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Jan 1, 2000
(CUE UP: "Blackbird" by The Beatles. CUT TO: A grainy, old-style shot (think The Wonder Years' opening credits) of a playground. The swings are rusty, the field is brown, the sun is hot. A teen boy-- obviously bigger than his two siblings-- is pushing a young boy and a young girl on a swingset. The girl leaps off and falls, cutting her knee, crying. Both boys run to her side, trying to help her. The oldest is first, acting more responsible, looking at her knee. The younger one keeps on trying to get in the way to help-- only to be pushed away by the older boy. The older boy carries the little girl in his arms and begins to walk away. The younger boy looks on and starts to play on the swings, by himself.)

(CUT TO: An older Troy Windham. He's wearing shades, a MICKEY BENEDICT T-Shirt and jeans. He's sitting on the same swingset.)

TROY: It wasn't that long ago when me, Mark and Catherine were out here. Three kids in Sweetwater with a whole lot of talent and a messed up family. All of us, trying to sort out the demons in our heads, trying to figure it all out. Mark moves away and becomes a big wrestling star. I watch and hate him and his fame because all my life, all I'd be is Mark's little cousin or brother. I stay at home, get kicked out of U Texas and join him because I have nowhere else to go. And what do I do? I become a star, but not like him. I do it my way.

What does Catherine do? Catherine-- haven't you seen what this sport has done to us? To Mark? To myself? To the Windhams? Mark's lost his mind. Mark has been hurt physically and emotionally. A Lost Soul. A man who is so obsessed with his past he foresake his future. Me? In and out of rehab. On the front page of all the tabloids. A busted neck. 4 screws in my wrist. We didn't have anywhere to go, Catherine. I stay here, despite my wealth, my jet, my condo, because it's the only thing I know. Ashton Kuchar and me might call each other on our cell-pieces... and while I know what it's like to guest star on The 70's Show... he'll never know what it's like to wake up in a hospital bed with an IV in your arm for your job.

Catherine-- you could've stayed out of this. You could've had a normal life. Anything you wanted. Instead, what you wanted was an easy way because that's what you thought I had. You think it's easy waking up with a plate in your spine? All the zeroes in my bank account, all the teenaged girls, all the slots on Celebrity Blind Date don't make up for the fact that I'm in physical pain 24 horus a day, 7 days a week. And that doesn't even compare to what Mark goes through, every day, chasing demons that aren't even there, just to try and prove to himself that Mommy and Daddy didn't leave because of him.

(Blackbird still plays. CUT TO: A camcorder shot of Bandit-- in biker gear-- and Troy, doing shots at a bar, laughing it up. CUT TO: Troy, at the empty bar, sitting down at a stool.)

TROY: Bandit. Before Eddy Love. Before Mr. CSWA. Before all of that, you were my ace. You were my friend. I needed someone to watch my back at all times. I took you out of the trailer and paid you a lot of money to do that. We rode up and down the road together. Good times. Good times.

But one thing has always mattered most to you. That's money. Growing up, you never had any. I gave you your house, Bandit. I gave you your Harley, Bandit. I'm sorry you couldn't hack it anymore-- that watching my back was too much work. I'm sorry I wanted to come out and do it on my own, Bandit. But I guess I'm even sorrier that I thought we had more than just the bodyguard/patron relationship, that we had a friendship. When nobody was there for me, half the people in this sport trying to crush me, when the other half were trying to attach themselves to me, you were the only one who I could always count on, Bandit. Enjoy the paycheck Mayfield is giving you. Enjoy getting smokes for Craig Miles. It's not going to last. What they want is what I have, Bandit. What I have, I earned, Bandit. Anyone tries to take that away from me... they end up with nothing.

(Blackbird still plays. CUT TO: Eli Flair tossing Troy around at their famed I Quit Cage Match. CUT TO: Troy on a stretcher. CUT TO: Troy in a hospital bed. CUT TO: Troy back at the hospital bed, sitting on it.)

TROY: Eli Flair, in a few short weeks, you have what is rightfully mine. A shot, once and for all, to prove that I am better than my brother. A shot, once and for all, to prove that I am the greatest wrestler of my era.

Now, instead, I have to watch you have that spot. The same man who put me in a hospital bed for four months. The same man I warred with for five years of my life. Eli Flair, you never made me say I Quit. Not once in your life. You never, not once, beat Troy Windham. I may have almost died at your hands... but I never lost to you. And now... now you have my shot. The CSWA World Title means more to me than anything else I've accomplished. It means that you're the best. It means that you're an immortal. To me, it means that for all I've been through, I've done it and succeeded. That title is worth living for. That title is worth dying for. That title is worth a war.

Eli, I thought our battles were over, old friend. I thought our war was over, old friend. Maybe just the first one is.

(Blackbird still plays. CUT TO: The picture from before. The young Mark, Troy and Catherine are all playing on the playground again. They look happy-- when they were kids, before they were adults, when they still had a chance.)

