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Bio for "The Black Rose" Kazuo Shizaki


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Feb-10-03 AT 12:50 PM (EST)]Note: Wrestler formerly known as "The Black Rose" Kuro Hibatchi, but since that's entirely redundant, changed name to "Black Rose" Kazuo Shizaki (his "real" name).

Name: "The Black Rose" Kazuo Shizaki
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 212 lbs.
Hometown: Kochi, Japan
Entrance Music: Ummmm, something that sounds very ancient and Japanese. Like Yokozuna's music or something. If you figure something out, let me know.
Five Signature Moves: Corkscrew Springboard Dropkick (from standing position, falls back and twists, planting both arms on ground and effectively dropkicks opponent in knee/shin), Corkscrew Plancha, Handstand Legdrop (does handstand, lowers himself, then pushes himself into the air and comes down with a legdrop on opponent's neck), Asai Moonsault, Spinning Reverse Crescent Kick.
Setup: None. If anything, he will throws his opponent into the ropes/turnbuckles and hit him on the way back with his finisher.
Finisher: Tsume Mahi (Claw of Paralysis) - basically, he holds his hand in a claw-like position and strikes quickly at the throat which is very vulnerable and causes temporary but complete paralysis (even a small miss will result only in a regular punch), making for an easy target.
Bio: Kazuo Shizaki, formerly known as Kuro Hibatchi, has wrestled in several different organizations, and has won a few small-time titles, but rarely has stuck around for very long. His manager is Jeriko, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American who wears three-piece Armanis and carries a metal briefcase to the ring with them. Though Kazuo knows a fair amount of English, he is not often outspoken, so Jeriko does the talking for him. Not much is known about Kazuo's past, but is believed he has worked for some organized crime families in Japan, which is where he received the moniker "Black Rose," because before a hit, the victim would receive a black rose to show their impending death. Kazuo's fighting style is VERY martial arts-driven as we as very technical. He is quick and strikes with authority and knowledge of the body's weaknesses, but he is not overly strong.
Appearance: Shizaki wears black gi pants and slippers, as well as a black gi shirt with a black belt which he removes as he fights. He has a black mask that covers his entire head except for a small opening under the nose and the mouth. Black fabric covers the eyeholes, though he can see out of them. He also has long, black wristcloths that go from his knuckles and hands to right before the elbow.
Relevant Titles Won: I remember some sort of US Title... but... I can't really remember.


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