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BTR Championship Tournament

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
BTR Championship Tournament

At the Vander High School Football Stadium in Vander, West Virgina

The camera opens up beside the announcer's table as the BTR commissioner, Jim Sears has his microphone on his head. Jim is wearing a tux (yes, a real tux!) and has his hair greased back like he just crawled out of the Godfather or something.

JIM: "Welcome fans to the first ever BTR championship tournament. We have a load of talent lined up for this 1 night showing for the fans here and on community sharevision around the area. My name is Jim Sears, & I'll be your host for this evenings cards along with Larry Rankin and his brother Daryl."

LR: "That's right man, we've lined up the coolest card in the land."

DR: "This rocks!"

JIM: "Our first round action will consist of the Eliminator vs. 'Extreme' Eddie Dean along with Pestilence vs. Sumo Shamoo in heat one.

DR: "That rocks!"

LR: "And man, in heat two, we have the Deacon vs. 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair & Eddy Love vs. 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack."

JIM: "So without further adieu, lets get to the ring for the beginning of tonights tourney."


The Eliminator w/Hot Scott vs. 'Extreme' Eddie Dean​

The camera changes view, and the next shot is overlooking the Vander High School Football Stadium that is totally packed. The crowd is excited as the announcer begins (cut back to ringside camera)

"Ladies & Gentleman… the moment you've all been waiting for!" (Huge fan pop) "The Big Time Rasslin' Championship tournament!" (Even huger - is that a word? - fan pop). Our first quarter final matchup is between …"

(Cue up Eliminator's entrance music) The Eliminator comes walking down the ramp right outside the gym on the edge of the field. He comes through the door, dunking to fit, and then raises his arms. (The fans go nuts) The announcer continues, "…The Eliminator. He weighs in at 375lbs. with a 6'6" frame. He's accompanied by his manager Hot Scott." The Eliminator climbs through the ropes, stands in the middle of the ring, and signals for his music to be cut. It does. The announcer continues, "And his opponent…"

(Cue up Extreme Eddie Dean's intro music) Eddie walks down the ramp with a wild look in his eyes. He's wearing goggles & a red streak of paint down both cheeks. The announcer goes on, "the Extreme… Eddie Dean!" Eddie walks through the ropes, never taking his eyes off of the Eliminator. The bell rings and then they meet…

Extreme quickly catches Eliminator with a Victory Roll. The ref gets a 1 count and then both men are back up. This was a quick psychological attack by Eddie to keep the Eliminator off his toes. They lock up again, and Eddie throws a back elbow into the Eliminator's head temporarily stunning him. Eddie follows that with a Tiger bomb. Eliminator is wheeling and gets sent into the turnbuckle. Eddie charges in, but Eliminator sends him up and over the top, and then down to the concrete below. Eliminator rolls outside and continues the attack. He takes Eddie and sends him into the security fence with a ferocious irish whip. The Eliminator picks Dean up in a Gorilla press and then sends Eddie back in the ring over the top rope. Eddie lies limp as the Eliminator slowly climbs the stairs to the ring again. He enters, grabs Eddie's legs …and is it, YES! The Eliminator has latched in the Elimination Leglock (Scorpion Death Lock). Eddie is screaming as the Eliminator sinches back on the move with his very considerable strength and sits down on Eddie's back with his VERY considerable size. The ref moves into position and asks Eddie if he's ready to give up. Eddie screams in pain, but throws out a NO somewhere in there. Eliminator sits back even more, sending another shockwave of pain into Dean, but Dean uses his long 6'5" body and grabs the ropes forcing the Eliminator to break the hold. Dean is hurting as he grabs his back. Eliminator picks him up in another Gorilla press, but instead of throwing him to the canvas, he sends him to the floor below. Eddie's back has to be screaming with pain. The Eliminator climbs on the outside apron & waits for Dean to stand up. Eddie staggers to his feet and as he turns around the Eliminator lunges with a clothesline to take his head off… but Eddie grabs the Eliminator by the head and sends him face-first into the stairs beside the ring. Eddie climbs back in the ring as the Eliminator slowly gets back up. Eddie takes a run in the ring and then dives over the top with a splash that sends them both into the railing. The ref starts his count and Dean gets in the ring around 5…followed by the Eliminator barely rolling in around 9. Eddie picks him up in a suplex, no the EXTREME PLUNGE (Brainbuster) and the 3 count. Eddie Dean moves on to the semifinals.



