “It could. Maybe it’s a recruitment pitch… Although McCain has appears to have no idea what has happened. McCain has the ladder upright and he’s slowly begun his climb up, Rey still has not moved!”

RP: “Reach Ry-Ry!”

DG: “McCain reaches up and……. HE’S GOT IT! RYAN MCCAIN IS THE CAWO ATLANTIC REGIONAL CHAMPION! THE FIRST EVER CHAMPION IN CAWO! He’s keeled over atop the ladder, but he has the belt! The crowd is not happy!”

RP: “Valiant effort by Rey Nado, but he stupidly waited too long to get the ladder,”

DG: “What? He had the match won if not for the Empirical State!”

RP: “Drake, stop obsessing over minutiae, and bask in Ryan McCain’s greatness!”

DG: “There’s no doubting his talent and the result, but we still have a ton of questions. Let’s head backstage, where Claudio Vargas is standing by with “Lionheart” Lee Marshall!”

[Backstage. Claudio Vargas dressed in a tuxedo is standing next to a much taller man with slicked back blonde hair with a green shirt with white writing that says “Marshall Law” on it. Lee Marshall jumps in place and throws a punch or two to expunge some nervous energy as Claudio begins to speak.]

CV: “Thanks, Drake. I am standing here with one of the top stars from the CAWO Central - “Lionheart” Lee Marshall, who will momentarily being facing off with Lazarus. Lee, after what we just saw, do you have any concerns about the Covenant of Darkness or anyone else getting involved?”

[Lee flashes a grin.]

Marshall: "I say let them try."

[Lee chuckles.]

Marshall: “Of course, it is a concern. You have to be aware of it. This is the dawning of a new day in professional wrestling. Everyone wants to make an impact, to send a message. My message tonight is simple, it’s one of the original truths - good always triumphs over evil.”

[He looks at the camera, his steely blue eyes stern.]

Marshall: “Lazarus, you may want to bring about hell on earth, but it’s not going to happen. In fact, it will be a cold day in hell before you are even able to get started on that mission. If you only had to beat me once, I’d say it was absolutely possible, but twice… In the same night… Even with Satan’s army, the Covenant of Darkness, the Breakfast Club, the Bad News Bears, the Mighty Ducks and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, you still would not stand a chance.”

[Lee turns his gaze back towards Claudio.]

Marshall: “Claudio, tonight, I am declaring Marshall law and that makes me judge, jury and executioner!”

[Claudio nods as Lee turns offscreen. Claudio looks back at the camera.]

CV: “There you have it. A very confident Lee Marshall. Back you at ringside, Drake!”

[Cut back to ringisde, where Drake and Randy sit at the announce table.]

DG: “What an opening match! What an opening night!”

RP: “The Foundation has been laid here tonight!”

DG: Let’s go to the ring for our next matchup!

CAWO Central Regional Heavyweight Title Match - Two Out of Three Falls
“The Living Dead” Lazarus v. “Lionheart” Lee Marshall

LL: “This matchup is a two out of three falls match and is for the CAWO Central Regional Heavyweight Championship! Coming to the ring at this time, hailing from parts unknown, standing seven feet tall weighing three hundred twenty pounds… Here is “THE LIVING DEAD” LAAAAZZZAAARRRUUSSSS!

[“Bullet with Butterfly Wings” by Smashing Pumpkins roars in the background as Lazarus emerges onto the stage of an arena turned dark. A sole spotlight shines on the white haired, white skinned giant. His eyes pale white. Lazarus wears grey tights with “Living” and “Dead” down each leg. Across his chest is a grey vest with the word “Risen” across his chest.]

DG: “This is some kind of monster.”

RP: “I do not care what Lee Marshall says, this is not what you want to see across the ring.”

[Lazarus moves slowly, but purposefully towards the ring. He walks deliberately up the steps and enters over the top rope and heads to the far corner, where he turns and stares at the entrance ramp. The lights come back up.]

RP: “YAY! The lights are back!”

LL: And his opponent, standing six foot four and weighing in at two hundred seventy pounds, please welcome “LIONHEART” LEE MARSHAALLLLLLL!