TROY: Mark, one day, one day we're going to meet. One day, we're finally going to see who is the better man. Is it Mark, who did everything he could to be a hero to everybody only to wind up with nothing inside but emptiness? Is it Troy, who did everything he could to be a hero to nobody, only to end up sacrificing his body to fight for a league he tried to use his whole career?

For all our broken wings, Mark... we're going to learn to fly. We're going to take these wings and learn to fly.



the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
Don't. Not Now.

(CUT TO: The same Sweetwater PlayGround. It's late at night, the slides and swings are lit only by the pale Texas Moon Light. Mark Windham sits atop a JungleGym. Black shorts, shirtless, with sandals. A Dallas Cowboys hat is pulled backwards)

MARK: So that’s what it took Troy.

That’s what it took to finally listen to your older brother, to put your pettiness aside for ONE SECOND and realize I was the only person in this world who gave a da*n about you.

A busted neck and four screws.

You selfish bastard.

Don’t try and play the hero now. Don’t act like you care about anyone but yourself, because Troy, it’s just one more lie your reality can’t handle.

I told you ten years ago, no. Get back in school. Take the road that would have lead away from this. I’d pay for it. I offered to pay for acting lessons.

Troy, I begged.

I sat you down on the couch of our childhood Sweetwater home and I laid the cash on the coffee table.

20k. Take it and finance that film you and David dreamed of making.

But what’d you do with it?

You threw half up your nose and the other half against me. And why? Because I got all the press. Because I was a High School All-American.

Because you wanted to be me.

F*ck you Troy. That’s right. It’s too late for storybook endings and hugs and cheers. You killed the last of this family the minute you decided your stoned a** knew better than I did.


Maybe you missed what life was like for me growing up. Cooking the meals because our Uncle was too drunk to help anyone, least himself. I got you and Catherine off to school, I stayed home on Friday nights so you and Catherine’s friends could act out.

I raised you right.

And I never complained.

I never complained because despite our broken wings, more than anything I wanted to see you grow and fly.

I failed with myself as a kid. But I broke myself trying to ensure I didn’t fail with the two of you.

With 20k at your fingertips and a brother’s plea, you pissed away everything I worked for.

I wanted you to be somebody, Troy. Be somebody no Windham’s ever been.

Me? The awards, the wrestling career all great things but they’ve never been how I’ve measured myself. I would have given it all up to stay in Sweetwater and work at a mall, as long as you proved you could fly.

What have you gotten me? My work to rebuild myself then...you threw it in my face.

What have you gotten me?

I’m a man in my mid-thirty’s who doesn’t know he who he is. What I did know was a lie, and what I am...I hate.

Through you and Catherine there was hope. You two could have saved me, but you took the cash and followed my path.

F*ck you Troy.

I’m Nobody, Who Are You?

F*ck you Troy.

For telling Catherine I was right.

Your sincerity is too late.



Jan 1, 2000
Identity Crisis

(CUT TO: Troy, sitting on the jungle gym.)

I wanted to be you, Mark?

Mark, no one asked you to raise me. No one asked you to take the place of the people I thought were my mom and dad-- one a drunk, the other with her head turned away from it all.

But the thing was, Mark-- you DIDN'T raise me. I seem to have a lot of memories of Daddy going after me or Catherine and you not being there, because you were off to Austin or Fort Worth for another one of your tournaments.

The High School All-American who everyone thought was Sweetwater's Golden Boy.

Mark-- with all your tournaments, AAU meets, speaking at town council meetings... how could you possibly be home?

I wanted to be you, Mark? Growing up? Mark-- I've always wanted to be Troy. Bottom line.

You tried to be everything to everybody. The Hero. The All-American Legend. The Hero.

Guess what, Mark?

You know how you just said you were 35 years old and didn't know who you were, and what you did know you hated?

The reason is because you've never been a real person. You've always been a lie. You've always been the figment of someone's imagination. Either the hero to put up on the poster or the Lost Soul wanting to be saved.

But you've never, not once in your life, been yourself. You've never, not once, defined yourself.

You begged and pleaded with me not to become a wrestler 10 years ago. Why?

Was it to keep me safe? Was it so I could do something else?

Or was it because that, deep down inside, you knew that I would, one day, show the world what I've known since the day I was born.

That Mark Windham is a lie. That Mark Windham is a myth.

Three kids went to the playground. Two kids played and had fun. The other stood there, wishing he could but knowing he couldn't because all the adults were watching. He wanted to look responsible in their eyes.

Guess what, Mark?

We're only responsible for ourselves. You never learned that. You always wanted to bear a cross, to be crucified for sins that you didn't commit.

And what did it get you?

Absolutely nothing.

I broke my neck and my wrist for this company, Mark. I came back with these injuries even though I don't have to.


Because I want to be the man who is the greatest in this company's history.

Is it my cross to bear?


Is it my crucifixtion?


What is it?

It's my destiny. It's my identity. It's who Troy Windham is and will always be.

You've never known who you are. You'll never know who you'll be.

Then, older brother, I'll ask you the question.

You want to be me?


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