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Ascent of the King


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to an empty ring we've seen many times before in a run-down gym somewhere in Hartford, CT. The lights are low. Standing in the corner of the ring is Anarky, staring at the center of the ring.)

ANARKY: “Is this what it's come to, Empire Pro? Is this the culmination of the greatest this sport has to offer?

“Endless bickering and d*ck-waving at the camera? People falling over themselves to point out some flaw in someone's wrestling career, as if we were all undefeated, infallible Gods?

“All I see are egos. Every motherf*cking last one of you utterly convinced of your infallibility. Every last one of you convinced that YOU can save EPW.

“Save EPW from what, I don't know.

“You've got The First doing everything he can to make sure everyone knows he didn't REALLY lose, it was all just a screwjob, y'know, case you didn't have eyes. He's gotta remind us all what a big shot he is, cause he knows the comparisons aren't favorable, and, y'know, who wants to EARN their keep as a Champion.

“You've got Stalker talkin' about how the belt doesn't matter, but meanwhile, the guy can't go 5 minutes without sticking his nose in someone else's business because God forbid someone stopped paying attention to him and his endless stream of self-serving bullsh*t.

“You've got Sean Stevens, the petulant child, trying to convince us with his whining about technicalities that really, no, really, he KNOWS he's better, he KNOWS he's the King, and maybe, if he just keeps repeating it, we'll all forget that he's just a little b*tch who can't stop crying over the toy he lost.

“You've got Layne Winters crawlin' out of the woodwork, tryin' desperately to stay relevant after his much-promised future ended in a cloud of marijuana smoke at the hands of a man who manages to claw victory away by being dragged from the ring in handcuffs.

“Cameron Cruise, Jared Wells, Copycat... the list goes on and on. Every last f*cking one of you. So convinced of your destiny in this world. So sure that you DESERVE it.

“You want to save Empire Pro? You want to change the way we look at the sport?

“Then do us all a favor and get over yourself already.

“You don't see me cryin' about how I got f*cked over for my Title Shot a year ago by some little b*tch who isn't even here anymore. You don't see me whining to Dan Ryan while every ungrateful little child gets in line to tell us how DIFFERENT and SPECIAL they are.

“No. I just go out there every f*cking week and do my job. It doesn't matter if it's Karl Brown or High Flyer. It doesn't matter if it's for the EPW World Heavyweight Title or the opening undercard match.

“I don't need that sh*t to prove who the f*ck I am.

“And at Aggression 55... a new King will be crowned. And unlike the rest of you children, I don't expect Erik Black to just lay down and GIVE it to me. I don't expect the hand of destiny to just caress me into victory.

“I expect to f*cking earn it. And if some stupid b*tch like Stalker shoves his face where it doesn't belong and f*cks me out of it, then that'll be that, and he'll pay like everyone else does. But don't expect me to shed a tear.

“Empire Pro doesn't need you bunch of crybabies. Empire Pro doesn't need to be saved.

“A new dawn is coming in EPW... but it isn't the Anarky Era... it isn't me sitting here, jerking myself off on camera, calling myself the King or the Legend Killer or the Dangle Brothers or threatening to end anybody's career...

“I'm going to show the entire world what it means to be a King: it means going out there and knocking someone's teeth in and not crying like a little b*tch when something doesn't go your way. And if it's Erik Black and not me, then fine, I'll be the first to shake his hand, cause say what you want, but at least I haven't had to spend the last week listening to him piss and moan about how EPW SHOULD be. About what HE deserves.

“One way or the other, EPW is going to get the King it deserves, and there isn't a f*cking thing any last one of you bellyachin' whiners can do about it.

“Just sit the f*ck back and enjoy the ride from the sidelines, where you belong.”


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