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BLACK DAWN 2012: CAGE GRUDGE MATCH: Impulse (c) vs. Stalker


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Grudge Match in a Cage

If Impulse retains against Jared Wells earlier in the night, this will be for the Intercontinental Title.

Post all RP here.

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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
Something Like a War


Black Dawn 2012 banner. EPW letters front and center. The face of y'r humble Intercontinental Champion takes up most of the room, with my old friend's faded black leather jacket on and the title belt over my shoulder.

No jokes here, this isn't Jared Wells.

This one isn't for fun.


"And here we are."

"The end of the road, Jason."

"For us. For you. This is the end."

"I don't know what it is, Jason - the fact that you've had an obsession with me since I first showed up in the Empire. The fact that you've had an obsession with me since we first locked up in last year's King of the Cage, which segued into your attacking me whenever you could, knocking Rose on her ass, and making Caitlyn Daymon's life a living hell."

"I never wanted to get involved in your war with her, Jason... but I'm not going to ignore someone who needs my help and is asking for it."

"So it comes to this. One night, one match, one title, two men locked in a cage."

"Did you see this coming in your Machiavellian plan, Jason? Was this your endgame?"

"It's Stalker's World, as you say - and we're just trapped in it."


"You're trapped, Jason - in a cage, with me."

"What matters isn't the cage itself: it's just a tool."

"What matters is what the cage represents."

"Nobody gets in."

"Nobody gets out."

"This is going to be your day of reckoning, Jason - and despite the fact that your failure against the Danglers has put me in the unenviable position of wrestling twice at Black Dawn, your grand plan - both what you've masterminded and what you've arranged to make us think you've masterminded... is going to fall."

"It's you and me, Jason. And you're going to pay for what you've done to me."

"To Rose."

"To Caitlyn."

"Welcome, Jason... to my world."



I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Re: Something Like a War

Sorry for the delay.


"This place is death."

(Fade in to the EPW ring surrounded by a steel cage, Jason Reeves standing in the middle of it.)

Stalker: It's been the death of so many careers, to list them all again would be a waste of my time.

Another name that will be shortly added to that list..... Impulse. The savior of EPW, the little good guy that could.

(Laughing to himself, Jason's face turns into a grim frown.)

Stalker: The fact that you couldn't make the save, in our tag match, is proof of how much of a coward and a fake you truly are, Knox. You made your promise and lived up to it though, at least I can say that is admirable.

Keeping up with that promise, however, is a double edged sword for you. It places you in a cage, with me, during your second match of the night. I don't know if it's stupidity or just ignorance that makes you think it's smart to face me in your second match of the night. Much less in a place that is as violent such as this.

If I remember correctly, the last time we met in a cage match I came away victorious. Of course it was Steven Shane that pinned you but, let's keep us in reality and realize that without me, Shane was nothing. Still nothing if you ask me, he refused my hand in leading him down the right path and look what happened.... he got f*cked up.


(Jason let's out a manic laugh.)

Stalker: You on the other hand. Have yet to truly feel my wrath, which is why... it's why I am so happy that you agreed to face me here. This place of death... where come Black Dawn your career could very well be over, if I decide it to be.

Your title will be mine, hell maybe even your woman will be mine after I strip you of your manhood. It's a joke for you to claim this as being your world, this isn't some one shot TV Series that gets cancelled mid way second season. This is Stalker's world... my world. I'd say we are in about Season 4 and far from completion of this epic draw. So you are simply a one season villain, and I think we all know what happens to one season villains.

I am the hero in this story, quite a trip isn't it Knox?

So at the end of Black Dawn the best friends will be World Champion and IC Champion and that my friends is truly a great season finale.

(Flashing the camera a grin, Jason turns his back to the camera and we fade to black.)

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