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CAWO Atlantic Roster

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
Singles Roster (Face, Tweener, Heel)

“The Aftermath” John McDonough (F)
“The Foundation” Ryan McCain (H)
Diabolous (H)
“The Saving Grace” Skylar Graham (H)
“Aerial Artistry” Devin Atkins (F)
VooDoo - managed by The Witchdoctor (H)
Rey Nado (F)
“The Innovator” Trey Shaw (T)
Tragedy (H)
“The Catalyst” Jordan West (T)
“The Archer” Vinny Azzaro (F)
Tremor (H)
“Jackass” Jimmy Lane (T)
The Poet (F)
“Gentleman” Christopher Thomas - managed by Jennifer Cruz (H)
“Epitaph” Evan Reed (F)
Chaz Clarke (T)

Tag Team Roster (F, T, H)

Rebels of the Sacred Heart - Patrick Flaherty and Sheamus McManus (F)
Hardcore Havoc - Jocko Sparx and Frankie Knox - managed by Holly Hox (H)
Tex-Mex Express - Joe Blackheart and Javier Guerrero (H)
Carnivale - The Sword Swallower and The Bearded Lady (T)

*Roster descriptions forthcoming

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