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Card Lineup and Info


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Mar 17, 1988
Get the lineup at: http://cswawrestling.com/tribune/mainevent.shtml

If you read PRIMETIME 500, then you know the Main Event is another match between Mayfield and Southern, this time for the World Title.

I'm asking for all angles to be submitted by January 10 so that we can start writing and hopefully get things posted by Friday, 1/14.

If you're not booked on the card, please consider putting together a segment either to kick off an angle or as an in-character reaction to what's been going on with existing angles (change in ownership, rumors about closing/money troubles, title switch, Mark's return, Thomas's relationship with Benedict, etc.)

The next card lineup will be announced around the angle deadline for this one (1/9 or 1/10). If you have requests for matches, let me know. The goal is to have around four matches per card, with a card posted every two weeks or so. We'll need your help to do that, as far as being willing to write matches, segments, roleplay, etc.

I'll be posting some additional info about cards and more as I get time.

In the meantime...get going! ;) Let mek now if you ahve any questions.


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