[“Welcome Home” by Coheed & Cambria blares out over the speakers as Marshall emerges from the back in the same outfit that we saw him in earlier in the night. There are no gyrations or antics to pump up the crowd - Marshall is focused on the ring, feeling the gravity of the moment.]

DG: “You know, Marshall does not seem intimidated at all by this opponent.”

RP: “I think this is all a show, Marshall has to be shaken somewhat. Lazarus does not even have pupils. No pupils! Not good!”

[From the top of the ramp, he points to the ring and then begins to march purposefully down to the ringside area. Upon reaching the ring, he jumps up onto the apron and enters the ring through the second rope. While keeping his eyes on Lazarus in the far corner, Marshall heads across the ring and finally acknowledges the crowd, knowing that their support will be a key to his success against an extremely tough opponent.]

DG: “This crowd is staunchly behind Marshall. He is going to need it.”

RP: “Marshall and all these people against that monster - I’ll still take Lazarus. He has no pupils, damnit!”

DG: “We get it. The referee is calling for the bell!


RP: “Lazarus stepping slowly towards the center of the ring - smiling sadistically. It might be good times to make the little ones take a bath or brush their teeth. This could get very ugly.”

DG: “Marshall is not backing down at all. They are face-to-face. Marshall forced to arch his neck to stare at this mastodon.”

RP: “Marshall jawing a bit. Wow! Lazarus just planted Marshall in the ground with a shove.”

DG: “Marshall looks stunned at his opponent’s strength.”

RP: “When your two hundred seventy pounds, you’re not used to being tossed like a rag doll.”

DG: “Marshall back to his feet, he approaches Lazarus again and shoves him. Lazarus staggers back slightly, but did not fall. Marshall now starting to attack with rights and lefts. Lazarus staggering back into the corner.”

RP: “Minimal effect here. Don’t poke the bear. You’re just going to make him angry.”

DG: “After a series of rights and lefts, Lazarus gets his hands on Marshall and tosses him into the corner. Lazarus now with a choke on Marshall. The referee counting…. Breaks at four! And again, the referee counting and Lazarus breaks at four!”

RP:” Interesting strategy, just choking him out, four seconds at a time. Why didn’t I ever think of that?”

DG: “Laazarus whips Marshall across the ring and follows in with a big clothesline. Marshall is already in trouble here. Lazarus sends him back to the opposite corner follows in… Big AVALANCHE!”

RP: “Marshall flattened in the corner, hits the ground. And Lazarus wastes no time, using the ropes as leverage, places his boot on Marshall’s throat.”

DG: “Lazarus with a handful of hair gets Marshall back to his feet and sends him off the ropes - BIG BOOT! Marshall staggers to the ropes and falls outside the ring!”

RP: “This is a blessing in disguise. Marshall needs to crawl his way out of here.”

DG: “Fat chance. Regardless, it does not look like Lazarus will allow him to. The big man is climbing the turnbuckle, he’s perched… Marshall making it back to his feet! FLYING LARIAT! LAZARUS NEARLY TOOK HIS HEAD OFF!”


RP: “Lazarus grabs Marshall by the hair and whips into the barricade. Marshall is already out on his feet.”



RP: “Marshall now with a chance. He’s trying to regain his composure.”

DG: “Marshall grabs Lazarus and drives his head into the steel ring post! Lazarus felt that, but he’s not out on his feet!”


RP: “Lazarus clutching at his head, stumbling - Marshall from behind!”



DG: “Marshall back to his feet. He rolls inside the ring to break the count.”


DG: “Marshall is not finished on outside here. Lazarus making his way to his feet is met by a Marshall right hand that staggers the big man.”


RP: “Why anyone would ever break the count is totally beyond me.”

DG: “Marshall with a big scoop slam! Lazarus landed with a heavy dud.”


DG: “Marshall gets Lazarus his feet using his hair and slams him headfirst into the apron. Now he rolls the man back in under the bottom rope.”

RP: “Marshall seized control on the outside, I would’ve kept it out there, if I were him.”

DG: “Marshall waits and slingshot shoulder tackle as Lazarus was climbing to his feet! Marshall with a cover!”



