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Bio for Thirteen


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
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NAME: Thirteen

HEIGHT: 5' 8''



ENTRANCE MUSIC: Lordi - Pet the Destroyer

ENTRANCE: The arena goes dark and Thirteen's music cues up, you hear chains clinking over the loudspeakers as the guitars slowly cue in. The chains continue as the guitars and drums get heavier, and Thirteen appears at the entrance. urple spotlights follow behind Thirteen on his way to the ring, always lighting him from behind as you see his caot trailing behind him. Approxomately 10 feet behind him walks another man, with a red light behind him. As he enters the ring, the ring is illuminated half in purple half in red. Thirteen stands with his arms to outstretched parallel to the ground as Voudin blesses him. Voudin removes Thirteen's coat as Thirteen relaxes, and the music dies down, and the lights return to normal in the arena.

FIVE SIGNATURE MOVES: Various Suplexes, powerbomb, Pile drivers, super kick, power slam

SETUP: throw the opponent into the ropes, on the recoil hits them with a Spear

FINISHER: 13x13 (Frogsplash off the top rope, or whatever the highest peak is) or Death and Decay (Modified surfboard press submission)

WHO YOUR CHARACTER IS: Being in his mid 20's, and built more solid than what he seems, Thirteen can take quite the beating. He grew up knowing nothing but violence from his father, and watched his mother cower in fear. Now he brings both to the ring. Once imprisoned by the Tactilizing One in a mental facility, he was reformed and learned to direct his hate and fear...

APPEARANCE: To the ring he wears his leather trench coat and round glasses. Underneath he wears a pair of black jeans, black T-shirt, with a black belt, black leather boots, and black leather fingerless gloves. His hair is shaved on the sides and the top is pulled back into a pony tail that trails just past his shoulders.


Name: Voudin

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 180

Appearance: His head is shaved clean and he has piercings and tatooes all over his body. He wears a pair of tattered shorts, around his neck and wrists he has jewelry made from the bones of what appear to be small animals.

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