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Bio for Aaron Rage


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NAME: Aaron Rage
AGE: 26
WEIGHT: 253 lb
HOMETOWN: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "My Way" - Limp Bizkit
- Flying forearm
- Pulling Brainbuster
- High-angled belly to back suplex
- Powerbomb
- Sharpshooter
SETUP: Hard snapping Spinebuster known as the "Furious"
FINISHER: "Rage Blast" is a very similar to Bill Goldberg's Jackhammer. Rage lifts up the opponent to a vertical position having his left arm supporting the head and the right arm holding the pants of the opponent, steading their body. When coming down from the vertical position, Rage powers his right forearm/elbow into the head of the opponent as the opponent hits the mat, basically pulverising his head into the mat, along with the damage of the rest of the body. An extremely devastating finisher.
WHO YOUR CHARACTER IS: Aaron Rage is a man who is focused on what he has to do in the ring. Rage has been a street fighter ever since he was 6. He grew up in the mean suburbs of Melbourne where the only method of survival was to hunt or be hunted. At the age of 13 he was introduced to illegal cage fighting known as the SFF (Street Fighting Federation) which were held in underground clubs. He made his money through these contests with a winning streak of 99 - 0. He stopped cage fighting after his 99th match and said quote, "I'll be back for my 100th victory after I pursue other challenges in life." On that note, when Rage was 20 he left street fighting. Over the 7 years of his professional street fighting career Rage had gathered enough money to train to become a proessional wrestler in the US. Rage has been involved in several wrestling federations, although not staying in either feds for long because they have resulted in no challenge for him. Through his 6 years as a professional wrestler Aaron Rage has been quite successful and owns quite a fortune. Although he says he is very lucky from going from a homeless streetfighter to a successful professional wrestler. Still an undefeated wrestler Rage keeps looking for a federation where he will be challenged... Somewhere he belongs.
- VSFC (Victorian Street Fighting Championship) held from when he was 16 to 20. He relinquished the belt to pursue his wrestling career.
- USWC (United States Wrestling Championship) held from when he was 22 to 24. He relinquished the belt to find a more difficult challenge.
- UWC (Underground Wrestling Championship) held from when he was 25 to 26. He relinquished the belt still hoping to find a worthy opponent.

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