DG: “No! Lazarus with an authoritative kickout! Marshall wasting no time rushes at Lazarus and hits a clothesline! Staggers the big man into the corner,”

RP: “Rights and lefts have the big monster stunned.”

DG: “Marshall takes off for across the ring and rushes back in! OH! BIG BOOT BY LAZARUS! CAUGHT MARSHALL RIGHT IN THE MOUTH!”

RP: “All he’ll want for Christmas is his two front teeth.”

DG: “Lazarus! SPEAR! Huge spear! Cover!”



DG: “NO! He almost caught Marshall out of breath from that spear!”

RP: “You can see it now, Lazarus looks like a man possessed… Literally!”

DG: “Lazarus gets Marshall, who is still doubled over to his feet and delivers a powerful short clothesline!”

RP: “He can lean on him now. Marshall might have fractured ribs.”

DG: “Marshall does seem to be having trouble catching his breath. Lazarus sees this and locks Marshall into a bearhug!”

RP: “Look at the way Marshall reacted, this is bad news, he is fading fast here!”

DG: “I wish I could disagree. Marshall looks like he’s being stabbed each time Lazarus really puts the squeeze on.”

RP: “He’s fading fast here. His arms are turning to jelly.”

DG: “The referee goes to check the arm as Marshall is unresponsive.”

It falls once….

It falls twice….

RP: “This is it!”

DG: “NO! Marshall responds, the crowd is going bananas trying to rally him. Headbutts cannot break the hold. Right hands!”


RP: “Lyin’, cheatin’... COME ON REF!”

DG: “Low blow with the knee breaks the hold. The referee did not see it. He was focused on the fists.”

RP: “These people cheer for such ungentlemanly cowardice - makes me sick!”

DG: “Marshall, now hits the ropes, Lazarus still doubled over - swinging neckbreaker!”

RP: “The cheater is back to his feet quick, hits the ropes, legdrop!”

DG: “Cover!”



DG: “NO! Lazarus is not done! Marshall not waiting, get Lazarus to his feet - ONE! TWO! THREE EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS! Lazarus is staggered!”

RP: “Marshall needs to strike before his adrenaline dies.”

DG: “Marshall whips Lazarus to the opposite side, coming back - POWERSLAM! COVER!”



RP: “NO!”

DG: “NO! Lazarus got the shoulder up. Marshall is undeterred, Lazarus up to his feet, kick to the midsection and a strong DDT!”

RP: “Marshall is a house of fire right now!”

DG: “Where is he going? Up top!”

RP: “Unfamiliar territory….”

DG: “High risk, high reward. Marshall is perched - FROG SPLASH!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!”

RP: “Baited him!”

DG: “Lazarus got his knees up, Marshall rolling on the ground in pain! Lazarus sitting up, smiling sadistically. He scoops up Marshall and a backbreaker! Again! Now he tosses the man to the side.”

RP: “Lazarus now, on the offensive. Picks Marshall up, setting him up for a suplex??? No JACKHAMMER! DOWN! COVER!



3?????? NOOOOOOO!

DG: “Marshall got a shoulder up, just barely.”

RP: “Lazarus setting him up again.”

DG: “Lazarus has the man up for a power bomb! Throws him into the turnbuckle! Marshall stumbles out! LAST BREATH! CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM!”

RP: “Lazarus laughing… Pointing at the crowd and slashing at his throat!”

DG: “Surprised that he did not cover the man, he reaches down, grabs Marshall by the throat - back to his feet. UP AND DOWN AGAIN! LAST BREATH!”

RP: Elementary…




LL: “The winner of the first fall is “The Living Dead” Lazarus!”

RP: “I don’t know how they can expect Marshall to continue here.”

DG: “The referee is checking on Marshall as Lazarus sizes him up. Marshall appears to be unresponsive! Lazarus now screaming at the official to get out of the way! He rushes over BIG ELBOWDROP!”

RP: “No chance.”

DG: “Cover.”



3……???????????? NO!

DG: “Not done yet! Marshall got his shoulder up!

RP: “He is delaying the inevitable here.”

DG: “Maybe so, but he is showing a ton of heart! Lazarus picks Marshall up, places him in the corner! Chokehold! The ref is counting… Break! Lazarus now using his foot on the throat of Marshall!”

