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Arson Zanders


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Name: Arson Zanders

Real Name: Arson Zanders

Nicknames: Inferno

Also known as: Inferno

Theme Song/Entrance Music: "End All" by Anathema

Born: October 20, 1974

Fighting Out of: Manchester, England

Height: (In meters) 6’1’’

Weight: (In kilograms) 90.7 kg

Blood type: O

Eye Color: Blue

Description of Gimmick or Personality: A troubled young man from an early age, he befriended Blaine Richards, a street fighter, while he traversed the troubled, ruined streets of Detroit. As a fighter, he finds himself without much direction, except the drive to become the best fighter he can be, for the sake of a drug infested and alcoholic ridden past. He tries to bury the past behind him, but it continues to haunt him, all the way to the top of his sport.

Appearance: Arson Zanders is average size, with a rather average build. He has very broad shoulders, with short black hair that is slicked up. He has a light goatee, and usually wears dark black shades when he’s in public. He has a dark scar on the side of his right eye. His costume includes a crimson red, collared shirt buttoned half way down with black tights.

Style: Style is most similiar to a Ken Shamrock type wrestler/fighter since he will have a shoot fighting background. This means a lot of kickboxing/fighting moves that I will list below. He has a few wrestling moves, mostly similiar to ones performed by Dean Malenko as an example. Mostly technical type submission/wear down moves and a few power moves.

Move Set: (Pick 10-25 moves your wrestler performs in the ring.)

This is a little detailed, but for completeness sake:

Knee Drop to Body
Thigh Kick
Ankle Hold

Hard Punch to Face
Double Knee Drop to Back
Romero Chin Lock

Headbutt Rush
Knee Lift
Windpipe Chop Rush

Body Blow
No Touch Headbutt
Spinning Back Fist
Back Spin Kick
High Axe Kick
Flying Knee Cross
Elbow Smash
Windpipe Chop
Open Hand Jab Combo
Jumping Headbutt
Shoulder Claw
Groin Kick
Snap Suplex*
Belly to back suplex*

Double Leg Tackle
Jumping Knee Kick
Jumping Front Kick
Low Round Kick
Leg Trip

Signature Moves/Holds (Potential Match Enders):

Shining Crescent: Stiff kick to the head, sometimes executed as a roundhouse.

Forever Knight: Nerve hold applied behind the opponent, with both hands applying pressure to the side of the neck. Alternate finisher.

Broken Burden: Jumping knee to the face.

Critical (True Match Ender):
Finishing Move/Hold: "Third Degree"
Finisher Description: Cross faced chicken wing


January 12, 1997
Zanders enrolled in Hanh Bui’s “Black Dragon” dojo, located on the east upper side of Boston, Massachusetts. In his first day of instruction, he made a comment on the comfort ability of the training guise, and he was forced to clean the dojo for the remainder of the day.

March 5, 1997
After three months of instruction, Zanders was finally allowed to participate in sparring bouts. In his first bout he faced Robert Parshin, a 5’4’’ young man out of New Zealand. Although Zanders was convinced that he would be victorious, he found himself stretched out on the mat on his stomach by the much smaller Parshin. His instructor, noting his arrogance, would not allow Zanders to fight in another bout until he controlled his ego.

April 19, 1998
Zanders leaves the “Black Dragon” dojo, citing reasons of wanting to move on with his career. He left with emphases in holds and a kickboxing type of style, and went on for larger prize fights. A few days later, he signed with “NextGen Fighting,” a start up fighting promotion that held prize fights every month.

June 1, 1998
Zanders is slated to face Jack Panzer, the current NextGen Fighting champion, in only his second month with the promotion. This causes a feeling of hate for Zanders with the other fighters, and before the fight can take place, Zanders is severely injured in an assault by several unknown assailants and placed in the hospital for three months to recover.

November 12, 1998
Returns from his injuries and defeats Jack Panzer, who is convinced is the man that setup the attack that landed him in the hospital for so many months. As he puts a cross faced chicken wing on the bloody and battered Panzer, he refused to let go of the hold, even after Panzer gave up and later passed out from the pain. Panzer would never fully recover from his injuries. Zanders later names the hold, “Failures of Tomorrow,” after Panzer’s ill fated attempt to end his career.

December 19, 1998
Zanders wins the NextGen Fighting championship, defeating three other men in a last man standing tournament for the championship. After the event, Zanders received medical attention for a fractured hand, torn ligaments in his right knee, and severe blood loss due to a cut above his left eye that bled profusely from an knee shot he took early in the event. Zanders fought the next night.

February 2, 1999
Riding high on a long title reign, Zanders is dethroned by a young fighter by the name of Ciserno. The loss would be the first for Zanders since he won the championship, and would haunt Zanders for the rest of his career. He became hardened to never let up on anyone ever again.

February 13, 1999
Zanders is given an outright release from NextGen Fighting, due to his constant fighting and bickering with fighters behind the scenes, and his supposed involvement with the accused murderer, Xavier Frost, which made the owners nervous. Zanders left vowing to take down NextGen Fighting one piece at a time.

February 14, 1999
One of the three owners of NextGen Fighting was found murdered in his home. There were no leads and the police were at a loss to produce a suspect. Rumors circulated that it was Frost and Zanders working together, but no one would come forward to voice their fears.

