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Brad Andrews


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Info for Lee's character, Brad Andrews.

Wrestler Name: Brad Andrews
Nicknames: BA, Good ol' BA, The Man Who Ruined Everything
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 267 lbs
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Birthdate: 6/17/81

Physical appearance: BA has a burly, slightly pudgy physique that would look right at home in any 80s southern promotion. He wears his hair slightly below shoulder length, because if long hair was cool in the early 2000s then it’s still cool goddammit. Naturally it’s dark brown, but he dyes it a different color almost every time he appears.

Ring gear: 90% of the time it’s going to be camoflague pants and a black T-shirt, and 90% of those times the pants are going to be urban color. Other colors of camo are selected to match his more unusual choices on hair dye jobs.

Theme music: "We Aren’t The World" – Dog Fashion Disco

Face or heel?: Heel

Gimmick: Half guy-in-a-wrestling-family with an inferiority complex because his brothers and cousins were all either more famous, popular, or both than he was. Half a madman of the mundane, Kevin Sullivan sort – his creepiness comes from the fact that he’s not a behemoth and doesn’t spend hundreds of dollars on fancy ring attire and makeup. He’s just not right, somehow, and you can’t really place your finger on what’s wrong but you can see it. Mix that in with the mild “huh, that’s pretty cool I guess” factor from seeing an old-timer who was a star but not a full fledged superstar make a comeback, and that’s about what Brad’s doing.

Ring style: Technically proficient all-arounder disguised as a sloppy brawler. For a little more detail, see strengths and weaknesses

Brief biography:
Brad’s last period of activity in the wrestling business was back in the old CAL interfed. An upper midcard heel who dabbled in the main event scene but never quite made the jump, he was known for his sporadic but extremely brutal attacks. He once piledrove a guy named Adam Delicious off the ring apron to the floor, bringing a show to a stop. Another time a chick named Gemma Lockhart kicked him in the face so hard she knocked a tooth out, and with his mouth pouring blood, BA drew a heart on his forehead with it.

He mostly retired in 2005, but when Old Line Wrestling held its farewell card in late 2008, he returned to participate on it and made as much amends as he could with everyone who’d hear him out, and then left the wrestling business and stayed gone.

Until now.

Three strengths:

1) Durability. BA is an above average striker, but a god-tier absorber of strikes. Only the absolute biggest of dudes, and chicks who duck punches and counter with roundhouse kicks can beat BA in a standup.
2) Superb tag team wrestler. Surprisingly, despite his antisocial tendencies, tag team wrestling comes naturally to BA. The timing that makes tag teams great and that many teams work for years on is subconscious for BA. He will be in the right spot at the right time, and even he doesn’t know how he knows how to do it.
3) Underestimated. BA has a nice assortment of slams, suplexes, even a few good high flying attacks, and he once held his own in a grappling exchange with Heidi Christenson. But since he brawls most of the time, he gets written off as a brawler.

Three weaknesses:

1) Ring rust. He’s been out of full time competition for literally over a decade. All the timing and innate talent in the world isn’t enough to fully counterbalance.
2) Poor endurance. BA’s allergic to cardio, and he’s used to tag team wrestling where he could tag out if he gassed.
3) Slow on his feet/suboptimal reflexes. He’s not going to be ducking head kicks or dodging flying attacks. It’s like he traded his dodging ability out for that extra durability.

5-10 signature maneuvers:

Sky High powerbomb
Snap STO
Lopsided moonsault (but more Great Muta than Lita, he lands it right, it just looks ugly)
BA Special (Falcon Arrow)

Finishing maneuver:
Soccer kick to the jaw. You could call it The Punt, but Brad Andrews would like to make it known that his use of it predates Randy Orton’s.

Last but not least…PM brusch one secret about your character that will not be immediately apparent or obvious.

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