JIM: "Looked like Eliminator had him there, but the Eliminator has seemed rather focused elsewhere during his short tenure in the BTR."

LR: "Man, for someone not focused, he looked pretty good."

DR: "That rocked!"

JIM: "Eddie Dean pulled it off though and got the big man up in … I think they're ready for our next match."


'The Maestro' Bryan Blair w/Contessa vs. Deacon w/Shepherd

Camera cuts back to where the wrestlers enter. (Cue up Fireworks music as the crowd begins to boo loudly.) Out walks 2 men dressed in Victorian clothes. They pull a red 'carpet' behind them for the wrestler to walk upon. Onto the ramp walks Contessa. She is wearing her 18th century clothing that has become her trademark as well as … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair's. Blair looks around the crowd and then shakes his head in total contempt. Contessa walks down the ramp followed by a sneering Blair. Bryan enters the ring, takes the mic, and begins to speak. "I have come back to this … town to continue my crusade for you obviously ingrateful savages. I will show you culture…right after I show Deacon…"

The lights go out, and with the overcast night sky, that makes it REAL dark. The gregorian chant begins as Deacon walks out in his monk attire lead by the Shepherd. A spotlight shines on them that allows the crowd to see their slow march to the ring. Deacon slowly walks up the stairs, climbs into the ring with the Shepherd, crosses himself, and then sends his arms out in a powerful thrust as the lights turn on again (HUGE fan pop).

Bryan seemed to igore Deacon as he speaks with Contessa and yells at the crowd. He turned around, and Deacon is right there. Bryan looks up…and up… and up. Deacon towers over him and starts to use it to his full advantage. He grabs Blair in a standing armbar, but Bryan quickly pulls away. Deacon waits in the center of the ring as Bryan studies his opponent. He takes off running into the ropes and leaps at Deacon with a Cross body block. Deacon quickly counters with a Sidewalk slam that sends Blair's head hard to the mat.Deacon goes for a quick pin but only gets a 2 count. Deacon throws Blair into the ropes and tries a clothesline, but Blair dunks and then sends in a shot to the midsection that doubles Deacon over. Bryan grabs Deacon's legs and latches in a spinning toe-hold. His strategy is shown with that, go for the legs. Deacon grabs the ropes forcing the move to break, but Blair pulls Deacon away from the ropes and then puts the toe-hold on again. Deacon quickly powers out, but not before the damage is done. Blair throws Deacon into the turnbuckle and then charges in with a elbow to the chest, but Deacon moves out of the way and helps Bryan on his way out to the floor. Bryan smacks on the concrete with a THUD! Deacon looks at him for a few seconds and as Bryan struggles to his feet, Deacon takes off running, bounces off the far ropes and then flies over the top rope and down onto Blair. Deacon gets up and back into the ring. Bryan gets up and rolls in the ring just before the count of 10. Blair is greeted however with a chokeSLAM! Deacon picks Bryan up & puts him on the top rope facing out toward the crowd. Deacon climbs the second rope himself, puts Bryan up on his shoulders and then sends him down with the ALTAR CALL (Crucifix Powerbomb). The ref counts the 3 and Deacon moves on.



JIM: "Great match there. The Maestro had a good gameplan but situations didn't flow his way this night."

LR: "Man, that's right. This was just Deacon's match, his night so far, but Blair will be back because Man, he already had a big win over Eddie Love last week in your first card."

DR: "That rocked!"

JIM: "We have the other match ready, so lets get to it!"


Sumo Shamoo vs. Pestilence

("Sexy Boy" - HBK's theme music - cues up.) Down the ramp walks a HUMONGOUS man. Standing at 6'6", and weighing in well over 500 pounds, the man from Japan known only as Sumo Shamoo walks down the ramp. He is wearing a black & red spandex outfit. Sumo rolls under the bottom rope as the ring strains under his weight. He 'struts' around the ring for a few moments before - everything goes black. (Cue up Pestilence's theme) Down walks 2 sickly, but huge men carrying torches. Pestilence stands at the top of the ramp, closes his eyes, puts himself in a 'crucifix' position, and then opens them to begin his walk to the ring. He climbs the stairs and then with a wave of his arms, sends the torches out and the lights back on.

