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Baton Rouge: Skylar Montgomery v. Xoesh the Zith

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Aug 26, 2008
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RP Deadline: April 4th, 2013 - Midnight Los Angeles Time
RP Limit: 2 RPs
RP Word Limit: 1,500 words
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Mar 12, 2013
There is right and there is wrong and there is nothing in between.

There is black and there is white. Grey is simply an inevitable conclusion but cannot exist as it's own entity.

Only the stark contrasts are real.

The paradoxes.

The opposites.

The dichotomy.

Man and Woman.

Day and Night.

Old and New.

It is my job to keep these two forces balanced.

Buddhism calls it Ying and Yang and both elements flow in equal amount through the Chi. And the Chi is the energy which keeps us alive.

I am a Libra. Born in the month of October.

The scales.

The balancer.

You see most people don't care about this sort of stuff but there must be the equal representation of both contrasting forces otherwise things would just dissolve into chaos.

You couldn't wake up tomorrow and find out that white is now slightly greyer and black is slightly less dark, now, could you?

So it is my job to maintain the balance between Good and Evil.

Right and Wrong.

Good and Bad.

...And, Xoesh The Zith, you are evil.

So I have to take you out!

When we meet at Baton Rouge I have no other choice but to channel all of the Chi into my right knee and bang you with my special move The Crackskunk. Because once I hit you with that you'll go down and stay down and there'll be no more Yang left in you once you come back around.

So, Xoesh, prepear to face cause and effect.

Because I'm Skylar Montgomery.

And I'm The Instrument of Karma.
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Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to Xoesh the Zith seated in a control room, watching footage of the latest promo from Skylar Montgomery.)

XOESH THE ZITH: Skylar Montgomery, you speak of contrasts and give a long lists of examples…almost insinuating that the audience watching your spiel doesn’t comprehend what that means.

Insulting my intelligence is the biggest flaw in your verbal attack.

The only contrast anyone that opposes me should contemplate is very simple…

Kill or be killed.

When one thinks of intergalactic turmoil or disharmony among the cosmos…dealing with species that you are none the wiser to…then the element of danger exists in not knowing the origins of the enemy you face.

I, however, know very well what the human race is about. I have studied your kind for quite some time…I have become familiar with your inner workings… what makes you tick. You people operate on greed. That is what fuels your existence…that is what makes your world go ‘round, so to speak.

While I know little to nothing about you as an individual, I would venture to say that your goals are not far off from what I believe in the generalizations that I speak about your people.

I am evil? By what? How do you come to this understanding? Because humans live by a preset indication of what right and wrong is?

Good versus evil is just a way for you to justify your actions for you to have a clear conscience. So to dub me as being “evil” is a way for you to feel better about yourself…that you can do no wrong and that every action I participate in, for some reason, does not fit into your mold of righteous behavior.

Understand this, Montgomery, I do not abide by your rules. I do not face the consequences of my actions because I do not answer to the laws of Earth. I am simple an ambassador of the Saedomoens. I have, to put in your own planet’s terms, a being that holds diplomatic immunity.

As for your karma…and belief of what comes around goes around…what about the crimes that have been committed against me…for which I have not been able to seek vengeance for? Perhaps your “instrument of karma” will backfire of you…and in turn…you will become the instrument of my retribution.

(A maniacal grin is displayed through the mouth opening of his mask.)

Only time will tell, Montgomery, and the countdown for your destruction has already begun to commence.

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