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Jan 1, 1970
Two options if you need your character's bio on the website:

1) Access to the 'backstage' content management system can be provided if you would like to update your bio as well as submit news, segments and matches. Reply to this note that you want access and I'll contact you privately to help set you up and provide technical assistance if needed. Website contributors are always welcomed.

2) Or copy/paste from the NFW1040 singles template or the NFW 1040 tag template, and then respond with the completed template in this note. We can take it from there.


Jan 1, 2000
Hope I got everything good and in order here; my OCD with bios made this nearly a three-day effort. :)


Name: Ryan Strawsma
Email Address: rrstrawsma@gmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: Rocko the Otter
Preferred Method of Handling: Hybrid (Promo/Angling)
Best Way to Contact you: PM or E-mail


Name: Kerry Kuroyama
Nicknames: The Pacific Blitzkrieg, The Emerald City Eliminator, K-2

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 237 lbs.
Handedness: Right
Looks: Mixed Japanese and Caucasian descent, in the prime of his youth. Solid, toned physique and an overall fit appearance. Eye color is dark brown, hair is black, worn in a trim spike cut (currently letting it grow out) and adorns his chin with a short, well-cropped goatee.

Hailing From: Seattle, Washington

Disposition: Optimistic, respectful, focused, self-confident, and passionately driven to succeed. He’s a bit young and over-idealistic, but makes up for it with an earnest desire to learn as much as he can and bring out the best in himself.
Gimmick: Third-generation wrestler, coming of age and following in his family’s footsteps. Straight-up babyface, prepared to overcome any obstacles in his way to bringing honor to the Kuroyama name.

Ring Attire: Ring equipment consists of boots, knee pads, elbow pads, and grappling gloves (all black), with attire being emerald green grappling shorts with black trim. The seal of The Dojo appears as a decal on the left hip. Walking to the ring, he wears a matching robe, which he hands over to the timekeeper before going in.
Theme Music: “Revolve” by the Melvins
Ring Entrance: Music plays through the song’s intro; Kuroyama steps out as the drums join the first verse riff, pumping a fist into the air, pausing at the top of the ramp for a brief moment before heading down. He slaps hands with a few ringside fans on either side of the aisle, but mostly keeps his trip to the ring quick, driven with a bold sense of energy. He hits the ring, taking a moment to eye down the opponent if he’s not the first out, and scales a turnbuckle or two for a few more fist pumps to get the crowd in his corner.

Tactics/Style: Americanized version of Strong Style Puroresu, with emphasis on martial arts strikes chained into judo takedowns and submission holds, strung together with a lot of slams, suplexes, and power moves to wear the opponent down.

1 - Extensively trained by experts and other prominent wrestlers, and equipped with an impressive arsenal of slams, suplexes, strikes, and holds that belie an athlete of his young age.
2 - Boasts a calm and focused degree of determination to succeed, always putting his emotions in check and keeping his mind on the match at all times.
3 - Extremely respectful to other athletes and well-mannered in how he represents himself in the ring and on camera, making him overly likeable to the fanbase.

1 - Still has plenty to learn and experience after only a couple years of working independent leagues, leaving him somewhat rough around the edges and prone to rookie mistakes.
2 - Refuses to cheat and doesn’t always expect the opponent to sink to that level, which limits a few of his options and at the same time leaves him vulnerable when the ref isn’t looking.
3 - Has a tendency to sometimes overdo it in the ring without heed for his body, a problem which led to a right shoulder injury two years back.


Likes to implement bursts of energy and stiffness to physically wear his opponent out through the match. His style of wrestling usually involves chaining together a series of suplexes and slams into strikes or submission holds, when he’s controlling the tempo. When on the receiving end, he’ll usually look for a well-timed reversal or a sudden burst of speed off the ropes to turn the tables. Usually sets up the finisher following a stiff discus chop after the opponent gets sent into the ropes. He can also slip into the pump-handle hold from any reversal that may potentially position him behind the opponent.


The Kuroyama family’s professional wrestling legacy spans three generations, beginning with Kerry’s grandfather Daisuke Kuroyama, a pioneer of the Japanese wrestling movement of the 70’s. He brought his trade to the west coast of the United States where he settled, shortly following a career-ending injury, and raised his son Zack Kuroyama, who would follow the same career path as his father. The second Kuroyama rose to prominence during the 90’s in the independent wrestling scene of the Pacific Northwest. Nicknamed “the Emerald Executioner”, Zack Kuroyama came to be in a prime position to break into the major leagues more than once in his career. However, choosing to remain close to his family and his community, he gave up his dream of stardom for a stable and happy life in his home of Seattle. As a result, Kerry Kuroyama was mentored closely by his father for much of his adolescent life, instilling principles of morality, integrity, respect, and honor at a young age.