Pestilence walks in the ring and faces Sumo Shamoo who doesn't flinch. Sumo leans himself down low to give himself a low center of balance. The bell rings & Sumo explodes with a Shoulder ram that suprises Pestilence, sending him into the ropes. Pestilence squints a few times, a bit confused on this guys surprising strength. Pestilence moves to the center again and as Sumo tries the shoulder ram, Pestilence attempts a reversal with a side slam? Sumo doesn't budge, and with one mighty shove he sends Pestilence's back into the turnbuckle. Sumo charges in with the force of an elephant, but Pestilence quickly (and wisely) moves out of the way. Sumo hits the turnbuckle and Pestilence does a quick roll up that gets the 3 count.



JIM: "Quick victory there for Pestilence. That could be important as the night wears on."

LR: "Man, that Sumo Shamoo was huge. He did quite well for his first professional match against the veteran, Pestilence."

DR: "He rocks!"

JIM: "However, Pestilence gave him his first wrestling lesson with that move. I'd say that you should watch Sumo though, with that much size, power, and he even showed a little speed and agility, he will be a force in time."


'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs. 'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa

(Cue up "Don't tell me what love can do." By Van Halen. Huge Fan pop.) Onto the ramp walks 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack who is wearing his dark blue wrestling tights with Daredevil emblazoned down the sides along with his leather jacket. He motions to someone else on the ramp & after a LONG while, out walks Sunshine wearing a long black dress with long sleeves (one arm a bit thicker) & combat boots. She blushes, turning blood red and blending in with her mysterious bruises as the crowd doubles their cheers for her. Mark walks to ring with her meekly staying with him, one hand around her as he high-5's the fans on his way to the ring. He gets to the ring and slingshots himself over the top. He sits on the middle rope and invites Sunshine in, but she declines and takes her place at ringside. Mark takes off running and runs up the turnbuckles and does a full flip in the air, landing on his feet as a new announcer walks in the ring and shakes hands with Mark Vizzack. He is wearing a tux. He is 6'6", but not nearly the size of a wrestler (90lbs. soakin' wet!). He begins, "And our next contestant wanted to meet me personally. He wanted me to strap that belt and since no one here really believes he can bring the gold home, I was asked to play announcer for this matchup. Our next contestant is known as HURRICANE EDDY LOVE! (Cue up "Rock you like a Hurricane" by Scorpion) Onto the ramp walks Eddy Love and Sweet Melissa. The crowds cheers quickly turn to boos for as much as they LOVE Vizzack & Sunshine, the despise this couple (or at least Eddy - the guys still 'admire' Sweet Melissa). They kiss as people begin to chant, "GET A ROOM! GET A ROOM!" They walk to the ring, Eddy occassionally taking a swipe at a frisky member of the audience. Eddy gets in the ring, helps Melissa in, and they treat the crowd again with a kiss (HUGE fan boo's). Warren grins mischeiviously at Eddy as he walks through the ropes himself.

They lock up and Mark starts to Irish whip Eddy into the ropes, but instead catches him with a knee to the midsection. Eddy doubles over and Mark continues to the cheers of the crowd. He sends Eddy into the turnbuckle and follows him in with a quick elbow as Eddy returns. Mark follows that by taking Eddy to the corner, climbs the ropes and hits a 360 DDT from the top rope. Eddy quickly rolls out of the ring and Sweet Melissa comes to his aid. He is ignoring Mark & Mark takes advantage with a baseball slide that sends Eddy into the security railing. He climbs the top rope and soars to the floor, but Eddy desperately moves out of the way. Mark's head bounces off the railing and then to the concrete. When Mark looks up, a decent sized cut is on his forehead. Eddy climbs into the ring, struts a little, & then a few pelvic thrust to really get this crowd riled. Sweet Melissa climbs on the apron for a kiss, & Eddy obliges. Mark finally rolls in the ring, & Eddy grabs his leg, latching on the figure 4 leglock. Mark is hurting, but is able to get to the ropes. Eddy pulls him away and then locks in a step over toe-hold with a crossface lock. Eddy takes his forearm & grinding it into Mark's cut forehead. Eddy lossens the move only to send Mark back outside. He follows out, grabs a chair, and plants it on Mark's forehead again. A smile crosses his lips as he kisses Melissa and rolls back into the ring. Mark rolls back in, but is quickly thrown out on the other side. Eddy follows him out, picks him up, & then drops him on the security railing. Eddy rolls back in the ring again to await Mark, who again struggles to the ring. Eddy greets him with a kick to the head as Mark tries to get to his feet, followed by another, and then another. Eddy smiles as he toys with the bleeding Mark. He throws him outside the ring via over the top rope again. Eddy climbs the top rope to try a falling double hammer when (cue up Gregorian chant - huge fan pop) Deacon's music begins. Eddy stands on the top still, but seems a bit unsure of the situation…, & then the lights go out! THWAK on the concrete. The spotlight shines on the entranceway as Deacon stands there with a cross on his back. Eddy slowly pushes himself off the ground after his hidden tumble from the top and has a hateful stare at Deacon. He pulls himself up on the railing when, from behind, Mark slams Eddy's face onto the security railing (fan pop). Eddy is stunned as Mark climbs back into the ring at the count of 5. Deacon walks back out of sight as Eddy pulls himself back into the ring to the awaiting Daredevil. Mark takes off running into the ropes opposite of Eddy. He jumps on the 2nd rope, launches himself into the air, catches Eddy with a modified DDT, THE DAREDEVIL FLYER. Eddy is slung outside the ring from the impact though. Mark goes out after him, but Eddy gets up and starts to walk out. The ref is counting & Mark has to go back into the ring or risk being counted out. Suddenly, Jim Sears gets up from the announcers table and confronts Eddy as he tries to leave. A shouting match develops & Eddy kicks Jim in the gut. Jim doubles over and Eddy nails him with the HURRICANE PILEDRIVER! Jim lies there limp as the ref finishes the countout giving Mark the match. Eddy shrugs it off in disgust and him & Sweet Melissa walks out of the stadium.