RP: “Using all four seconds, going back to the well. Take a man who is having trouble breathing and make it harder.”

DG: “Lazarus now, perches Marshall on the turnbuckle. He is climbing himself, this could be the end!”

RP: “Like I said delaying… Looks to be setting him up for a superplex.”

DG: “Marshall is struggling here, blocking, fighting back to the best his his abilities. HE KNOCKS LAZARUS OFF WITH AN UPPERCUT! THERE’S FIGHT LEFT!”

RP: “Lazarus is stunned getting back to his feet!”






RP: “Lazarus was stunned, but kicked out with authority!”

DG: “Both men now, fighting their way to their feet… Lazarus up first, swings wildly misses - GERMAN! MARSHALL HITS A GERMAN!”





RP: “Lazarus smacked hard, but Marshall could not put him away!”

DG: “Marshall has this crowd on their feet! He lines up Lazarus! OOOOHHHHHH! BOTH MEN OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH THAT VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE!”



RP: “Both men struggling to get to their feet, Marshall using the apron, Lazarus using the barricade.”


DG: “Marshall rushes at Lazarus!”





DG: “Marshall stirring amongst the chaos… Lazarus has not moved!”

RP: “Marshall has to get back to the ring!”



DG: “He is trying to pull himself up, Lazarus grabs at his ankle!”


RP: “Marshall is not going to make it!”

DG: Marshall kicks him off!”





LL: The winner of the second fall by countout is LEE MARSHALL!

RP: “We are all tied up, I can’t believe it!”

DG: “Marshall has shown a ton of heart here, he is still struggling to catch his breath. Lazarus has come to and has made his way to the apron after standing, eyeing Marshall for a few seconds.”

RP: “The referee is threatening to restart his count, Lazarus pulls himself up onto the apron, showing no ill effects. He points at Marshall and reenters the ring.”

DG: “The two men meet in the center, trading blows, Lazarus gains the upper hand going to the body!”

RP: “Smart. Attack the weakness.”

DG: “Marshall back against the ropes, Irish whip by Lazarus, coming back BIG SPINEBUSTER!”

RP: “Cover!”





DG: “Lazarus makes the throat slash sign! This is it! He grabs Marshall by the throat… UP! And NO! Marshall slips out, shoves Lazarus into the ropes, rolling cradle!!!






DG: “Marshall again feeling the effects of this matchup doubled over. Lazarus sees this and is lining him! Lazarus charges with a clothesline - ducked by Marshall, quick kick - MARSHALL LAW! SIDE SWIPE POWER BOMB! COVER!




RP: “NO!”



RP: “NO! Lazarus kicked out! And kicked out strong! It must be a fast count!”

DG: “Lazarus, sitting up now, cannot believe it!”

LL: “The winner of the third fall and winner of this matchup is “LIONHEART” LEE MARSHALL!!!!”

RP: “Marshall rolled out of the ring, he’s up the aisle with the belt! Still favoring those ribs! What a war!”

DG: “Lazarus is completely livid, the official trying to explain himself… LAZARUS HAS HEARD ENOUGH! GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT! LAST BREATH!”

RP: “Like I said, don’t poke the bear..”

DG: “What do you mean? The referee did his job!”

RP: “Obviously, Lazarus disagrees. And when you are that big, what you say goes.”

DG: “What a matchup! Let’s head backstage where Claudio Vargas has caught up with the CAWO Atlantic Regional Heavyweight Champion - “The Foundation” Ryan McCain!”

[Backstage, Claudio stands next to the new CAWO Atlantic Regional Heavyweight Champion, “The Foundation” Ryan McCain, who has the title belt over his left shoulder and a bottle of freshly opened champagne in the other. Ryan takes a swig out of the bottle as Claudio begins to speak.]

CV: “Ryan, congratulations on your victory tonight.”

[Ryan nods at the acknowledgement.]

CV: “Of course, your win is surrounded by controversy.”


[Champagne spit out, all over our friend Claudio.]

McCain: “WHAT?! CONTROVERSY!? What are you talking about, man? I went out there tonight and took it Rey Nado from pillar to post and back again. He’s a tough little nugget, but I showed tonight the difference between guys in the show and guys that are the show! I showed him why I am called the foundation!”

