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I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Member since Mar-26-02
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"Mr. Middle Management" Mike McGee
6'5", 265 pounds. Tall, medium-sized build.
FROM: The Home Office in New Brunswick, NJ.
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Generic Office Muzak
1. Gutwrench Suplex
2. Gordbuster
3. Boston Crab
4. Lariat Clothesline
5. Gorilla Press-to-Backbreaker

SETUP: Spinning Brainbuster
FIN: The Pink Slip-- Full Nelson Camel Clutch

McGee is a rookie who put himself through wrestling by being employed as a Human Resources Officer for a variety of wrestling promotions. Known for sending out massive amounts of needless and annoying e-mails, McGee is well-versed in office policy matters such as 401K options and timecard procedures. He is very pro-management and smarmy towards those who do not obey the techniques that he has demanded of his co-workers

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