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Bio for Jin Gang Xiao AKA JGX


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Name: Jin Gang Xiao AKA JGX

From: Wuhan, China

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 462 pounds

Music: Chinese National Anthem (instrumental)

Face/Heel: heel

Entrance: Walks to the ring, followed by Ms. Sharp and her assistant (the assistant leaves once the entrance is completed) who keeps a respectful distance of her charge JGX wears a standard sumo robe on his way to the ring. In the ring he wears a black mawashi, with black, green, or red knee length spandex shorts under it.

Move set: Just about anything your standard monster sized big man would do, but with thrust strikes/sumo throws (Basically like a 460 pound guy with some judo skills) also throws a spinning back kick to the ribs now and again.

Finisher: kimarite, or 'winning technique'. JGX gets the opponent elevated in the starting position for a spinebuster, but instead of pivoting and spiking them into the mat, he falls forward and drives his shoulder into their chest and his weight into their stomach, knocking the wind out of them (at the very least)

Backstory: Jin Gang Xiao was a big kid who worked on the farm his family ran. He was discovered at the age of 16 by Abigail Sharp, for his height (already 6'6") and weight (240)...She decided she had the perfect canidate for the next big Sumo star and got his parents to agree to allow their son to be trained and to go on a proper Sumo diet. Due to the issues between Japan and China, JGX was blacklisted from competing in Sumo in Japan, and Ms. Sharp, seeking to still gain fame and honor (And make a buck off her investment) signed him up to WFW:NE.

Manager: Abigail Sharp AKA Ms. Sharp

Bio: Most likely in her mid 40's, Mrs. Sharp is by all accounts from a family of money and she enjoys dealing in combat sports of all kinds. She's been known as a cougar and enjoys dating younger men. Most likely has had extensive botox/plastic surgury on her face, which she neither confirms nor denies.

Ms. Sharp follows behind JGX with her assistant, a random man who may or may not be the same guy from show to show, who carries with him her chair to sit in for the match, and the bucket containing the salt used in Sumo pre fight rituals. Ms. Sharp sits in the chair for the match, almost dismissive of the action in the ring, supremely confident that JGX will win. Should there be trouble she'll have no problem distracting JGX's opponent, or if it's required, blinding them with the salt.

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