[Claudio is still trying to regain his composure.]

CV: “What about Empirical State?”

McCain: “What about em?

CV: “Are you aligned with them? They did interfere tonight.”

[McCain rolls his eyes at this suggestion.]

McCain: “That is completely ridiculous! I don’t need or want anyone’s help! I’m the Foundation! Not a cog in the machine, if those boys want to come out and do Oswald’s dirty work and I benefit - I’m not going to turn it away. But no, I’m not one of Oswald’s cronie henchmen. I play second fiddle to no one!”

[With that McCain walks away, leaving the sopping wet Claudio holding the microphone.]

CV: “I need a towel, back to you guys!”

[Back at ringside.]

DG: “I think you need a shower after that.”

RP: “Or to be part of a mid-nineties hip hop video.”

DG: “Let’s got to the ring!”

CAWO World Tag Team Tournament - Semi-Final Matchup
Abomination v. Rebels of the Sacred Heart

[Lisa Lennon stands in the ring ready to announce the next matchup.]

LL: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a semi-final matchup in tonight’s tournament to crown the first ever CAWO World Tag Team Champions! Introducing first, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at five hundred eight pounds, representing CAWO Atlantic, please welcome THE REBELS OF THE SACRED HEART!

[“I'm Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys begins to blare across the speaks as Sheamus McManus and Patrick Flaherty emerge from backstage to a round of applause. McManus is wearing great trunks and sports a black Guinness t-shirt while Flaherty, the larger of the two men wears full white tights with shamrocks down each leg and a green Flogging Molly t-shirt.]

DG: “These guys give new meaning to the Fighting Irish.”

RP: “No denying their talent, but they’ve got a Herculian task in front of them.”

[McManus and Flaherty bump chests on the ramp and then head down towards the ring. When McManus and Flaherty hit the ring, they slide under the bottom rope and head to opposite corners to acknowledge the crowd.]

LL: And their opponents…

[Lights out.]

LL: Hailing from parts unknown, weighing in at a combined five hundred ten pounds, representing CAWO Pacific, please welcome ABOMINATION!

[“Insomniatic Meat” by Finch plays over the speaker a strobe spotlight shines on the ramp with smoke billowing up from offstage. Emerging from the smoke first is the Apparition, who crawls into the spotlight, his long black hair dragging along the ground. A shadow forms behind him and a second, much bigger man emerges - Wraith. The strobe spotlight follows them as they make their journey to the ring after Apparition slowly rises to his feet.]

DG: “These men not only want the titles, but they want to avenge the Covenant’s loss from earlier in the night.”

RP: “What’s worse than monsters and freaks… Motivated monsters and freaks!”

[Once they hit the ring, The Apparition slides under the bottom rope and crawls towards the center of the ring while Wraith deliberately makes his way up the steps and steps over the top rope with ease. As Wraith neaches the center of the ring, the lights come up.]

DG: “To their credit, the Rebels do not look intimidated.”

RP: “That’s because they’re fools.”

DG: “We shall see.”


DG: “The smaller men - The Apparition and McManus - will start us off here with a collar elbow tie up, McManus with a go-behind and then The Apparition with a reversal. The Apparition tries a German, but McManus lands on his feet with a reversal. The Apparition up to his feet and taken down with a dropkick by McManus!”

RP: “The Apparition caught that one right in the mouth, he rolls away before getting back to his feet. McManus charges in, The Apparition side steps and catches McManus with a dropkick of his own to McManus’s back.”

DG: “McManus stumbles back and The Appariton rolls him up!”


DG: “Quick kick out. The Apparition comes in hot again, arm drag by McManus and another that he holds into an armbar.”

RP: “Quick start here, The Apparition fighting his way back to his feet here.”

DG: “Reversal! And arm drag takedown by the Apparition!”

RP: “These two have been in each other’s heads - dangerous place to be with The Apparition.”

DG: “McManus back to his feet, the two men circle each other - lock up. No! The Apparition caught him with a kick to the gut and a hair pull to throw the man to the mat. The Apparition hits the ropes and as McManus is rising to his feet, catches him with a spinning heel kick!”

