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Before the dawn


New member
Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
[FADE IN to a darkened hotel room, the light coming from a small reading lamp near the bed. We hear a tap running for a few seconds before the faucet’s turned off and the water dies with a few quick drips. The door opens and we see the outline of the former Television Champion, dressed in jeans and a plain T-shirt, his face freshly towelled. He notices the camera and smiles, his thumbs tucked in his pockets]

Karl: I said I’d talk to you guys in the lobby. No matter. I just wanted to congratulate Donovan Astros. That was one of the best matches I have ever had. You took everything I had and kept coming. You pushed me to my limit, beyond it – and right up to a new one. Out of all the matches I’ve had, I’d say this is definitely in the top ten. Maybe top five. But I’ll have to wait until my ears stop ringing and I can think totally straight before I decide where it ranks.

But I guess I’ve got to find something else to do now I’m no longer TV champ. I could go for a rematch. I could target the Intercontinental championship. I could try and become the first singles star to hold all three of Empire Pro’s singles belts, or try and win the tag team tournament that’s coming up.

I’ll sleep on it. Tonight is Donovan’s night. It’s Michael’s night. It’s Anarky’s night. It’s not a night to make an important decision in.

But – one thing I promise. I may have lost but I learnt a lot from tonight. And over the weeks and months ahead, I’m going to put into practice the lessons Donovan taught me, and I’m going to keep improving. I’m going to get better, and better, and next time?

Well… we’ll see what happens.

Congrats, Donovan, and enjoy your reign with the TV title. Long may it continue.


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