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Bio for Larry Tact


Jan 10, 2004
New York
NAME: Larry Tact
HEIGHT: 6'6"
WEIGHT: 252lbs.
HOMETOWN: Manhattan, New York
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Karma" by Diffuser

1) "Sky Lock" - Inverted STF
2) Kickswing DDT
3) Abdominal Stretch into Side Slam
4) "Dive to Blue" - Top Rope Elbow Drop
5) "Point Blank" - Superkick

SETUP: Kickswing DDT or Abdominal Stretch into Side Slam

FINISHER: Uranage Suplex ("The Humbling") for pinfalls; modified bow-and-arrow lock("Tactful Surrender") for submissions
Tactful Surrender: With the opponent down on his side, Tact will sit with his back to his opponent's. With one arm around the opponent's neck, the other secured around the opponent's leg, Tact will push his body weight against his opponent's back, simultaneously pulling at the appendages with his arms.

WHO YOUR CHARACTER IS: Tact is always looking for a challenge, and knows he is going to have to prove himself wherever he ventures. He is a "neo technician"-- mixing power offense with a technical base. He doesn't care much about other people's positions, nor about status, because he's thrown out respect for "the system" in wrestling-- politics and trust in wrestling are just a lot of BS to him. He looks to make his own path, and get his agenda across, whatever it may be, no matter who he has to go through, or what methods he'll need to use. Tact will not reject help, but will rarely request it. Most of the time he is a loner, but if the situation is right he will form an alliance.

RELEVANT TITLES WON: NEW World Heavyweight Championship; RMWF World Heavyweight Championship; EWF World Heavyweight Championship; WWL Tri-American Title; IWF Unified Titles; RMWF Mile High Title(x2); IWF Entertainment Title; 1/2 CWWF U.S. Tag Titles

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