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Bio for Steve Johnson


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Name: Steve Johnson
Hometown: Colombus Ohio
Height: 6 3
Weight : 230
Music: Won´t Back Down Tom Petty
Hair Color and style: Blonde Crop cut
Eye Color: Brown

Appearance and Bio: He has a really cut and defined body but no bulging muscles. He wrestlers in Blue Trunks (Billy Gunn style) and white boots. He has a scar on his right shoulder that he suffered as an amateur wrestler at Ohio State University. He looks like the all american boy and totally clean cut and naive. His biggest desire is to be loved by the fans much the way he was loved at Ohio State for winning a National Title there as a freshman. He hurt himself after that tearing a rotator cuff against a Michigan Wrestler in the National Championship finals as a sophomore and never regained the fans love as he did when he was a freshman. Fans quietly forgot about him even though he won the title again as a senior. His goal is to be loved by the fans and he goes out of his way almost always to be cheered by the fans(imagine Reese Witherspoon in Election). He goes out of his through excessive volunteerism and things that are generally considered good. He thinks most people are genuinely good and tries being friends with everyone.

As a wrestler, he adheres to classic wrestling like Mike Rotunda before he became a tool, and classic Steiner Wrestling when they did tag team. He thinks why throw a punch when you can throw a suplex. He stays away from chairs and hardcore antics.

Entrance: He stops to look at all the fans and takes in the scene each time as it was his first. He tries to drink in all of the fans energy. He is very emotional to the pop he receives good pop means you can see him smiling and running to the fans for support. Bad Pop and he seems to get concered and question his ability.

Potential Angles: 1. He snaps as fans see his style as to goody goody and not enough sizzle.
2. Some ultra Heel takes him under his wing, and he being naive enough thinks its for good and does what they want.
3. He evolves past his naivete and becomes a real face.

5 Moves : Super Plex, Belly to belly suplex, Brain Buster, Fisherman suplex, Double Arm DDT

Set Up: Throw into the Turnbuckle and as the guy is buckling he catches him in a full nelson and....

Finsher: ¨For the Love of The Game¨ Full Nelson Front Russian Leg Sweet( Like Jeff Jarrets where he lands on his face)

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