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Bio for Alex Wylde


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-28-03 AT 05:26 PM (EST)]Alex Wylde
228 pounds
Atlantic City New Jersey
Music: "Diesel Power" by Prodigy
Moves: Snap suplex, jumping piledriver, bulldog headlock, spinning heel kick, Moonsault, Flying Bulldog Headlock, Rocker Dropper, Stungun (drop onto the top rope), Seated Dropkick, Flying Dropkick, European Uppercuts, Chops

Setup 1: Maybe a kick to the gut or low blow
Finish 1: The Wild Buster, a sitout front suplex

Setup 2: Sometimes an Irish Whip sending the victim chest-first into the ropes or turnbuckle, leaving them to stumble towards him backwards
Finish 2: The Gatecrasher, a superkick to the back of the head

Who he is: A total #####. He loves to push people's buttons and he's always up to something. He's also a pretty accomplished technical and high-flying wrestler.
Recent Titles Won: CSWA Presidential Title, NFW Mid-Atlantic Title

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