With his father’s untimely death in 2008, the teenaged Kerry began his training as a professional wrestler under the tutelage of former EPW World Heavyweight Champion, Rocko Daymon. The local Seattle hero Daymon, himself a student and close friend of the late Zack Kuroyama, established “The Dojo” Wrestling Academy in 2010 during the interim months of his career, where Kerry quickly emerged as one of his brightest pupils among his first class of students. After another year of intensive training and focused meditation exercises, his trainers deemed him ready for the ring, and he made his debut in Seattle’s recently reformed independent promotion, the International Wrestling Federation. Kuroyama quickly gained attention with his early successes and noted talent, but he somewhat stumbled coming out of the gate after sustaining a broken collarbone one day during a training exercise at the Dojo, sidelining him for several months. His time in IWF was also highlighted by a friendly rivalry against another hometown fan favorite, “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas, and a raucous Drunken Brawl match against Erik Mateo (which consequently led to his first arrest).

Following a management takeover in the late 2012, the IWF’s main financial benefactor Kendall Cho offered Kerry a career opportunity overseas with Old Japan Pro Wrestling in the elder Kuroyama’s homeland. Seeking to broaden his horizons, the young Kuroyama was highly tempted by the offer… but a last minute suggestion by his teacher Daymon revealed an equally lucrative opportunity with the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, based out of Philadelphia. Eventually, Kerry decided against the money that waited for him in Japan, choosing to forge his own path by leaving behind the familiarity of his home in Seattle for the deep-seeded professional wrestling madness of the City of Brotherly Love. Driven by his desire to bring the Kuroyama name to new levels of prominence, Kerry handled himself well in UWA, displaying a work ethic and determination to win. Eventually, he won over the respect and support of the Philadelphia fanbase. The fast rise over the span of only a few months caused tensions to escalate with other talents, building to a head with the overly aggressive powerhouse Mossberg. In a qualifying match to compete for the UWA World Heavyweight Title, Kerry’s chance to face the champion was dashed after Mossberg interfered and hit him with the Pump Handle Bomb, sparking a heated feud between the two that last over several events.

In 2013, Kuroyama and other UWA wrestlers were hand-picked to compete in a special UWA Blacklist Showcase match, which took place in the fall at New Frontier Wrestling’s Reloaded 18 during the Philadelphia stop of their tour. With the opportunity to show his potential to become great in front of a sold-out arena and millions more watching at home through ESEN, Kerry pulled out all of the stops, overcoming four others including his rival Mossberg to win the match and earn a one-year contract with NFW. Now, at the young age of 21 and after only a couple years in the sport, Kerry Kuroyama finds himself in a position to go beyond the esteemed legacies of his father and grandfather, as well as emerging as one of the fastest rising young stars of professional wrestling’s current generation.



Basic Holds/Strikes/Takedowns:
1 - Judo Chop
2 - Spinning Mule Kick
3 - Palm Strike
4 - Running Knee Strike
5 - Running Front Dropkick

Wear Down/Mid-Late Match Holds:
6 - Full Nelson Hold
7 - Crossface Hold
8 - Side Russian Legsweep
9 - Released German Suplex
10 - Tiger Suplex
11 - Sit-out Gutwrench Powerbomb
12 - Gedo Clutch Pin
13 - Inverted STF Hold
14 - Fujiwara Armbar
15 - Katahajime Sleeper

Signature/Special Holds:
16 - Delayed Gordbuster
17 - Cloverleaf Leglock
18 - Cradle Piledriver

19 - Stiff-as-hell spinning back-handed chop, following a whip to the ropes

20 - Kuroyama Driver (Pump-Handle Emerald Flowsion)


League Member
Jun 1, 2007
Went to do this myself, found I need The Chromatic Dragons added to my account (BigPimpin). Here's the bio info if that's easy enough to do yourself before assigning:

Chromatic Dragons Tag Team Profile

Team Profile
Combined Weight: 584 lbs.

Looks: See individual looks

Theme Music: Welcome to Dying by Blind Guardian - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX2rYK1pahI

Ring Entrance:
[Music up: "Welcome to Dying" by Blind Guardian. The heavy guitar rifs cascade from the sound system like an avalanche of sound as the Chromatic Dragons walk out from the back. Led by the gold-robe-wearing Ancalagon, the trio makes their way down the aisle. The duo of Black Zack Dragon and Omega Zero both look focused and straight ahead, while Ancalagon reaches out and slaps the occasional hand of the fans. Once they arrive into the ring, both climb up on the apron. Dragon goes to the Dragons' corner and stands on the middle buckle, raising his left hand to the fans and their response, while Omega Zero steps over the top rope and remains locked in the zone. Dragon sheds his coat, and Zero his cape, and both are handed to Ancalagon before they meet in the corner for one last discussion before business commences.]