LR: "MAN THAT GUY IS BRUTAL! He just took Jim's head off with that move. Listen man, I really can't talk right now… I'm gonna check on Jim."

DR: "…(uhm) that sucked."


'Extreme' Eddie Dean vs. Pestilence

(Entrances for Eddie Dean & Pestilence - I only write them once guys!) The match starts with Eddie Dean wrapping up a victory roll but only getting a 1 count. Dean then whips Pestilence into the ropes and tries a flying forearm, but Pestilence catches him and props him up on his shoulders… Running Powerslam! Eddie rolls out of the ring and tries to recuperate. Pestilence follows him out though, but he is greeted with a foreign object to the face and then slammed into the pole. Eddie grabs a garbage can that he brought with him this time and climbs to the top rope. He jumps off, planting the garbage can firmly on Pestilence's head as the crowd 'awwws'. Dean climbs the ropes again, and does the exact same move adding even more dents to the can. Eddie tries it a 3rd time, but this time Pestilence moves and hits Eddie in the stomach. He follows that by picking up Eddie and slamming him onto the table (but it doesn't break). Pestilence rolls back in the ring and when Eddie rolls under the ropes, he is greeted with a CHOKESLAM. Pestilence goes for the cover, but only gets a 2 count. Pestilence throws Eddie Dean outside the ring again and this time when Pestilence goes out, the ref tries to keep them seperated. Pestilence shoves him aside, but is caught with a chair flush in the head by Dean. Dean throws Pestilence in the ring and then does a Springboard Gullotine Legdrop into the ring himself. He covers Pestilence, but only gets a 2 count. Eddie goes back out, gets his garbage can, and then leaps off the top onto an unsuspecting Pestilence. However, the ref saw this illegal move and immediately disqualified Eddie Dean for bringing it in the ring.



Deacon w/Shepherd vs. 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine

(Intros for Deacon & Mark Vizzack with a bandage on his head) Deacon starts the match with a quick throat jab that surprises Mark Vizzack. Deacon picks him up and then whips him into the ropes, but Vizz is more than ready for that. He slides under Deacon's legs, pulling Deacon's legs from under him. Mark takes off running toward the corner closest to a recovering Deacon. Mark runs up the ropes and then flips onto Deacons shoulders putting the big man down with a HURRICARANA!!! Suddenly, Sunshine comes to ringside from the back and is confronted by Shepherd who is motioning for her to return to the back. Sunshine turns so Shepherd's back is facing the dressing room when, out walks the infamous masked man that has troubled Deacon so in the CSWA. The Masked Man slams a chair onto Shepherd's back knocking him cold. Meanwhile in the ring, Mark flies through the air with a swan dive onto Deacon. He gets Deacon up & then hits him in the midsection, and then runs to the ropes. Outside, the Masked Man takes a swipe at Deacon's head, connecting and sending the phenom out. Mark stops his obvious DAREDEVIL FLYER attempt and just covers Deacon for the easy 3 count.



Warren Fitzpatrick again climbs into the ring after a 20 minute break to announce the finals of the tournament. "This, the finals of the BTR championship tournament, is ready to begin (fan pop). This match is between 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack & Pestilence (fan pop). These men have went through loads of pain to get here, and now their dream is at hand. Let the games begin."


