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Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* I am...

Rich beyond my wildest dreams. The poor want to be me, and social clubs want to have me. To use an outdated word, I AM a tycoon. Success is not an option; it is my way of life.

I am...

Ruthless and cunning. You expect me to fail while putting the prize in my face? My figure is small, but my means to an end are limitless. I learn from the mistakes of others.

I am...

Flawless. No person can defeat or deface that which I have built. A tally in your win column against me ensures that it will be negated by a loss to me in the future. I built this life I live, and no person shall be king or queen of me. Now, or ever.

I am...

The CSWA Greensboro Champion, Kin Hiroshi. "Japanese Thunder"; "The Muffin Man"; "Habooki". My name does not matter, I will still break you.


* A limo waits outside an undisclosed hospital. The driver turns the key as an attendant opens the backdoor; he stands patiently awaiting his boss. A CSWA camera crew already sits inside the limo waiting for Hiroshi.

Eventually, the Greensboro Champion exits through sliding doors. One hand fiddling with a business card, while the other rubs the bridge of his nose. He lets out a long sigh, and slumps into the car.

The title belt sits on the seat next to Kin, and he casually rests his hand on it. Hiroshi's attendant climbs in, and closes the door.

Attendant: "What did the doctor say?"

Kin Hiroshi: "Same thing as the rest. My head got knocked around, and it just needs time to rest."

A: "Sir, you don't..."

KH: "I know, I know. I don't have time. Battle of the Belts is closing in fast."

A: "That's why the crew is here. It's time you said something."

* Kin sighs again, and nods to the crew who turn their equipment on. Hiroshi's attendant is cut from the shot, and the champs slings the title over his shoulder. *

KH: "Where do I begin? With GUNS? Sure, I'll start with GUNS. Son, you took me to the cleaners. I won't deny it. I've watched the replays, and I admit you throttled me. Yet, I walked out with the strap.

"Why? Everyone tells me it's because PLR decided to help me. Honestly, I don't remember much, but if PLR was there, I can guarantee one thing. They weren't there to help me. Everyone is wrong. They were there to harm you. It didn't matter who was in the ring against the "mighty" GUNS, PLR would have torn your new a**hole either way.

"Still, I feel I must thank them for their actions. So, guys, thanks."

* Kin shifts, obviously uncomfortable. His attendant hands him some water, and, after a sip, he rubs his temples. He relaxes, and addresses the camera again. *

KH: "Yet, even with the win, and the assist from PLR, you still rung, if not cracked, my bell, GUNS. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you. You brought my back to reality. For the longest time I believed I was untouchable. That nothing could hurt me. Then, after stepping into the ring with you for the Greensboro Title...you proved me right.

"I am invincible! I went toe to toe with you. You tossed me like a rag doll, and what happened to me? I get a few lousy headaches. Sure, they hurt like hell, but I know that nothing can beat me.

GUNS, thank you, you big lummox. Now I can go into Battle of the Belts with a renewed vigor for my life, and as CSWA's Greensboro Champion."

* Kin takes another sip of the water, and hands it back to his assistant. A grin sweeps over his face, and his demeanor changes from sullen to cheerful. *

KH: "Battle of the Belts XVII is looking to be the show to beat all shows. Hornet vs. Windham, Aho vs. Flair, Elimination Tag Matches, a Battle Royal for #1 contender ship...

"What else does this show need? Nothing, because I'm there. An 8-man elimination tag match. Nathan Storm, Cameron Cruise, Nathan Cross, and Jean Rabesque, vs. JJ DeVille, Tsunami, Ryp Fandango, and myself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have the names in this match, the question is, is the talent there? By God it is! Storm, Cruise, Cross, and Rabesque, or Team Backstreet Boys, as I like to call them, are going to have to muster something up to beat Team Slaughter.

"Of course, my colleague, Cameron Cruise is on Team Backstreet Boys. I'm sure it was a mistake by management, Cam. Just watch your back. There's no bad blood between us, but that doesn't mean I'm not out to win.

"As for Team Slaughter. We will mow over EVERYONE. I will mow over everyone. Those that befriend me, still stand in my way. Keep that in mind while you stand next to me.

"After all, you will be standing next to greatness, the CSWA Greensboro Champ, the 'Muffin Man' Kin Hiroshi.

"Do you know the Muffin Man? You think you know, but you have no idea."

* Kin nods at the camera crew to cut, and almost immediately after the cameras stop, his grim mood returns. He turns to his assistant, and shakes his head. *

** Fade to gold **


* I am...

Arrogant beyond all measure, and cocky to boot...

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