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Bio for Mike Lane (Moved, lost internet connection)


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Name: Mike Lane

Ht 6'3"
Wt: 247


Over the knee backbreaker
Stalling Brainbuster
Single Leg Crab
CRadle Piledriver
Reverse forearm smash to the back of the head
Release German Suplex w/ quick kip up

Finisher: 1999 (Version of the Styles Clash, but more or less the tombsdtone style where once the arms arehooked in the legs its just a straight drop)

Lane retired from active wrestling in 1999 at the young age of 26 having enough money to rest on for life. in October 2003 he was in a bad car accident suffering some long term memory loss... hes not retarded or anything, just cant piece the last several years of his life together. He remembers wrestling, being a wrestler but hes coming back mainly because he realized how precious life is, and how great it feels to make someones precious life unbearable.
Im planning off actually starting slowly rather than jumping right into things, a few shows worth of just promos with training and just to build him up... any other reco's welcomed.

The same sick sadistic Slightly more-evil than Shane Douglas style he used. Same attire... he'll rock the gold/black trunks and boots... tassled boots, but with dark hair and a chin on goatee.

Entrance will be "Nasty Ho" by Nuerotic Outsiders and hometown Braintree, Ma

NAME: (Former Fantasy Wrestler whos name will be mentioned later)
HEIGHT: 6'3"
THEME: "Nasty Ho'' by Neurotic Outsiders

BACKGROUND: Former Mutli-promotional champion from back in the day(1999-1999). Activly retired since 1999 when several nagging injuries overcame his love for the sport and he called it quits. After retiring to his palatial estate in Jupiter Beach, Florida for several unenvtful years he was in a near fatal car accident in late 2002 where he was in a coma for 6 weeks. When he came to he had profound memory loss and a bone in his right leg fused with a steel rod. Unfortunatlly as a retired wrestler he had no insurance and his assets, his estate, his cars, and even his family where gone. Now at age 29 he's coming out of retirment and starting all over again.

(if ya need more info e-mail me and i'll hook you up)

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