'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs. Pestilence

(Intros) Mark opens up by trying an armlock, but Pestilence quickly powers out of that. He follows it up with an attempted headbutt, but Mark grabs his head - putting it in a headlock. He holds on for several long minutes and then turns it into a Belly to Belly Powerslam. Pestilence is hurting, and then worse when Mark hits another Hurricarana. Mark continues his assualt with a top-rope 360 DDT and then goes for the cover, only getting a 2. Mark climbs the top rope and flies off with an elbow drop, but no one is home. Pestilence gets up about the same time as Mark and catches him with a stunner. Mark is stunned for sure as Pestilence connects with a belly to belly suplex. Mark rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, but Pestilence continues on the offensive with a flying tackle through the ropes. Mark is hurting as Pestilence continues to take the fight to him with a head rammed into the steel pole. Mark's forehead is reopened, this time bleeding worse than before. Pestilence tries to slam Mark's face to the table, but Mark blocks it on instinct alone, slamming Pestilence face-first to the table. Mark throws him back in the ring. He catches Pestilence in the gut with a fist and then goes for his finisher. Pestilence has this move scouted though and drops completely to the ground. Mark flies across the ring to no one and crashes to the mat. As he gets up, Pestilence lifts him up with a Chokeslam. In what had become a battle of endurance, this would truly be unforgettable. Pestilence went for a pin, but only got a 2 count. He then tried a flying body attack that sent Mark to the mat. He threw Mark into the ropes, but Mark quickly reversed it. Pestilence hit the ropes, bounded out and was caught with a HURRICARANA. Mark used it with a cradle pinning combination to get the 3 count. (HUGE FAN POP)



Into the ring walks Warren Fitzpatrick with the BTR championship. "Announcing the 1st ever BTR champion, 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack." It isn't much, but it is representative of being the best the BTR has. Warren hands it to Mark Vizzack as he lifts it high into the air, stands on the top rope and celebrates with the crowd. Suddenly, Mark stops and looks down to a quietly clapping black headed girl named Sunshine. He smiles at her with that bright smile. He jumps over the top rope he was standing on and onto the outside apron. He asks Sunshine to come in the ring, but she shyly shakes her head no. People in the crowd begin shouting, "go ahead." But Mark waves them down. He walks down the stairs, puts his arms around Sunshine, hugs her, and then walks with her back onto the apron. He helps her into the ring and then turns her around when she's in there. Then, to everyones shock, he hands the title to her and kisses her on the forehead. With that the screen Fades to Black.

Elsewhere, or more precisely at the hospital, Jim Sears is recuperating nicely from a stinger in his neck. He is talking to Larry & Daryl when 2 IRS agents walk in.

IRS: "Jim Sears?"

JIM: "Yes, that's me?"

IRS: "We're from the IRS, and we have reason to believe that you owe a large amount of taxes from your sole proprietorship company, a 'Big Time Rasslin'. You didn't get a license or pay social security, federal, or those infamous WV State taxes."

JIM: "I've been indispose recently."

IRS: "I'm sorry sir, but we can have no excuses. You owe us $******* (Lot's of money!)"


Suddenly from outside the room walks JW Locke with several other men. They are all dressed nicely and the one in the back is carrying a black suitcase.

JW: "But I can. I have an offer on the table to buy the BTR from you."

JIM: "I'm not salin' it!"

JW: "Fair enough, it's your choice. You can go bankrupt when the IRS dogs sink their teeth into you, OR you can let me bail you out."

JIM: "This is ludicruous! I just wanted out of the **** factory!"

JW: "OK then, you seem to have a good hand at calling matches, you can work for me as an announcer / commentator. Here's the contract, I'd suggest you sign it before Rover here has his way with you."

JIM: "uh…uh, listen can I think about it."

JW: "Yeah, but Locke Enterprises gave me until (looks at his watch) 30 minutes from now to find myself something to do with my life, (sheepishly) dad's the owner/CEO, and what I want to do is be a wrestling Czar. You have a good start, and I will make it even better. You think in small time, & I'll think in competing with the CSWA, the WCW, the SWF, the WWF, all the big dogs. And with your little company, I'll put them all back on the porch. (gives a devilish grin) SO… go ahead, (his eyes flare up) sign it."

Jim signs it as the world changes forever, the BTR becomes the … who knows yet.
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