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Bio for King Krusher


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Your Name: Scott Malec

Your Email Address: cubsnsox76@yahoo.com

Wrestler Name: King Krusher

Height: 6'4"


Hometown: Chicago, IL

Ring Music: "N.W.O." by Ministry

Gimmick: Power brawler ultra fan favorite who lives for the roar of the crowd. Has some technical ability thanks to his amateur background. Doesn't take crap from anybody and while he generally follows the rules he will break them when necessary.

Appearance: Think Magnum T.A's attitude with Scott Hall's body and Frank Castle's face and hair from Punisher comics.

Alignment: mega face

10 basic moves: flying clothesline, gorilla press, powerslam, vertical suplex, back suplex, backbreaker, running shoulderblock, kneedrop to the head, KO punches, kneelift

5 signature moves: DDT, piledriver, German suplex, spinebuster (AA style, NOT WWE main-event style), belly to back suplex from top rope

Setup: Reverse Neckbreaker

Finisher: Slingshot Brainbuster

Character Bio: King Krusher has held many titles in several feds starting in 1991 with the NGEN and including the MFL, UFWA, NFWA, AFWC, UWA, FWF, WAR, WWL and numerous others. He was a massively popular fan favorite who never turned heel. He retired from active competition in 2002 when he became GLCW commissioner. When GLCW closed in 2003, he opened up a wrestling school in his old neighborhood in Chicago which has trained many wrestlers to various degrees of success. After his wife's successful battle with breast cancer over the past 5 years along with healing several of his nagging injuries, KK is ready to return to active competition at the age of 40 in the best shape of his life.

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