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Brand New Beginning!


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Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
**Fade in.....

The scene opens to the freshly cut lawn of the mansion with which we are all familiar.....The home of Lance Liezure. A quiet, calm, peacful scene. Birds chirping, sun shining, and an all around happy place. Until......

The front door bursts open! Out runs Alexis in tears. She runs out to her car, gets in, and starts it. The door swings around again and out runs Lance Liezure with quite a different look to him.

He is holding a skateboard and wearing huge-legged, baggy, green jeans with his ever-familiar white tank top, but with a cross necklace instead of his silver necklace he got from Alexis. He has his ear pierced with a barb-wire tattoo around his arm. Lance slams the door behind him and runs out onto the porch, shouting obscenities at Alexis as she speeds off from his home.**

Lance: (Shouting) And let this be the LAST time I EVER hear from your immature bitch-ass AGAIN! Don't EVER come crawling back to me EVER! I can't stand to see you, hear you, or even KNOW you! You repulse me! Leave.....AND DON'T COME BACK!!!

**Lance stands in anger, board in hand, as he watches the car fly down the highway and his last sight he'll ever see of his former lover ever. He tilts his head to the side then turns a complete 180 and walks back into the house mumbling under his breath.**

Lance: Dumb bitch is gonna get pissed at me just for changing a little. I haven't even changed that much. I'm still the same person I was before. She's the one who didn't show up and forced our match to be left off the card! I'm sick of her. I'm ready for a new beginning. Now, I don't have any liablities at ringside to worry about. I'm on my own now, and I couldn't be happier. Well, actually I'm not alone. (Pats the board) Only now, this can inflict alot more damage than some airheaded girl.

I need to keep things the way they were before. When girls didn't mean anything to me but objects. They just get in the way of anything. 'Stop skateboarding! It's dangerous!' Ha! As if wrestling isn't?! Now it's time to show the world truly what Lance Liezure is. Not 'Luscious'. Not the show-off, big-headed badass I thought I was. I am the badass I TRULY am! The non-caring, hard-headed, indestructible BADASS in its truest form!

**Lance walks into the kitchen and over to the fridge and grabs a soda and some chips from the cabinets. He walks back into the living room and grabs a new Tony Hawk's Skateboarding DVD. He slides it in and leans back in his leather recliner as he gets set for some relaxation.

He can't sit for long as the thoughts and memories that first gave him the hatred and anger now bore into the very inner workings of his soul. He remembers how much he had cared for her and some memories of past times together. He bows his head and runs his fingers through his short, brown hair. He raises his head back up and looks around the room. As he does, sort of a crooked smile comes across his face. He nods his head.**

Lance: I have never been one to let anything beat me, and, by god, I won't start now! This, all of this, has been a learning experience for me. It's hardened me. I think...now....I am ready for damn near anything. I can't wait to return to the ring. It's gonna be so fun. Just wait 'till they see me now!

Just WAIT 'till they see me now........

**Lance locks his fingers together in thought as the movie continues. He grabs a remote and hits a button which dims the lights even further. Which this is when we......


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