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Bio for Beau Michaels


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For Paul's Convenience :)


Name: 'Extremely BiSexual' Beau Michaels
Weight: 234
Height: 6'1"
Age: 24
Hometown: West Hollywood, California
Entrance Music: 'Freeek!' by George Michael
Alignment(Heel, face, neutral): heel
Appearance(ring attire, distinguishing
characteristics, etc.): he comes to the ring with
royal blue tights which go from his waist to his
boots, which are white. they say "Extremely" on the left leg and "BiSexual" on the right leg in gold cursive handwriting on the butt. he has a
tattoo on his right bicep of a ram's head.
Technique: technical / aerial
5 Basic Moves: piledriver, powerbomb, standing
dropkick, swinging neckbreaker, and russian leg sweep
5 High Impact Moves: top rope hurricanrana, legdrop from
top rope, butterfly superplex, missile dropkick,
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, asai moonsault
0-5 Counter Maneuvers(such Powerbomb into Hurricanrana
or Powerbomb
into Backbody drop, etc. Can include your finisher or
set-up move): powerbomb into backbody drop, reversal
of irish whips into short arm clothesline.
Set-up move or favorite move: asai moonsault
Finishing Maneuver: Running crotchbomb
Finisher Name: Love Lost
Finisher Description: Running powerbomb except Michaels holds his opponents crotch while completing it so to hurt his opponent even more .. -wink-

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