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League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Name: Beast

Nicknames: The Alpha Male, The Apex Predator

Height: 6 feet 6 inches

Weight: 285 pounds

Hails From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Current Feds: A1E, UCW

Past Feds: A1E, EPW, MBE, TEAM, WFW

Titles Held: A1E World Heavyweight Championship, A1E Cyber Championship (3x), A1E Tag Team Championship (5x), A1E Survivor Championship, EPW World Heavyweight Championship

Disposition: Intensity cranked up to the max. All about being the absolute best he can be. Has a hot temper, but also likes to toss in the funny once in a while.

Image: Tall, and extremely muscular, with next to no body fat. The long, flowing blond locks once shaved off by Chip Friendly have now returned. Out of the ring, Beast can generally be found in one of his merchandised t-shirts from whichever fed he's appearing in at the time, jeans, and Doc Marten boots. In the ring, Beast does not wear a shirt. His wrists are taped for about 4 inches at the wrist, and wears black full-length leather pants a la Test or Kevin Nash, and black wrestling boots.

Entrance Music: Greogorian monks chanting that fades into "Humans Being" by Van Halen

Entrance Description: As the chanting monks fade, and the opening guitar chords of "Humans Being" begin to play, the arena lights dim down and fade out, save for a triad of blue spotlights that cover the entrance area. Fog slowly covers the stage, and Beast walks out onto the stage through the fog. As the entire band kicks in, a huge circular blue pyro explosion goes off all around Beast, and blue strobe lights pulsing in time with the guitar follows Beast to the ring.

Style: Beast is a big man, and as such uses mostly power moves, but also loves to use submission holds. He has an uncanny ability to slap a submission hold on an arm or leg from just about anywhere. Beast is also a striker, and one of his favorite things to do is trap an opponent in the corner and work them over with a series of strikes and kicks. Almost NEVER goes to the top rope, since he's bigger and a little slower than everyone else, except for ultra-uber-special occasions. Maybe once a year.

Set-up Moves:
1. Test of Faith (Test's Test Drive). Uses this usually when he has the upper hand in a match and wants to plant someone and stun them hard before ending the match with the Absolution 2K4, or tie the opponent up with a finishing submission.

2. The Gore - a Spear from hell. Uses the Gore in two situations: either a) Beast is on a roll in the match and the opponent is almost beaten - used like the Test Of Faith to prepare the opponent for the finishing move, or b) in desperation to stop the momentum of an opponent when Beast is down. Will usually take advantage of a whip to the ropes and deliver the Gore on the rebound, or in a situation where the opponent needs a couple seconds to recompose themselves after a missed offensive move. An example would be Beast ducking a clothesline, then crouching while the opponent stops, and then exploding for the Gore while the opponent turns around.

Impact Finishers:

Absolution 2K4:

This is Beast's primary finisher. Beast gets the opponent into a pumphandle position, and then hoists the opponent up to his shoulder, and using that momentum, swings the opponent around to spike them onto their head with a Rikishi Driver.

Secondary: Absolution

Beast gets the opponent into a standing head scissors, double underhooks the arms, then lifts the opponent up to about an 80 degree angle - almost vertical - and jumps to his knees hard, driving the opponent's top of head or face into the canvas. Basically a Tiger Driver '91 with attitude.

Submission Finisher: Judas' Cradle
With his opponent face down on the mat, Beast steps over his opponent, facing their feet. He then sets up like a reverse figure four, but then bridges over backwards - over top of the opponent to prevent escape. The move puts unbearable pressure on the shins, knees, and quadriceps.

Regular Moveset: (not restricted to only these moves)

Strikes: Punch, kick, knife edge chop, European uppercut. Bret Hart-elbows and fist drop on grounded opponents. Known for one of the hardest clotheslines in the business.

Slams: Body slam, power slam, gorilla press slam, spinebuster.

Grappling moves/Suplexes: headlock, front/rear chin lock, arm ringer, hammer lock, stalling vertical suplex, front suplex, overhead toss suplex, brainbuster suplex, German suplex

Favored Power Moves: Powerbomb, series of three backbreakers, sidewalk slam, full nelson slam

Favored Submissions: Ankle lock, arm bar, STF, ude-garami (Kimura), knee bar

Three Strengths:

1. Strength/Power: One of the best "big men" in the business, Beast is well able to use his size and strength to his advantage to physically dominate opponents and generally throw them around the ring until it's time to put them away.

2. Never Say Die Attitude: You pretty much have to run over Beast with a train to keep him down. Whether he's been beaten, bloodied, and generally abused, he'll keep kicking out until he's pretty much unconscious, or he's forced to tap before a limb snaps. This ability to keep going has won him many a match where he was able to keep taking punishment before getting in a desperation Gore or other move to take back the advantage and hold on for the win.

3. Well Prepared: A student of the game, it's pretty hard to pull the wool over on Beast's eyes within the rules. Spending countless hours in front of video allows Beast to thoroughly scout his opponents and be ready for anything they try.

Three Weaknesses:

1. "Superman complex": Never one to back down from anything, Beast doesn't always use his head when accepting challenges or running into situations he hasn't had time to prepare for, and that's a huge problem when dealing with multiple opponents or stables. Not one to take massive risks, but doesn't mind putting his body on the line to get the job done. He can take a great deal of punishment, but doesn't always think of the results of his actions, and that can make for disastrous results.

2. Speed in the ring: He's no slouch, but let's face it, he's a big man. He's quick for his size, but even that can't make up for smaller opponents who know how to use their speed to their advantage.

3. Jessica. The fact that these two are nutso for each other is a good thing, but can lead to bad things if Jessica is at ringside, and someone makes a move at her. Jessica is used as fodder lots by Beast's opponents, and he can be goaded into unfavorable situations easily when it comes to protecting her.

Matchwriting Aid:

Almost always starts off the match using strikes to gain the advantage over his opponent. If the opponent decides to get technical and really wrestle, Beast will be able to do so as well and keep up for a short while, but since he's a big guy, he can't chain wrestle all night. As soon as he can grab an opening, he'll lay in with a strike and take control.

Once Beast has the advantage, he'll take over with power moves and just beat his opponent down. He'll use suplexes and his power arsenal to permanently ground his opponent, then switch and hit a series of head-centric moves that will soften the opponent up for the Absolution 2K4.

If the power route fails, and the opponent just won't stay down, Beast will switch up and start attacking the opponent's legs, either using kicks to knot the opponent's leg muscles up, or he'll whip out a knee breaker to make sure the opponent can't stand, at which point Beast will either start looking for a knee bar to end the match, or he will soften up the opponent's legs with stomps and knee drops before going for Judas' Cradle.

If none of that works, Beast may get frustrated and take the match outside, using ringside elements like the ring post, ring steps, guard rail, and announce table to soften up his opponent before sending them back into the ring and employing his power strategy once he figures his opponent is beat up enough.
History: Beast has a long and storied history in A1E where he's been in some legendary feuds and had great success there, as well as helping to build EPW and winning their World Championship, but UCW is a new challenge for Beast, and only time stands between him and the history he writes in this new uncharted territory. Whether that history is positive or negative remains to be seen.

In the middle of a bidding war for his services between UCW and MCW, Beast has promised to reveal his allegiance at the upcoming PPV.

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