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CAWO Central Roster

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
Singles Roster (Face, Tweener, Heel)

“The Devil Himself” J.W. Oswald (H)
“The Assassin” Armand Arkynson (T)
“The Living Dead” Lazarus (H)
“Lionheart” Lee Marshall (F)
“The Uprising” Chase Riley (F)
“The Agent of Chaos” Connor Durden (T)
Epic (F)
“The Whole Damn Show” Juan Castillas (T)
“Bulldozer” Aaron Bradley (F)
Cannibal (H)
“Peerless” Michael Lorenz (H)
Cricente Caos (F)
Arian (H)
“The Professional” Quinten Carnases (T)
“Kamikazee” Kaz Suriki (F)
“Role Model” Roger Schneider (H)
The Preacher (T)

Tag Team Roster

Sex & Violence - Salvatore Bocanegra and Christian Avant (H)
Mighty Morphin’ Emo Rangers - Ian McCullen and Evan McCullen (F)
Riot Squad - Dez White and Lars Hendrix (F)
Sons of Skynyrd - Jacob Muldoon and Ronald McCoy (H)

*Roster descriptions forthcoming

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