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Bio for "Maximum" Stanley Stone


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
NAME: "Maximum" Stanley Stone
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 245 lbs.
HOMETOWN: Birmingham, UK
Russian legsweep
Fallaway slam
Irish whip/flying clothesline
Reverse DDT
FINISHER: Figure four leglock
Stone is a somehwat naive young man from Birmingham, England. He was discovered on a wrestling circuit in nothern Britain by his now manager A.J. Taylor, a failed wrestling promoter from Leeds. Taylor is a rather unsavory character who sometimes ridicules Stone for being a "stupid sod." Stone, however, idolizes the smooth-talking and well-dressed Taylor. Taylor became Stone's manager in October of 2003 (Stone had been wrestling on the circuit since he graduated from high school in 2001). Stone generally floundered in the northern independent leagues, winning only one title -- the Manchester Imperial Championship -- for a few weeks in February 2002. Taylor, annoyed with the promoters' misuse of Stone -- announced to the local press than he and Stone were leaving "this miserable island" and going on a world tour. A local high school newspaper editor was the only 'journalist' to attend the press conference. Nevertheless, Stone's tour of promotions in Canada, Australia, and Japan turned the green lad into a mat specialist. While not particularly intelligent, Stone, under Taylor's guidance, has become a threatening force in professional wrestling. His success has brought him here.

Taylor is the spoiled child of a British banking family. He was, however, refused a position in his family's business because he "spent his piggy bank" at age 12. With a bit of money from his family, he began promoting wrestling in Leeds in 1995. After several business failures, his family finally cut off his allowance in 2001. Taylor dresses well: expensive suits, shiny ties, and dark, slicked back hair. He aspires to be an aristocrat though he has been, for the most part, a miserable failure. He has, however, managed to influence Stone quite a bit.

"Maximum" Stanley Stone wears blue wrestling trunks with "Maximum" printed on the back in cursive; blue kneepads; and blue Union Jack wrestling boots. His incredibly white skin makes his freckles overly visible. He has overgrown curly brown hair.

RELEVATANT TITLES WON: Manchester Imperial Championship, Austrialian International Tournament 2003 Winner, Wrestler of the Year (2004) - Canadian Monthly Illustrated
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