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Blood Bath Aftermath


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Sep 16, 2004
(As the camera pans, the scene is a famileriar one for EUWC fans, its the old-fashioned wrestling school, made famous by "All Business" Eric McRae, we see young wrestlers honing their craft on wrestling mats in the foreground, weights in the background, a large trophy case in the back left and a very-pissed off looking Texan, McRae looks at the camera and begins to speak...)

This past Sunday, at Blood Bath, I had a night chock full of things night I need to talk about, first, Im gonna start with Donny Collins. First thing I want to say is, you little limey bastard is you and me wrestled a hell of a match, but like I've been saying all along is you couldn't hold a handle to my Texas sized jock, and the better man came out on top. And thats all I'm gonna say about that match...

(McRae begins to walk towards the trophy case towards the back left of the room as he continues to speak in his harsh Texan-drawl...)

Next thing I need to get to is the Blood Bath match itself, a match that I was acquaintin' myself quite nicely in, a match I was fixin' to win, but that British piece of trash came in and kicked my ass pretty damn quickly and cost me a chance at winnin' that match, and I'll give you credit when its due Collins, 'cause you did kick my ass in that match. But the thing is "All Business" didn't come back to the EUWC to feud with you Collins, I want what your brother just lost, the most desired prize in the game, the EUWC title. You see this here trophy case...

(points to the case, we see a collection of medals, trophies, and championship belts that McRae has won over the years, conspicuous by its absence is a EUWC title)

Theres a lot of history here in this trophy case, its got my high school titles, my college titles, professional titles, foreign titles, but one that it doesn't have is the one thing I want, the World title. Sean Taylor, you may have just fought one hell of a match against Danny Collins, but you are beatable, in fact very beatable in my book. Now I may be a dumbass, redneck Texan, but I am a realist. And I know that being new here, they don't just hand out title shots, and the fact is I had my chance, and Donny Collins got in my way.

(Throughout the "interview" McRae had seemed surpringly calm, all of a sudden an apparent rage comes over him and he begins to raise his voice)

What really pisses me off is that not only did I not win, but neither did any other worthy sunova***** either. The guy who won this match claims to be the King of Pain, but let me tell you something right now Stephen Greer, you don't know what pain is until you've stepped into the ring with "All Business" Eric McRae, and right now I'm telling you that I will not rest until I have the title shot you just won. I'm going to warn you once, and only once, watch your back because you have a predator hunting your ass, and predators dont rest until they have their prey. Now turn that thing off, and lets go have a beer...

(the camera shot quickly switches to static)

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