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Baton Rouge: Leyenda de Ocho & Special Guests v. the Triangle of Tyranny

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Aug 26, 2008
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Apr 16, 2012
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"I'm stunned. Honestly."

(The camera opens to Leyenda de Ocho standing before a pixelated IGC backdrop. Over his two shoulders, there are two black silhouettes of wrestlers, each with a Mario Prize Box-style question mark over them. Ocho wears a frog-like mask with stylized sunglasses and deep green pants - Rash from Battletoads.)

Ocho: "You and I have a problem, Magnus. I was perfectly content with the prospect of facing perhaps the most violent entity in the IGC straight up for the Intergalactic Championship, putting my eggs in the one basket that is my heart and my drive, and challenging you man-to-man. Sylo and I had a similar arrangement - at least, we DID. But you had to stick your demonic head into it, didn't you? You weren't content with simply pinning Sylo to the mat those weeks ago - you wanted to ruin perhaps his last moment in IGC, his noble and powerful gesture he bestowed upon me to forge a fiercer warrior in the fires of combat with a beast. You wanted to ensure that things wouldn't go the way either of us hoped - no epic clash of destiny, but simply a dirty win under questionable circumstances where you get to scream to your hearts content about maggots and blood and wrath.

I am STUNNED that you think this is a good idea.

It is no secret that, up until now, I've had very little success when the title's been on the line. I understand that, and I'm not trying to hide from it. The thing is, Magnus - if you had left well enough alone? If you had let Sylo and I battle each other the way we wished? Maybe my motivations once again would fall short. Maybe, once again, I would find nothing but naive disappointment, relegating myself once again to the back of the line, head hung in true shame.

Maybe Sylo would've beaten me outright, and not only would I be at square one, but you'd be closer to having an opponent you've already beaten.

But now? It's personal. You wrecked a potential great moment just to get your rocks off, and you disrespect me in the process. Any hope of me pulling the 'aw shucks, I can try my hardest' schtick that's held me back for so long? You can kiss that good bye. What you've done has given me so much more fire, so much more focus, so much more REASON to press on and vanquish you and every dark demonic icon you stand for. You've done more to build me into a focused, monster-slaying machine than Sylo ever could have done.

Prepare yourself. You have no idea what you've unlocked.

In the meantime, I get to give you a small preview of your downfall in a trios match. It's a bit of a disadvantage, not knowing who my partners are - but I'm not afraid. I bet whoever IGC is bringing in can handle the likes of Gollomach and El Cabron.

Which leaves you and me.

I know I'll never intimidate you. I'm a man less than two-thirds your size, and your brain is even more broken than mine. I get that, really.

But if you blindly rage-scream your way through me like you've done with the rest?

It's not going to be enough.

I AM the next Intergalactic Champion.

It's only a matter of getting to Dallas."

(Fade to black.)
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