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Bio for Maelstrom


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Height: 6'9"
Weight: Frequently ranges from 290 to 315 lbs.
Hometown: Pandora Island
Entrance Music: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica

Appearance: Muscular, chiseled physique with long flowing black mane. He has many scars littering his body from all the brutal battles he's been in.

Wrestling Attire: No shirt, Pair of loose fitting jeans, Pair of Timberlands.

Attitude: He is neither heel nor face.... he just IS! He has an insatiable lust for battle that accompanies a desire for enduring pain. His stoic demeanor reveals his NO NONSENSE attitude as he is willing to fight ANYONE who dares to meet him in battle. While he is fiercely loyal to any allies he may have at the moment, he will not hesitate to battle them in an instant if the circumstances dictate it. He is NOT driven by the thought of capturing gold straps, the only use he has for titles is to LURE the toughest SOB's to him. His ideals do not place much value on "titles" and the usual, "conventional" wrestling accomplishments however..... he derives satisfaction from ONLY one source..... BRUTAL and SAVAGE COMBAT!

Moves: Conventional sleeper...... Gorilla Slam..... Neck breaker..... Back breaker.....
Shoulder breaker..... Savate kick..... Jacknife powerbomb..... Pile driver..... Suplex (all varieties)...... Choke slam onto turnbuckle (or other objects)..... (also most basic POWER moves)

Set-up moves: Anything which weakens the neck and/or shoulders.

Finisher: Mortal Sin - half nelson combined with a clawhold

Titles: NFWA U.S. Champion, NFWA World Champion, AFWC Southern Champion, 2 Time (first and last) ACW Regional Champion, NAWF World Champion, 2 Time (first and last) WAR World Champion, GLCW Heavyweight Champion, NWL World Champion
**Note: was to be involved in the finals for the NWWA World title match against Jonathan Nash and Minion but the league folded before that match could take place.

Allies: No one at the moment.... he is for the most part a Loner.
Alliances: At one time allied himself with TST (Tri-State Terrors), NEH (New Era of Hardcore) and ET (Extreme Terrorists) but those were simply alliances of convenience.
Enemies: Anyone and Everyone!
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