RP: “Didn’t see that one coming.”

DG: “The Apparition sets up McManus and Russian legsweep with authority! The Apparition wastes no time, getting McManus back to his feet, he sends him into the corner and makes the tag.”

RP: “Here comes the beef.”

DG: “Wraith laying into McManus with absolutely savage chops! Wraith now choking McManus - the ref tries to separate them and when Wraith steps back, The Apparition picks up where he left off with the rope.”

RP: “Great teamwork by Abomination, This is what the great tag teams do.”

DG: ‘Wraith now charges in - clothesline!”

RP: “Quick tag.”

DG: “Wraith grabs The Apparition and whips him into the corner with an avalanche! The Apparition now - ENZUGARI!”

RP: “McManus just fell like a ton of bricks.”

DG: “Cover!”




DG: “McManus not finished, but needs a tag. The Apparition again backs McManus into the corner, choking McManus! Flaherty coming in to try and break it up, but the referee interrupts. Wraith enters without a tag, The Apparition whips McManus right into a huge boot from Wraith!”

RP: “Flaherty did his partner no favor there.”

DG: “Wraith picks up McManus, staring at Flaherty, Gorrila Press and drops McManus facefirst! Wraith hits the ropes and drops the leg across the back of McManus’s head! Cover!”



Save by Flaherty!

RP: “Good save by Flaherty.”

DG: “Yes, but Wraith feigns a tag and The Apparition is on the top rope - SPLASH! Cover!



Another save by Flaherty!

RP: “Total domination by Abomination. I’m rhyming over here!”

DG: “The Apparition whips McManus off the ropes, McManus ducks a clothesline, coming back - DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!”

RP: “McManus has got to get to the corner here.”

DG: “The crowd is cheering McManus on as he begins to stir. The Apparition also stirring, crawling towards McManus. The Apparition has his foot, McManus kicks him off, rolls and MAKES THE TAG!”

RP: “Flaherty’s been waiting at the end of the bar, he wants a drink!”

DG: “BIG CLOTHESLINE! Wraith coming in, Flaherty ducks a clothesline and ALABAMA SLAM to the big man!”

RP: “Flaherty is a whirling dervish in there!”

DG: “The Apparition coming back to his feet… DISCUS PUNCH!”

RP: “Wraith getting back to his feet…”


RP: “Flaherty whips The Apparition into the corner! He hits hard and stumbles out into a belly-to-belly suplex!”

DG: “Cover.!”





DG: “The Apparition got a shoulder up. Flaherty reaches out and tags McManus. They send The Apparition off the rope DOUBLE STUN GUN!”

RP: “The Irsihmen are rolling downhill!”

DG: “McManus heads outside, The Apparition is getting back to his feet, SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Cover!”




RP: “I think he might’ve had him if there was no save.”

DG: “Flaherty enters to go after Wraith! They are wailing on each other!”

RP: “Wraith rakes his eyes, Flaherty is staggered. Wraith with a kick to the midsection - POWER BOMB!”


RP: “McManus is fired up!”


RP: “The Apparition played that perfectly - he’s headed up top!”






RP: “The Apparition looks like he’s seen a ghost… Heh!”

DG: “He better regain focus fast.. FLAHERTY WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE APPARITION! The Apparition was on his knees and nearly became a disembodied voice after shot!”

RP: “Flaherty now rolls his partner on top!”


DG: “Flaherty trading punches with WRAITH!”





DG: “McManus thinks he’s won! Wraith with a low blow and he tosses Flaherty out of the ring!”

RP: “McManus arguing with the official…”



DG: “The Apparition shaking off the cobwebs, Wraith gives the signal for the End of Time!”

RP: “Flaherty is starting to stir outside the ring!”




DG: “Flaherty in the ring! HUGE BOOT BY WRAITH!”





DG: “Valiant effort by the Rebels, but Abomination moves onto tonight’s main event!”

LL: “The winners of this match and advancing to tonight’s main event where they will compete for the CAWO WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP… ABBBOOOMMMMIINNNAAATTIIIOONNNNN!”

RP: “They are going to be a very tough out for either Cold Blooded or Sex & Violence.”


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