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Bio for Chris McMillian


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Apr-02-03 AT 04:09 AM (EST)]Name: "The Wolf" Chris McMillan
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hometown: Cadillac, MI
Entrance Music: "Hair of the Dog" - Nazareth
Five Signature Moves:
Spinning leg lariat
Flying forearm
Corkscrew plancha
Springboard spinning legdrop
Teardrop suplex

Setup: Depends on the size of the opponent.
For a much larger opponent: Superkick
Slightly larger opponent or same size opponent: Half-nelson suplex

Finisher: Once again, his finisher varies depending on the opponent.
Much larger opponent: Dread Driver Beta (inverted doublearm DDT - Unprettier, for example)
Somewhat larger opponent: Spirit Wolf Driver (inverted cradle piledriver)
Similarly sized opponent: Dread Driver (kneeling double-underhook piledriver - Tiger Driver '91)

Who your character is: Chris McMillan is the eternal underdog. Called the Wolf after his tenacity and ability to take down a much larger "animal" (not to mention his tendancy to howl at the fans), he's a fan favorite. Originally trained by "The Master of Terror" J.P Swift in the old-school "dirty south" style, a stint in Japan Thunder Pro developed his love for puroresu. He took from that an affinity for submission wrestling and dropping people directly on their heads. "The Wolf" is primarily a mat wrestler, but he also has a wide variety of drivers, 'plexes, and arial moves at his disposal. Most recently, he has wrestled as the Dogs of War mercenary Mister Dread, "Ironhorse" Chris Taylor, and as "The Wolf". Despite flirting around with the likes of Eddie Mayfield and HPI, Shane Southern, Maelstrom, and various other main-event caliber stars, he's been so far unsuccessful in cementing main-event status. He's hung on the fringe, balancing between the main-event and the undercard.

Relevant titles won: I'm not so sure how 'relevant' they are, but ... BWOW Cruiserweight Champion (4), BWOW Heavyweight Champion (2), BWOW Tag Champion (6) ... outside of BWOW he gets a lot of title shots, but so far has been unable to secure a title.

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