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Bio for Pitt


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
NAME: Pitt

6 foot 11 inches tall, he wears a black trench coat and a widebrimmed black hat, black leather pants, black boots, and black fingerless gloves. No shirt. He has mid back length black hair.

His moves are similar to that of the Undertaker, a lot of shoulder blocks, slams, off the rope moves. Nothing overly fancy, but with his size it’s the impact that matters. He has 2 finishers:

The Embrace is a spinning chokeslam off the top rope. ((Pinfall))

The Soul Slayer is a modified surfboard press. ((Submission))


The arena goes silent as smoke begins to billow forth from all entrances. The lights darken to a deep purple hue and the gigantronamagiggy starts seeping blood. As it flows it outlines “PITT”. You hear a voice: “And from the darkness, your deepest fears come to life….” Cue up Static-X – Bled for Days. The purple lights begin to strobe as Pitt appears under the gigantronamagiggy and walks to the ring. He flings himself over the top rope and lands on one knee. Slowly rising the lights return to normal, the music fades, and the fog dissipates.

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