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Bio For Lindsay Troy (Manager)


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Name: "The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy
AKA: Lindz, Queenie, Troy, the CHAIRwoman

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 170 lbs

Image: Tall, tan, tantalizing. Brown curly hair with natural blonde and red
highlights, hazel eyes. Attire ranges from boot-cut spandex pants,
t-shirts/tank-tops, and wrist/arm tape (when competing) to jeans, jerseys,
and shirts (manager/promo attire) to dress clothes when outside the arena
and for promos.

Hails From: Tampa, Florida

Entrance Music: "Trampled Underfoot" by Led Zeppelin (when alone); Ryan's,
Sands', or Mael's music if she's out with them.

Entrance description(ex. lights, pyro, lasers. etc.): Music hits, swirling
lights, big bursts of pyro...Troy comes out, all business.

Finisher: Crowning Glory (Top-Rope Twisting Corkscrew Moonsault into a
Tornado DDT), All Hail the Queen (360* Top-Rope Hurricanrana into a pin),
Final Judgement (Double Underhook Front Face Plant), Thy Kingdom Come
(Crossface, sometimes with barbed wire over arm tape and sometimes not),
Dynastic Cycle (Bridging Sharpshooter)

Style: Lil' bit of everything.

Other moves: martial arts strikes/punches/kicks/throws (will get stiff if
someone pisses her off enough), front-flip legdrop, Enziguri, reverse suplex
forward slam (Goldust's 'Curtain Call')*, spinning fisherman's suplex into a
pin*, spinning roundhouse heel kick (landing on feet), top turnbuckle
armbreaker, inverted Indian Deathlock*, fisherman's cradle into a
neckbreaker*, Asai Moonsault, corkscrew plancha, 720* Top-Rope Splash,
somersault Senton Bomb with Twist, cobra clutch legsweep, reverse Gory
special piledriver*, super reverse hurricanrana, standing shooting-star
press, baseball slide flying headscissors (opponent on outside), reverse
underhook DDT, underhook face breaker, front suplex gutbuster drop*, Chinese
Throwing Stars, "The Sterilizer" (chairshot to male's groin), other various
chair spots

*denotes moves (specifically power moves) that can be executed on opponents
weighing less than 215lbs (approximate weight for a cruiserweight.)

Quotes: "Now maybe you don't give a damn about my plan, Torment, but
somewhere in suburban American the next Lindsay Troy does. And yes, there
will be others. God created women to give men fashion sense, and he sent me
to essentially cover the ears of A One E's impressionable demographic.
Rescuing them from countless witless camera spots, like the one you just
subjected me to.

Not only do I look better in the ring, I am better person. (Grin) For
obvious reasons ethinic cleansing has gotten a bad rap, but my plan has me
on a more noble, if not comparable course: the complete destruction of
talentless hacks. I can't just throw some drapes over the windows to cover
your state. You can put a fancy wrapper on a piece of sh*t, but it's still a
piece of sh*t.

It's the 21st century, and that means the Women's Cause needs to go one step

I can't just be satisfied with making you look good in the ring; I have to
replace you completely. That means Madame Troy must inspire. Rumsfield
promised Shock and Awe a year ago, but honestly....the whole effort fell
short. America's on high alert for a good ass kicking. Iraq folded too
quick. But sadly, I imagine you'll be dumb enough to get back up. Just as
well. What I have planned...is quite glorious.

But expounding further on my alterior motives would be lost on someone like
you because you'll never really "get it." Much like the people who hear a
joke and are too stupid to understand.

"A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says 'Why the long face?'."

"I don't get it."

Logic is lost on you, so the energy it's going to take for me to explain
isn't worth the effort.

Better to cut my losses while I can.


Somewhere along the line you missed the memo that said making a habit of
losing is a bad thing. I haven't quite figured it out. The harder you work,
the worse you look. Maybe, and I'm just dancing in the dark here, shoot
yourself and see if that brings a world title run.

Yes, you struck me with a belt, because you were sh*t out of luck in holding
onto the other ones you had. The stereotypical Asian mentor wasn't right.
Belts are good for something other than holding pants up. They're also good
for covering up your own short comings."

Titles held:

- fWo Hardcore Title
- A1E Tag Team Title (with Beast)
- A1E Cyber Title
- A1E Triple Star Title
- UEW EXTREME Title (3)
- UEW North American Title
- UEW Intercontinental Title (2)
- UEW Tag Team Title (2: w/ Jaime Thomaselli & Dustin Oliver)
- USWA National Title
- USCW United States Title
- WWL Women's Title
- XWA Intercontinental Title
- Honorary XWF World Heavyweight Title
- ICW United States Title

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