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Bio for "The Shadow" Andre Eian


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Feb-09-03 AT 03:08 PM (EST)]NAME: "The Shadow" Andre Eian
HEIGHT: 6'6" or 198 cm
WEIGHT: 246 lbs or 111 kg
HOMETOWN: Trondheim, Norway
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock
High-Release German Suplex
Moonsault Press
Mountain Bomb
SETUP: kick to the gut and a throat cut taunt
FINISHER: Shadow Driver (Johnny Spike/Implant DDT)
The Shadow is a very complex character. He is very literate and well-spoken, but can many times be rough and uncaring. He is a very neutral person, meaning he can be nice to someone at one point, and be a complete barbaric ass the next. He had a very harsh childhood (which is usually the background of most wrestlers), culminating in homelessness when he was 18. He robbed a store to pay for a plane ticket and moved to the USA illegally. He found his way to a wrestling school in Los Angeles where he was taken in by a veteran of wrestling, called Hiroshi Black, a half American, half Japanese man. Mr. Black trained Shadow in many different styles, and set him out on the independent market. Wrestling in dirty, festering bars and such, he caught the eye of a Japanese promotwer, and he was soon on his way to Japan. Once there, The promoter screwed him over and left him on the street in Tokyo. There, he was left to fend for himself. He found a few hole-in-the-wall garbage promotions, and was forced to wrestle in near inhuman (trans: Onita-like) environments for the sake of a few yen to pay for food. He finally got sick of this, and somehow got his ass to America. He made a big splash in a few independent promotions, and was soon a cult hit. He moved to England to compete there, and soon grew tired of it. He comes to the WFW to wrestle, solely, and for no other reason...

The Shadow is tall, well built (ie Lance Storm, not Borck Lestnar) and sharp. He has long black hair, usually tied back in a ponytail. He has a dark goatee. To the ring, he wears loose, black leather pants, aometimes accompanied by a black T-Shirt with a red "X" on it. He also weas reflective sunglasses to the ring, but he takes them off before he starts

The Shadow fights in a variety of styles, but he's a very orthodox wreslter, leaning slightly to a more Technical approach. He's no Nagata, but he can be...

XGW World Title
xNw National title

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