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BattleBRAWL 3 RP Feedback


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Every cycle I will give my feedback on the RPs that were posted. These will usually be 1-2 sentences on anything that particularly struck me .. whether it was something I liked, something that I felt just didn't click. It is meant to give you a little insight into my judging.

You can feel free to post your own feedback in this thread as well, but please be constructive.

Please note that I do not read any RPs until after the deadline is over and I read them all at the same time so I have a general idea of what might be given a 70, or a 65, or a 62 .. so on and so forth. I will not post the scores themselves, but each week I will announce what was the Roleplay of the Week.

1. Cameron Cruise: RP#1 - I'm not really a fan of "checklist" RPing in a rumble match. I'm probably not innocent of this myself, I'm sure I have done it in the past .. but it just doesn't flow as well. The points were there and they were good, but the checking off the names just felt disjointed.

2. Cameron Cruise: RP#2 - This was a better use of the checklist. It flowed a bit better, probably because you spent more time talking about an opponent rather than just the name and 2 lines. Focusing on Tact speaking for Fanatic was a miss. I get what you were going for, but you made up some rule that would disqualify every manager from talking for his client! :p But I liked the substance of this RP.

3. Fanatic: RP#1 - I loved how you turned Season 1 into "the success of the Tact Legacy." By talking about how Tact def. Hart and Fanatic carried on his success built the character and the storyline. It setup Tact's entrance into the rumble and was also a good rumble RP. Not exactly a checklist, but still maintaining the feel of a rumble entrant.

4. Fanatic: RP#2 - Fanatic returns! LOL. I was a bit confused about a New ERA event happening in NYC .. we can barely afford airing premier events on television... but hey, Tact/Fanatic are from NYC .. so .. It got a bit checklisty at the end.

5. Chaos: RP#1 - I was just confused. As I had hinted before, it seemed a bit hasty for Chaos to go from where he was to having Harding touch his ass. But hey, I know you wanted to experiment, so keep on keeping on.

6. Chaos: RP#2 - This was an entertaining RP. Tossing bags of manure for "practice" had me LOL'ing. It was well-written and got the point across. It did get checklisty, but a lot of people had the same issue.

7. Donovan Astros: RP#1 - Great introductory RP to the character and his entrance into the rumble. It set up a potential match up with either champion if he did win the rumble which I liked.

8. Donovan Astros: RP#2 - It was "checklist" RPing, but it did so in a way that seemed plausible. I liked the slides idea and the fact that you sorta played w/ the expectations of a checklist.

9. Mr. Entertainment: RP#1 - Entertainment continues his quest to take over New ERA. The consistency in quality of your RPs is incredible. Nice usage of the past w/ its problems and connecting it to the champs at the time while promising a brighter future in E.

10. Mr. Entertainment: RP#2 - I'm a fan of the sit-down interview in these types of matches. Content was entertaining and stinging.

11. Jonathan Marx: Marx's ability to bring the real-world into his RPs and connect it to the match at hand is always great. I liked how Marx talked about his ability to pull himself back up after the downs and how that makes him a better man. But in a match like this, where you have 2 chances to be the highest scoring RP, there was more focus on Japan than there was in the rumble.

12. The First: A great set-up RP for the match .. talking about the history, the reasons for the turn, and the future. Once again, there was a chance for a retort to Hart with the 2nd RP available .. and I probably would have liked to see what First had to say to respond.

13. Pro Wrestling's SJH: The Hart I know and love makes a big splash for the pay per view. I'm generally not fond of "singing" in RPs (I've done it exactly once against Rabesque .. .. maybe twice if you count Michaels), but it didn't get bogged down, so that's good. You hit First back where it counted and the RP was fantastic.

RP of the Week: "It's (INSERT DAY HERE)!!" by Pro Wrestling's SJH

(Finally got to it. Up next, Cyberstrike 06.)

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