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Bio for Shane Southern


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
MEMBER Name: Jason Martin
Email Address: jasonvmartin@yahoo.com

Wrestler Name: Shane Southern
Height: 6'3" Weight: 245
Hailing From: New Orleans, LA
Handedness: left

Gimmick: Southern boy raised on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. He’s not a red-neck per say and doesn’t play into the stereotypes, but he does speak with an fairly heavy southern accent.

Ring Attire: Long white tights, red letters "SOUTHERN" on the butt, PARTY'S down one leg, OVER on the left leg (super-kick leg). He wears a Steve Austin style knee brace on his right knee

Looks: Shane Douglas build...long brown hair usually pulled back in a ponytail behind his head.

Ring Entrance: The harmonica from his theme music starts as Southern comes out to pyro. He stands there pointing at the fans for a while, then jogs down to the ring slapping hands with fans. He then goes to each turnbuckle to get his pops.

Theme Music: "AIN'T GOIN' DOWN" - Garth Brooks

Tactics/Style: Technical, Big High-Flyer. Does some very "big luchador" type stuff. Very agile for a bigger man.

5 Specialty Moves:
Bourbon-Street-Plunge (Power-bomb)
Lou Thez Press
Frog Splash
Tilt-a-whirl Slam
Cajun Leg Sweep

Finisher & Set-Up Moves:
Setup: Franken-Southern
Finisher: Party's Over Super-kick


1) Can take a lot of punishment
2) Can go a long time in the ring
3) Very strong & agile


1) Sometime moves are too dangerous and gets in trouble trying to do too much
2) He's a face - Pays too much attention to others and fans
3) Bad knee - injured in motorcycle accident. Opponents like to go after that.

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