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Beetwix and Marx return, Narwin's first booked match on Lesson 3

Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009
TOKYO – Jonathan Marx and Randall Beetwix, while both victorious after Lesson 1, experienced a rough night. After Beetwix won the first match in Isamu League history against goldFISH, he twisted his ankle when stepping out of the ring and put himself out of action for Lesson 2. Marx handled Riddick to a submission victory, but Riddick's vicious attack afterward made it where Marx couldn't be ready for Lesson 2.

After a period of healing up, Marx and Beetwix are set to main event Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 3 at the Pitch Black night club on April 13. Both men sit on top of the table with 103 ranking points and a win would help either of them distance themselves from the rest of The IL in the league table.

Marx's condition is not known, with speculation ranging from “still sore” to “fully healed up.” Beetwix's condition isn't such a mystery as he was found on the treadmill at The IL Headquarters training facility in Tokyo.

In the opening about, Nate Narwin will compete in his first booked match against goldFISH. Narwin picked up an impromptu win over Naoki Inoue on Lesson 1 after an assault when the scheduled opponent, AK-47, had been arrested for involvement in a bar room brawl. After verbally abusing goldFISH at the announce table for the first two shows, The IL figured it would line up the former Shootclub Wrestling Alliance United States Champion against the man who made a name for himself to the Japanese on Lesson 3.

Riddick carried out another post-match attack after the time limit draw, but was slammed off the top rope of the very burning barbwire table he set up as the 354 pound behemoth fell on him. After lighting up the crowd in Lesson 2's only bout, the fans are going to want goldFISH to display the same brutally against the anti-social champion-turned-announcer.


Event: Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 3
Date: April 13, 2010
Venue: Pitch Black Nightclub (Tokyo)

Jonathan Marx (-150) vs. Randall Beetwix (+200)
goldFISH (-100) vs. Nate Narwin (EVEN)

Will AK-47 get arrested again before his next scheduled match?
Who will top the ranking points table before National Threat I?
Who will be the first Tsunawoharu Champion?
Who will be the first wrestler to win five IL matches?

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