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Bio for JA


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
NAME: JA (aka, The Anglo Luchador)


WEIGHT: 215 and 3/8 lbs.

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, PA

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Eat the Rich" Fozzy

MORE THAN FIVE SIGNATURE MOVES: Liontamer (primary submission hold), Tombstone Piledriver, Mexican Stretch Bomb, Butterfly Suplex and Backbreaker, Guillotine Leg Drop, Frogsplash, Knife Edge Chops, Spinning Heel Kick, Moonsault, Lionsault, Release Dragon Suplex

SETUP: Lucky Seven Suplex (A variant of some Joshi suplex JA grabs the victim's left arm with his right hand and pulls it across the victim's throat. He then grabs the victim's right arm with his left hand and holds it across the abdomen and through the victims legs. Then, JA goes back with a suplexing motion)

FINISHER: Karelin Driver (Voted the most dangerous move in wrestling in 2001 by the readers of PWI, it's a variation of an amateur hold by Russian great Aleksander Karelin (duh). JA grabs the victim in a gutwrench, holds him parallel to the ground while spinning him 180 degrees before dropping back and landing the victim on his neck at a sharp angle.)

WHO YOUR CHARACTER IS: He's the Anglo Luchador! He's easy-going, a jokester, but once it comes down to it, he means business in the ring.

RELEVATANT TITLES WON: A1E Cyber Championship (x2), A1E Tag Team Championship (x2, w/Euclid), EPW Intercontinental Championship

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