Ring Attire: See individual looks

Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Badasses that personify dragons.

Tactics/Style: Each wrestler lends their strength (Black Zack = tech/scientific; Omega Zero = power/brawling) to the joint cause of beating people's asses. Ancalagon is the conductor that makes the song move flawlessly

Manager / Valet: Ancalagon

Tactics/Style: Each wrestler lends their strength (Black Zack = tech/scientific; Omega Zero = power/brawling) to the joint cause of beating people's asses. Ancalagon is the conductor that makes the song move flawlessly

1) Well-balanced tag team - you want power? Here comes Zero. Tech skill and agility? Tag in Zack Dragon. They have an answer for almost any situation a team can bring
2) Hard-hitting - everything they do has massive impact.

1) Slow-ish: Neither Dragon nor Zero are very fast. Against speedy teams, they have to be careful not to get into a chasing match
2) Single point of failure - their camaraderie is a boon, but should someone make a serious attack against Ancalagon, the Dragons will disengage with the match and rush to defend. Note that this requires more than just leering in Ancalagon's general direction, as he is capable of fending off weak attacks and he generally stays in his corner for most of the match.

Finisher: Welcome to Dying

Finisher Description: Tandem Bulldog - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKkrmEOwH7A

Aerial Combat (Zero stands straddling the downed opponent and lifts Dragon in a press slam. Zero throws Dragon straight up into the air and walks out from under Dragon, leaving him to land a high-elevation splash on the downed opponent)
Double Dragon Breath (Green Mist [Dragon] and Blue Mist [Zero]) simultaneously)
Elevated Wing Buffet (Hart Attack Clothesline)
Double Head Butt (Dragon to nose, Zero to temple)
Rocket Launcher
Running Splash in the Corner (Zero) fed into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex (Dragon)
Dragon locks in Corrosion while Zero repeatedly punches the opponent in the face.
Zero whips opponent into the buckle, and when the opponent rebounds, Dragon comes out with a running bulldog

Bio: Coming soon!

Manager / Valet: Ancalagon


Ancalagon Profile

Stage Name: Ancalagon
Real Name: Arthur Gold
Nicknames: The Gold Dragon, The Father of Dragons
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190 lbs
Looks: Bald, brown beard with bits of grey in it, lean frame. Dresses in golden robes and carries a cane (can walk without it). Always wears shades; should they be knocked off, his eyes are hazel.
Hometown: Parts unknown
Alignment: Face
Gimmick: The mystic leader and primary speaker of the Chromatic Dragons

Ring Attire: Golden robes that stretch from neck to above the ankles, and brown leather sandals. Always carries a cane; brown with a golden dragon's head on it, but does not need to lean on it to walk.
Theme Music: Welcome to Dying by Blind Guardian

Manages: Black Zack Dragon, Omega Zero
Management style: Talking and neutralizing opponent distractions


Zack Dragon Profile

Real Name: Zack Dragon
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 234 lbs
Looks: Pale white skin, just-beyond-shoulder-length straight jet-black hair, never seen without a shirt on even in the ring. If it’s ripped, his build is rather plain despite his height and weight..
Alias: "Black" Zack Dragon
Eye Color: Black
Handedness: Right

Biography: Little is known about the man who calls himself The Black Dragon. When asked, he will tell you that he is ageless and transcends time. Research suggests that he was a member of several federations prior to this one, with limited in-ring singles success. However, after a brief stint as the President and CEO of a large umbrella federation, he disappeared from the wrestling world. Why he did so...and why he's back...is something of a mystery.


Nicknames: The Black Dragon
Alignment: Face
Manager: Ancalagon
Tactics/Style: Using defense as a form of offense. When he's on offense, he'll lean on his technical prowess, some weardown holds, and basic striking.
Finisher Move: Fall of Darkness
Finisher Description: Shooting Star Press
Finisher Setup Move: Dragon's Fang
Setup Description: Inverted Spike DDT
Other Moves:
Blackout (Edge-u-Cator or Inverted Sharpshooter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dM_wjc6728http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dM_wjc6728
Acid Breath (Green Mist)
Wing Buffet (leaping flying clothesline after running, notable for high airtime achieved)
Dragon's Claw (leg-trip STO)
Corrosion (Tarantula hold)
Tail sweep (nasty-looking dropkick to the knees)
Knee drop to a downed opponent (standing only)
Leg drop to a downed opponent (standing or top rope)
Elbow drop to a downed opponent (standing or top rope)
Chin lock
Abdominal stretch
Throat thrusts
Head butt to the bridge of the nose
Bulldogs (all manner of them)
Double-jump Moonsault
Clotheslines as counter moves