April 2, 1999
After a brief lay off, Zanders found work at a small, local fighting promotion known as “The Brawl.” Located in an abandoned mill on the waterfront, combatants fought in a torturous ring filled with weapons, platforms, and a pool of water beneath them. “The Brawl” had been known for it’s debilitating bouts and anything goes atmosphere, and Zanders had apprehensions about joining the group, but had been out of work for two months already, so agreed.

June 12, 1999
Zanders, battered and beaten, decided to take some time off. Around this same time, he met a woman by the name of Jackie Reign, a local boxing prize fighter who crossed paths with him at a local night club. They began to go out, and this would mark the first relationship Zanders had been involved in since he first came out of college.

June 20, 1999
Xavier Frost is arrested on charges of conspiracy of murder of several prominent members of the Boston city council, many of whom are thought of to be involved with the crime syndicate known only as “The Midnight.” Frost would later be convicted and sentenced to seven to ten years at the local prison.

September 18, 1999
Zanders marries Jackie Reign, after courting here for only three months. They married in a private ceremony on the water front. Zanders was only 25 years old.

January 1, 2000
At a new years bash at Boston Gardens, Zanders runs into his father, who he hadn’t spoken to in two years. They agreed to spend more time with each other and unite their two families.

March 5, 2000
Zanders and Reigns divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Reigns would later begin a relationship with a fighter in a kick boxing promotion known as the “Golden Knuckle.” Zanders, enraged over the divorce, remained resolute to win Reigns over.

April 2, 2000
Zanders officially resigns from The Brawl, signing a deal with the “Golden Knuckle,” in an effort to find the man that has been involved with his ex-wife. At the same time, he meets Ronald Jacobs, another relatively new fighter who befriends Zanders.

July 4, 2000
Zanders fights Juno, a fighter who Zanders overheard talking about Reigns in the locker room. Zanders immediately demanded a bout with Juno, receiving on the July 4 card, “Independence Hell.” Zanders, claiming that he would take out Juno, proceeded to send Juno to the hospital with cracked ribs and a broken nose. Later that evening, when celebrating with now good friend Jacobs, he finds out that Jacobs was the man who was going out with his ex-wife. A fight ensued and the police were called in to break up the fight, but no charges were pressed.

July 5, 2000
Zanders resigns from “Golden Knuckle” kickboxing.

August 9, 2000
Zanders begins work as a school teacher, much like his mother, working at a local high school teaching Art and Music, as well as part time in History. He began a new identity as “Mark Zanders,” using his father to conceal his identity and trying to build a new life for himself. His fighting background was kept a secret to the school administration.

November 2000
Zanders, his father and mother, all meet for the first time in almost fifteen years. They congregate in his mothers home in Manchester, and discuss Zanders moving back to England to finish his doctorate in Sociology and teaching at Oxford University. His father agrees that it would be the best, but Zanders refuses.

January 2001
Rumors circulate at St. Johns High School in Boston that one of their own faculty used to be an underground fighter, involved in numerous blood thirty matches with horrific violence. As fingers begin to point, Zanders distances himself from the other faculty in an effort to keep a low profile.

March 2001
A picture of Zanders fighting in several promotions is sent to the school administration, who question Zanders and the validity of the photos. Zanders admits to being a fighter and lying on his application.

June 2001
The day after the school year ended, Zanders is summarily dismissed from the school. Towards the end of his tenure, parents were adamant that they believed that Zanders was the fighter and fought for his dismissal. There was never an official statement by either Zanders or the school district.

July 5, 2001
Zanders, arrested on the 4th of July for belligerent behavior, finds himself in a holding cell with none other than Xavier Frost, who admits to sending the photos to the school administration to get him fired. He says that he’s gotten out of prison and that this is the only way the two can continue their business. Zanders rejects Frost, saying he has a new life.

October 2001
Receives a letter from “The Midnight,” asking him to attend one of their meetings. They list Xavier Frost as the man who recommended him. Zanders does not attend.

December 2001
After returning from a Christmas party, Zanders finds his home engulfed in flames, and the fire department trying to save his home. But to avail, as the home burns to the ground. Zanders blames “The Midnight,” but dares not report it. His father takes him in and moves them both south to North Carolina.

February 2002
Determined to find his roots again, Zanders begins training for another run at his fighting career. Although his mother tries to convince Zanders not to, his father supports his son. On the way, he befriends a man named Blaine Richards, a street fighter, who agrees to train Zanders.

March 2002
Zanders falls into a depression after getting into an argument with his mother, and resorts back to drugs and alcohol. Richards saved Zanders after he had passed out from a drug overdose, and takes him to the hospital. Zanders vows to clean up his act.

April 2002
Gets a message from a friend of a new fighting promotion opening up soon, and that he should try out. The letter is marked simply with a Ff. Richards tells Zanders that he needs this to revive his career, and agrees to train him.

October 2002
Flatlined Fighting finally opens its doors, and to much fanfare. Zanders immediately falls in love with the chief medic, Dr. Diane Lane, but distances himself from her as he feels he gets too close. Meanwhile, his father gets involves with the police, attempting to somehow get back into contact with Arson. This leads to an investigation of Flatlined and its entire operation.

January 2003
Arson Zanders officially resigns his position from Flatlined, after a debilitating injury to his knee is suffered at the hands of Frank Minio.

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