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Bio for Noble Sheik


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Jan 1, 2000
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Name: The Noble Sheik al-LeClaire

Hometown: Not known, of Middle Eastern descent
Entrance Theme:"Black Sabbath" Black Sabbath

5 Signature Moves:
Foreign Object to the face (fork,nail,pencil,piece of wood,etc. if it draws blood he'll use it and frequently)
Eye Gouging
Fireball (yes a real ball of fire to the face, the how of which
no one really knows)

Setup:Jumping inverted Tombstone Piledriver (his most; and usually only, athletic move.Usually done on,off,or through something followed by a knee/fist drop to the back of head or just a closed fist upside the yap)

Finisher:Camel Clutch (with a foreign object buried in opponent's face/forehead) or the RARE s.t.s (stepover toehold sleeper).Don't count on his releasing it untill he is good and ready to...

About The SHEIK: ANYONE who at all remembers the NGEN will remember the NOBLE SHEIK....and run screaming.The Sheik is THE prototype for fantasy wrestling heeldom and the most FEARED and HATED psycho to have
ever come down the pike at the time...After a DECADE of
silence he has returned and GOD help those people he runs across untill his purpose is revealed.This man ABSOLUTELY REVELS in being hated and will accept nothing less than to
be THE BEST at being THE WORST.Make no mistake...he hates you....all of you....and he'll see to it that you hate him too!!Before ECW,and many pale imitations before and since...there was the SHEIK....the man,the myth,the guy who put the "OHMYGAWD" in Joey Styles mouth and the "OOH!!!OUCH!!!YIPE!!!OH NO MY FACE!!!!AHHHH MY FACE!!!!"in Hardcore wrestling....and blood....ohhhh the blood.....

Titles:Ngen Mr Vicious and numerous other lesser belts from orgs that no longer exist or from so long ago few would care or remember...Just ask Mr. Commish about THE NOBLE SHEIK!!!!

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