Ring Entrances:
Gimmick: Personification of the classic Black Dragon.
Ring attire: Zack Dragon wears black full-length wrestling tights and black wrestling boots, both with green trim. He wears a black T-shirt plain on the front with with open green “dragon” eyes on the back. He wrestles with his hair tied in a ponytail.
1) Smart - extremely intelligent, doesn’t make a lot of “dumb” mistakes in the ring.
2) Jumping ability - Dragon can get air. Adds extra oomph to his leaping moves
3) Good technical wrestler - specialize in the strategy of defense as a form of offense, but he can get in and out of a hold exchange with the best of em.
Theme Music: Dragon's Child by Iced Earth
1) Physical ability - aside from jumping, he's not a physically unique or imposing individual.
2) Punishment - employing a “defense as offense” strategy in pro wrestling can expose yourself to a lot of damage. The best case scenario is always ducking and dodging and twisting out of moves, but often, if he’s wrong, he opens himself up to greater damage maneuvers
3) Callous - while he understands emotions and can, in the right scenario, empathize, his general default is really a detached social state. Aside from his partners in the Chromatic Dragons, he doesn’t have a ton of friends.
AGILITY (All Attributes = 120 total): 20
BRAWLING (All Attributes = 120 total): 10
POWER (All Attributes = 120 total): 10
SCIENTIFIC (All Attributes = 120 total): 40
SPEED (All Attributes = 120 total): 10
STAMINA (All Attributes = 120 total): 30


Omega Zero profile

Real Name: Unknown
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 7'
Weight: 350 lbs
Looks: Burly, barrel-chested man with thick, hairy limbs, and a long flowing mane of silver-colored hair.
Alias: Omega Zero
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Handedness: Right

Biography: If little is known about Black Zack Dragon, then even less is known about Omega Zero. He doesn't give up much about his past or even his identity, and he prefers to allow others to do the bulk of the talking.

Zero is an ice cold man, seemingly devoid of emotions. He moves, acts, and speaks deliberately, cerebrally, and in a cold manner.


Nicknames: The Patron Saint Of Winter, The Ice Dragon
Alignment: Face
Manager: Ancalagon
Tactics/Style: Methodical big man brawling and power game.
Finisher Move: Absolute Zero
Finisher Description: Elevated Powerbomb
Finisher Setup Move: Kick to the gut
Setup Description: Kick to the gut
Other Moves:
Trapped Under Ice (Full Nelson, typically ragdoll-ing the opponent. Submission finisher when needed)
Ice Breath (blue mist)
Flash Freeze (running big boot to the head of the opponent. The closest thing to an "out of nowhere" strike he has in his repertoire)
Chills Up Your Spine (spike spinebuster)
Cold Snap (choke hold into one-handed chokeslam)
Two-Handed Cold Snap (two handed choke hold into two-handed choke lift into toss to the canvas)
Knee lift to a running opponent
Series of elbow smashes in the corner
Sidewalk Slam (sits out with this one)
Massive clothesline
Hammer fists
Forearm smashes (standing or running)
Brain chop
Running splash in the corner

Ring Entrances:

Gimmick: Emotionally-detached giant of a man - the personification of an Ice Dragon.
Ring attire:
1) Power - he's huge. He can deadlift anyone he needs to, and his strikes hurt like hell just from sheer power and mass.
2) Brawny - besides being really tall, he's a barrel-chested hearty man who can take a huge amount of punishment
3) Level-headed - he's detached emotionally, and he makes decisions with his brain, not his heart. Immune to making mistakes due to anger or frustration.
Theme Music: The Black Halo by Kamelot
1) Slow - he's huge and bulky, he can't move very fast in the ring and he's hardly what you'd call agile.
2) Disdainful - aside from his partner and manager, he shows detachment and, sometimes, open disdain to the rest of the world. He won't make many allies, and will probably make many enemies. This also causes him to drop his opponents rather than slam them, counting on his height and force to do the damage. This also extends to referees, though he is not stupid enough to get himself disqualified (see: level-headed).
3) Over-reliance on physical prowess - sometimes Omega's defense comes down to absorbing blows from the opponent until he can get his own shot in... or being too big to lift/stretch. While he can no-sell quite a bit of an opponent's offense, a smart or particularly potent opponent can take advantage of this.
AGILITY (All Attributes = 120 total): 5
BRAWLING (All Attributes = 120 total): 40
POWER (All Attributes = 120 total): 40
SCIENTIFIC (All Attributes = 120 total): 10
SPEED (All Attributes = 120 total): 5
STAMINA (All Attributes = 120 total): 20



League Member
Aug 8, 2007
I assigned Ancalagon, Omega Zero, Black Zack Dragon, and the Chromatic Dragons to your handler setup.

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