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Buddy Saxon [version one]


League Member
Jan 30, 2010

Name: K
E-mail Address: lesh.lilani@gmail.com
AIM: theantagonist21
Preferred Method of Handling: Anything and everything
Best Way to Contact you: PM


Name: Buddy Saxon
Nicknames: The Bournemouth Boy

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225lbs
Handedness: Right
Looks: http://acw.ewtorch.com/bios/buddys/images/head/buddys.jpg

Hailing From: Bournemouth, England

Disposition: A burgeoning face that just connects with the crowd for some reason.
Gimmick: Rookie with a heart of gold, and that's just a liiiitle bit special.

Ring Attire: For NFW events, he'll wear off-white cargo pants with black boots. His upper body will remain bare, except for the letters N F W painted on his chest with water pastels. No, I'm not kidding.

Theme Music: For Your Entertainment, by Adam Lambert

Ring Entrance: The theme music comes on, and just as the song kicks into high gear after about 30 seconds, Buddy basically struts out like Jeff Jarret. He dances accordingly to the song en route to the ring, and gets on his knees with his arms up in the air once in the ring, telling the fans he thinks they're cool.

Tactics/Style: Uhum, well. He's something of a all-rounder with a penchant for arm-based submission moves. But he'll do anything to impress the fans. Also, if an opponent uses a string of moves on him that he thinks it's cool, he'll learn how to do them and use them.

Strengths: Down-to-earth honesty, never-say-die spirit, adaptability.

Weaknessess: Inexperience, somewhat easy to manipulate, not power to offer in the brawling department.



That's basically one of Buddy's best matches so far, so anything close to that would be fine.


- Born in Bournemouth.
- Only relative is his uncle Nigel, who happens to be his legal guardian.
- Strangely enough, Buddy can't remember his life before the last few months of 2009.
- Although, he won't admit it.
- Trained by a masked man by the name of Z, who's in ACW now.
- His desire to wrestle comes from the fact that he has no other real-world skills.
- Plus, he likes the competition aspect.
- Reason for coming to NFW is to branch out and explore his horizons.
- He's young, not-so-dumb and full of... errr, spirit. Yeah, that's it.
- Likes cookies. Sorry, loves cookies. Adores them.
- A little bit special, in the sense that he's slightly slow. But that won't factor in until later.
- And finally, he'll look to make friends with all the top-tier faces.



Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:

1-5: Arm drags, hiptoss, overhand chops, discus forearm smashes, flying dropkick off the ropes
6-15: Sleeper submission hold, springboard forearm smash, reverse DDT, double-arm ddt, la magistral cradle, armbar submission, sunset flip pin, fall-forward russian leg sweep into a crossface submission, dropsault, cross body block off the ropes
16-18: Kip-up hurricarana, Tornado DDT, STO
19: Elbow drop off turnbuckle onto shoulder area
20: SAXON BUSTER -- Cockscrew brainbuster (will serve as his current finisher in NFW)

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