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Appealing to the Masses




A mob of journalists had gathered outside of the locker room to catch up with the CSWA wrestlers after the PRIMETIME in Las Vegas show. Evan Aho had followed the Tom Rhemus and John Waitts out of the underground area hoping the two hulking Men of Adventure would swallow up the press with their size and their love of mic time. Unfortunately the paparazzi had plenty of numbers to go around for both MoA and the World Champ. Aho sighed as the babble of questions rained down on him. He'd pick out a few questions and answer them as he walked.

REPORTER - Champ, when are you going to fight Dan Ryan?

Next. Merritt would decide if and when that would happen. Aho keeps walking.

REPORTER - How do you feel about Hornet taking a shot at Ryan before you got the chance?


AHO - What goes around, comes around. I didn't plan on dealing with Ryan in Spokane. He didn't plan on dealing with Hornet in Las Vegas.

REPORTER - So when will you take on Ryan?


AHO - That's up to Chad Merritt.

Evan gritted his teeth and doggedly made his way through the throngs toward his car. Sometimes if you keep moving, they go away. Sometimes.

REPORTER - Are you uncomfortable wrestling your tag team partner?

AHO - Not at all.

REPORTER - Have you forgotten your match in New Orleans with Southern?

Evan rolls his neck with an audible pop.

AHO - Oh I haven't forgotten.

REPORTER - What kind of strategy do you employ the second time around?

Ha. Keep my foot away from the apron.

AHO - Outhink, outwork, outwrestle.

Aho ignores the last few questions and slides into the rental car. Next stop: Seattle.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
It's Finally Time

{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern sits on his Bourbon Street apartment balcony, his feet propped up on the railing...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Ya' know, normally, tha' night after a match, I'd stay in tha' hotel, soak inna' hot tub. 'Cause normally, I'm too damn beat up ta' fly. But last night, in Vegas, there weren’t none of tha' bumps, bruises, cuts n' muscle pulls that normally come witha' Shane Southern match. Hell, I was in tha' ring for all of 'bout two minutes before my partner decided he could win this match all by his lil' lonesome. {{...smirks...}} N' since we ain't wearin' tha' Tag belts ta'day, I guess he didn't get tha' job done. "

" Evan, before this match started, you stood right in fronta' me...shook my hand, n' said you were gonna' BE THERE. Well Evan, you were there, in body, but you certainly didn't have your head in this match. Only an idiot would think he could win tha' UNIFIED Tag titles by HIS'SELF. So which are YOU Evan? Are you an idiot? Or did ya' just decide that your precious EGO was more important? Hell, if you woulda' told me you wern't gonna' tag out, I'd just as soon STAYED home and prepared for our match at Primetime. God knows all I got outta' Las Vegas was a two hundred dollar bar tab n' a two minute warmup. "

" But hey, {{...shrugs...}} ta' each his own I suppose. I'm not bitter, just, disappointed I guess. Any time tha' stakes are THAT high, anythin' but a win is pointless. But ta'day's a new day...ta'day I've gotta NEW FOCUS. That focus, is YOU Evan...and YOU alone. Yeah, in justa' few days at Primetime, it's finally just gonna' be you n' me. Tha' match tha' fans of tha' CSWA have wanted ta' see ever since that night n' N'Awlins a few months back. {{...thinks back and smiles...}} Ya' know Evan, I'm not gonna' insult anybody's intellegence by sayin' this compares ta' then. So much more was goin' on. You were tryin' ta' find yer nitch, so was I. But now, YOU'RE tha' WORLD CHAMP, EYE'M tha' guy hot on yer tail. No more masks, no more New Suicide Squad, just you, me, a wrestling ring n' a WORLD TITLE at stake. "

" It doesn't get any better than this. "

" People can sit back n' talk about Guns-Randalls, Hornet-Windam, Love-Flair as bein' thier dream matches...but for me, hell, I'd plop my money down ta' see Aho-Southern over those boys any day. I know this Evan, because regardless of yer motives, regardless of your past, you n' me want tha' SAME thing. Ta' wrestle and ta' win. It doesn't get any simpler or more complicated than that. We've had our history, we'll have our FUTURE, now, it's time ta' sit back, strap yer seatbelt on, rev that engine and FLOOR IT. Two worlds COLIDE at Primetime, and tha' devistation IS gonna' be a pretty sight. "

" This is why I came to tha' CSWA. This is what I've worked my ASS off for my entire career. I didn't come here ta' play games with JJ Deville...I didn't come ta' trade chair shots with Guns...I came HERE ta' wrestle...ta' cement MAH' NAME in tha' hallowed halls of tha' CSWA...ta' PUT my "southern STYLE" STAMP on an organization who's got quite alotta' history. This match, it's not just tha' FIRST step fer me Evan, it's tha' BIGGEST step. You're a great wrestler, n' it's gonna' be hard ta' pin yer shoulders to tha' mat. But you've showed me Evan that you CAN get distracted in tha' ring...n' if that happens in Seattle...in front of yer HOMETOWN FANS, Shane Southern is gonna' turn OUT your lights and END your title reign. "

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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